Satellite radio has become an ext common end the past few years. Most brand-new cars come with a SiriusXM enabled sound system, and a complimentary trial permitting the car owner to try out the organization for a couple of months. Many world like SiriusXM, myself included, due to the fact that of the range of music and sports channels. It’s additionally convenient to have the ability to listen come the same channels wherever you go.

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The downsize is the sticker shock once that trial period is over and also it’s time to begin paying because that the service, together the existing subscription options variety in expense from $10.99 come $19.99 every month. The an excellent news is, friend don’t need to pay the much. Here are a couple of easy procedures to assist you gain satellite radio because that a fraction of the continuous price.

Know The Options

Currently, there room three subscription tiers because that SiriusXM:

Mostly Music: This simple subscription will give you 80+ networks of good music. What that doesn’t give you room sports and also comedy channels. Girlfriend don’t acquire online streaming v this package either, however you can add it for an extra $4 a month. The price because that this package is right now $10.99 a month.

Select: at a price of $14.99 a month, this package boasts end 140 networks of music, sports and also comedy. Web streaming is not included and cannot be included to this package.

All Access: This is their peak shelf package, giving every among their 160+ channels, plus online streaming from your phone, tablet, or computer.

You’ll desire to know details the the options so that you can choose the ideal package because that you. Also, you might be readily available special promotions, and also you require to have the ability to determine if the sell is a good deal or not.

Pay because that A complete Year In Advance

The easiest way to save some money ~ above a satellite radio subscription is to pay for whole year in advance. No together price break is offered on the mainly Music package, however you’ll save $14.99 ~ above the select package and also $40.88 turn off the All access package.

Ask for A Deal

Honestly, the savings for paying a year in breakthrough isn’t sufficient to get me to authorize up. I don’t think the business is worth also that discounted price. Ns tell them really frankly the their company isn’t worth their advertised price, and that I’ll it is in canceling my service automatically unless they can offer me a promotion rate. That took number of phone calls, however I lastly got a representative to market me a special rate of $119 for a year long subscription to the All access package if I would certainly pay because that the entire year increase front. That’s a 50% reduction off the consistent price!

Prepare to Walk Away

I to be able to gain a representative to sell me a promotional price in my most recent regeneration efforts, yet I actually cancelled my service in the past since no one to be willing to market me a discount. What end up continue in the within 2 months ns was acquiring letters in the mail, and also emails in mine inbox supplying me promotion deals. Going without satellite radio because that a month or two is worth the savings.

Online Advantage

Depending upon her lifestyle, having actually online access to your subscription may be nice addition. If you have streaming consisted of in her subscription, you can utilize the in the adhering to scenarios:

At work-related through a computerAt the gym or mowing the lawn by making use of a clever phone apFor parties v your smart phone and also a blue tooth connected speaker

Remove Your credit transaction Card Information

Once friend agree to an market that you’re comfortable with, make sure to ask lock to eliminate your credit or debit card information on file. If they have actually an account ~ above file, your subscription will certainly be immediately renewed at full price as soon as the year is up. If you have actually nothing on file, they will send friend expiration notifications reminding girlfriend it’s time come play this game all over again.

Satellite radio is no a necessity, yet it is a nice function to have actually if friend love listening to music, comedy, or sports. Even if it is you’re subscribing because that the an initial time, or looking come renew, these tips will aid you obtain satellite radio for a price that may fit nicely right into your budget.

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I’ve been with sirius for a few years. I speak to a couple of days before renewal and also threaten to cancel telling them the regeneration price is come expensive however I would choose to keep my subscription if lock renew for the price i payed before which to be $30 for 6 month or $5 a month. I simply renewed precise 2 min before posting this and they didn’t have that rate however they walk renew me for $60 because that 12 month which is still $5 a month.

I’d additionally like to say the their assets are quite cheap. I need to replace one antenna or stand every year however sometimes you can call and also get a new one sent out to you yet it take away a few calls to tech support. I have a portable xm radio that’s not developed into the vehicle if her wondering.

I called and explained the current bill was too high for the decline in programing v Lou Simon no longer hosting the Sixties on six Satellite Survey and Ken Merson was means worse. Currently Ken is gone poor Dave Ethel is doing the from his house in brand-new Jersey! likewise I complained about the Sirius XM applications on mine Sony Blu-Ray player and superimposes the lettering on top of each various other so you have the right to not read the song title. The lady sent out me come the technological department whereby I lodged my complaint and she sent out me back to Customer care where ns haggled them down to All accessibility for $99.00 a year.

Just want to add that you can always create a free email account (gmail/hotmail etc) and sign up for a 30 day totally free trial on their website, and also use the mobile (cell phone/tablet) app to stream all the channels. I also use this in my automobile with bluetooth, therefore i have XM in the automobile that method for free.

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I wanted to authorize up as soon as my trial in my brand-new car finished — I specifically liked the Traffic/weather/movie data the it showed directly on mine radio, yet even with a discount they are asking method too lot for your service.

Fine by me, if they arent going to make the price reasonable for someone willing to pay, climate I’ll just use the organization for totally free instead. Thanks SiriusXM!