Don’t let your remodeling spending plan go over-board by covert surprises – know what the average expense to refinish hardwood floors are in her zip password by using our basic to use calculator.

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As an proficient licensed home improvement contractor, i know very first hand what that should expense for assorted levels — native Basic, Better, and also of course the best.

The price to refinish hardwood floors estimator will administer you with up to day pricing for her area. Simply go into your zip code and also the square footage, following click update and you will see a malfunction on what it should cost to refinish hardwood floors at your home.

*Note: 10’x10′ area is considered 100 square feet.

Refinish Hardwood Floors CostsZip password Square ft. BasicBetterBest
Refinish Hardwood Floors – material Prices$130.00 – $160.00$225.00 – $270.00$300.00 – $350.00
Refinish Hardwood Floors – job Cost$275.00 – $335.00$350.00 – $400.00$425.00 – $450.00
Refinish Hardwood Floors – Total$405.00 – $495.00$575.00 – $670.00$725.00 – $800.00
Total average expense to refinish hardwood floors every square Foot$4.50$6.22$7.63

How much does it expense to refinish hardwood floor?

The complete average expense to refinish hardwood floors for a common dining room equaling 280 square ft. Will run you: $4 to $7.50 every sq ft. Escape on alternatives and preparation work.

There isn’t a one-size fits all method to home improvement, other factors have come taken into consideration when it comes under to costs, such as:

Preparation: This entails removing any kind of wall-hangings, furniture, spanning HVAC vents, spanning doorways because that dust control, etc.The condition of her floor: A skilled flooring contractor will have the ability to spot any imperfections your floor could have prior to sanding. Castle should also be maybe to test if your flooring is thick sufficient for a sand and also refinish.Are there closets, tight spaces, radiators – these would call for hand sanding and scraping.The number of finishes or coats appliedRefinishing vs recoatingStairs

Additional wood Floor Refinishing & Recoating Cost

Flooring Repairs

Most flooring repair involve using timber filler to to fill in the gaps in your flooring because of expansion and contraction resulted in from worn out finishes the exposes untreated flooring. This is normally contained in the price and is the second stage of prep after sanding.

However, in some instances where you can’t merely use wood filler to repair a gap, your flooring contractor will should replace the ar of damaged boards and also this will certainly run you: $12 – $18.00 per lineal ft. For materials and installation.


Stairs have obtained to be the most time consuming component of the refinishing process. Why is that? an initial off, friend can’t usage any big sanding tools and most needs to be done through hand scrapers and palm sanders. You require to be able to patiently and evenly remove existing finishes about balusters or spindles, and also carefully sand the nosing that the stairs tread.

Expect come pay: $30- $45.00 every step to refinish your stairs on average.

Hand sanding

Hand sanding takes location in locations where the floor sander can’t accessibility due the depth that the space or obstruction in it’s way. Because that example, part linen closets don’t have sufficient depth to acquire a floor sander inside and also require hand sanding. Likewise keep in mind, angle changes, radiators, baseboard heaters have to be hand sanded.

Expect to pay around $100 – $200.00 every room

Staining or recoating:

Staining or recoating v a clear-coat finish, carries similar labor and material costs. Staining basically takes the watch of her existing floors and gives them either a lighter or darker finish. Whereas, installation a few coats the polyurethane can give you the appearance of organic wood and also is what most seek in a end up — simply be certain to have samples the low, semi, and high gloss to compare.

Expect to invest in the ballpark of: $4.50 – $7.50 per square foot on average come refinish hardwood flooring.

Average cost to refinish floors by room size

* The expense varies due to unforeseen expenses such as having actually to change a poor section of hardwood that to be damaged indigenous water, splitting, etc.. The price rises based on how countless coats that poly you walk with and if her flooring contractor provides a dustless system. The quantity of “Jogs” or “angle” changes will increase the cost and also the lot of hand sanded that is required.

Room SizeSquare Ft. Labor price Per Sq. Ft.
8′ x 10′80$400 – $650
10′ x 12′120$600 – $1,000
16′ x 16′160$800 – $1,300
16′ x 24′384$1,800 – $3,900
Whole house1200$4,900 – $7,700
Whole house1500$5,400 – $8,000
Whole house2000$6,700 – $9,200

DIY Hardwood floor refinishing or leave it to professionals?

There are pros and also cons to both DIY and also professional hardwood floor refinishing. I beg your pardon is the right an option for you?

If you’re tempted to shot DIY refinishing, be mindful that it’s a daunting job. It can be complicated to obtain a smooth finish, and even more tough to match the color of the lumber exactly. If you’re no confident in her skills, it’s ideal to leave the task to a professional. On the other hand, experienced refinishers may not be the best choice if you’re on a chop budget. The price of rental a skilled can be significant, and also you may end up through a finish that’s not fairly what you wanted.

After the cost of tool rental and also materials, DIY refinishing deserve to be a more affordable option, specifically if you have a the majority of flooring come cover. However, if you make a i have lot of money mistake, the price of solving it can be even higher.

In the end, the best selection for friend will depend on her skills, her budget, and also your objectives for the project. If you’re not certain which alternative is best for you, speak to a professional refinisher because that advice.

Cost to display or buff and also recoat hardwood floors

The cost of screening, buffing, and re-capping hardwood floors is in between $1.75 and $3.50 every square ft. Screening offers a good buffing key to remove the old end up without sanding the lumber underneath. Recoating restores small scuffs and also scratches ~ above the surface ar while giving it a new glossy look. Deep scratches, stains, or color flaws cannot be eliminated by screening and also recoating.

Sandless floor refinishing cost

The price of sandless floor refinishing depends on the size and condition that the area to it is in refinished, however will run in the community of $1.75 and also $3.75 per square ft. Sandless refinishing employs chemicals to eliminate the old finish, then a tinted complete that masks scuff marks and restores the wood’s color and also sheen. Sandless methods are ineffective because that floors through scratches, stains, or damage.

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Refinish Hardwood Floors – Pricing and Installation expense Checklist

Expect the Refinish Hardwood Floors prices to fluctuate between various providers – each and also every agency have different operation expenses and over-head.Try to acquire prices in late Fall, at an early stage winter – you should expect aggressive pricing discounts by wait for a contractor’s down season.Try to spending plan and added 7-15% more on height of what our calculator offers out for Refinish Hardwood Floors cost.Visit every supply home that sell your specific brand that refinishing flooring assets and shot to negotiate a much better price v each caterer – I save on mean 20%.Refinish Hardwood Floors isn’t straightforward task to perform and also can leaving you with a sick back. You might find it more cost reliable to hire a Flooring Contractor, or a basic Contractor to perform the occupational for you. Flooring contractors and also General builders will most always get far better prices top top Refinishing commodities — saving your back any additional costs of Refinish Hardwood Floor materials, therefore shop around, ask your next-door neighbors if they have the right to recommend someone.