We recognize that load loss surgical procedure in the United states is a huge investment. It is why one increasing number of Americans have actually crossed the southerly border into Mexico in search of cheaper alternatives. Unfortunately, cheaper isn’t constantly better.

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There has actually been one increasing number of reports native the facility for an illness Control (CDC) that united state citizens seeking load loss surgical treatment in Mexico have contracted a severe drug-resistant bacteria known together Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Why Do civilization Seek Cheap load Loss Surgeries In Mexico?

Tijuana, Mexico, might seem prefer a dream come true to those who desperately seek weight lose surgery. The major appeal is your low prices.

Some clinics in Tijuana will just charge $4,000 for bariatric surgical treatment with anesthesia included. Those who have tight budgets and also who are at their wits end often jump at the idea that paying just a portion of what they would certainly pay in the unified States.

However, medical tourists regularly let the diminished cost blind them to the feasible dangers of undergoing a medical procedure in a Tijuana clinic. There have actually been numerous cases of human being coming back from Mexico v life-threatening symptom after bariatric surgery.


We i will not ~ sit here and also tell girlfriend every medical facility in Tijuana, Mexico, is “bad for your health” since that statement would be blatantly false. However, us will emphasis on a specifically pertinent instance involving a Utah woman

who battled with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa after bariatric surgical treatment in Mexico.

Ronnie Dotson thought she was saving money by crossing the border and also getting weight loss surgical procedure with three various other women in ~ the Grand check out Hospital located in Tijuana. ~ all, she didn’t have actually healthcare, and her choices in the United claims were limited.

After obtaining surgery, Ronnie changed home. She was not feeling well, and also after being viewed at one American hospital, the was determined the incision made during her surgical treatment was infected. together a result, doctors were required to put Ronnie on a new yet toxic antibiotic to stabilize her.

The Utah room of health later confirmed that Ronnie was experiencing from the drug-resistant bacteria pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Medical tourism In Mexico

Ronnie isn’t the only human being to come into call with the pseudomonas aeruginosa strain. There have actually been 4 other situations in Utah therefore far, through investigations right into others currently underway.

Many of this patients were medical tourists who were admitted to Grand view Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. Now, Dotson’s family can just hope the stronger antibiotic will certainly cure her of the infection prior to it becomes worse.

Tamika Capone is yet another victim the bariatric surgical procedure gone not correct in Tijuana, Mexico. Tamika desperately essential the surgical treatment to keep control of she weight and blood pressure. Still, she discovered her husband’s health insurance i will not ~ cover the $17,500 bill for bariatric surgical treatment in the united States.

After seeing a friend gain the surgical treatment in Tijuana for just $4,000, Tamika opted to execute the same. Four months post-surgery, the was found Tamika had contracted the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria. She remains gravely ill despite the range of medications provided to she to law the condition.

“I’ve not yet had actually a patient v zero options, yet this is together close together I’ve had.” says Ryan Dare, an infectious disease doctor at the college of Arkansas for clinical Sciences university of medicine in tiny Rock, Arkansas.

Tamika’s doctors are afraid that she could end increase fighting for she life if the infection spreads to her bloodstream. Tamika had likewise undergone surgical treatment at the Grand check out Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.

Surgery may Become more Expensive due to Complications

Mindy Blohm that Riverton, Utah, was yet another case of medical tourism gone wrong. After ~ she contract the deadly bacteria after ~ seeking bariatric surgical procedure in Mexico, she was forced to sell her house to pay down the $50,000 hospital bill she was required to take on come treat she post-surgery symptoms.

She, too, underwent a bariatric procedure in ~ Grand watch Hospital. Thankfully for Mindy, she has completely recovered from the virus.

You can Afford safe Weight loss Surgery

While story of surgeries getting to tens that thousands may seem discouraging to countless people, there are insurance and also financing options that make bariatric surgical procedure very affordable in the joined States.

At Olde Del Mar surgical screening tests are straightforward and designed come help cost-conscious patients achieve the coverage they need for life-changing surgery.

We think every patience deserves excellent, compassionate, and also safe care. Fortunately, Olde Del Mar Surgical has actually a great complication rate (1% contrasted to the nationwide rate the 5%), making that a far better choice than taking your chances throughout the border.

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Your health and wellness is not the point to reduced corners with. In ~ Olde Del Mar Surgical, you deserve to rest assured you’ll receive high-quality care in ~ the hand of specialists who genuinely care about your wellbeing. Contact us this particular day to learn much more about our surgical load loss procedures.