In 2010 i turned my hobby and passion because that storytelling and photography right into an significant career as a destination wedding and also family photographer and blogger. Ns took some time turn off from booking and also shooting weddings and also sessions throughout our move to Wisconsin and also my cancer battle, and also I"m excited come dive back into that people in 2021.Quick facts: I deserve to quote Friends and also Gilmore Girls for every occasion and also believe pineapple belongs on pizza. I love having world over because that BBQs, and also get oddly happy around organization and paperwork. Supernatural and dystopian YA novels are my fave genres also though I"m in my 30s and also I"ve never met a dog i didn"t fall in love with. Or a rabbit, chicken, goat, pig or cow.

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I am additionally finally laying down some roots through my family members in southeastern Wisconsin after year of traveling approximately the world and the country. I love (over) sharing and also blogging about my life as a mom and also wife, my hobby farm yard adventures, and my wellness journey ... And I"m so glad you"re here!

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Nov 16

Is The knot Worth the invest for Photographers?

November is the month to celebrate thankfulness, and boy five boy space we thankful for our cooperation with The Knot. Next week is Thanksgiving, and also the main kick off to what Randy + I speak to Booking Season (cue the “it’s the many wonderful time that year” song). From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, we book much more weddings in this 3 month large than any other component of the year; in fact, I’d to speak about half our bookings for any kind of given year originates communication with us throughout booking season.

Is The knot Worth the Investment?

I’ve seen countless articles in miscellaneous photography teams that I’m part of asking if The node is “worth it” and I can, unequivocally speak … it is … for us.

The node has come to be an integral component of our marketing strategy since since we became paid advertisers 3 year ago, our company has basically exploded. We went from booking much less than 5 weddings a year come booking an average of 30 the critical 3 years; granted, over there were various other circumstances that played into that explosive expansion (we joined the international Academy the Wedding Photographers, we gained a Showit website, ns took Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram Lab, and also we settled on our wanted shooting and also editing format … yet these are simply a few factors that have actually played right into our fast growth).

So, with booking season beginning in simply a couple of days, now I wanted to sit down and also talk about why we use The Knot. Like our friends at Southwest, ns totally think in transfarency … err, I mean transparency – haha! Okay, let’s go!

Let’s first failure who we are, our right couple, genuine wedding numbers and also our actual prices for being knot advertisers.

We space based in Colorado, yet travel nationwide for weddings.Our median booked 2018 wedding costs our client $3650 for photography alone (we range from $2500 to $5500).Our median booked client is university educated, mid to so late twenties, loves come travel and adventure, loves dogs, loves beer, first time marriage, loves to have actually fun and aren’t too serious – yet absolutely respect our time.We have a storefront and we are featured vendors for the Colorado region, which at this time costs united state $320 a month. In 2018, the price for that will certainly be going approximately $352 a month.

Now, let’s get down come business!

I’m a visual person, so ns made a pie chart to showcase 2017 and also 2018 booked weddings. Only counting right now booked clients, this is just how our referral device breaks down:





We are currently around 2/3 that the method to our goal for 2018 weddings (and halfway to pure max capacity). You’ll an alert that in 2018, we at this time only have actually 3 referral sources: sellers who love us, past couples and the Knot. This method 2/3 the our earnings in 2018 is coming directly from the node (and that our previous couples and also the sellers we’ve operated with love us, however that’s another blog for one more day!).

Now let’s rest 2018 down also farther:

Of all the couples that listed the Knot as the introduce agent and booked us, just 20% of castle actually got to out to us directly from the Knot’s messaging service. That means that 80% reached out to united state from the inquiry kind on our website, and also said they uncovered us with the Knot.Taking ^that^ info a action further, only 5% of the couples who reached out come us directly from the Knot in reality booked us, which equates to 95% of those who communicated only v the knot were price shopping. Just about ALL of these inquiries walk something choose “Hi! I uncovered you top top the Knot and I’d love more information around prices and also services.” Gag me through a fork, those room NOT qualified leads.After booking us, we uncovered that nearly 90% of all booked leads was currently following us on Instagram at the moment of booking (if they usage the app, nevertheless of booking referral source).100% that the booked leads that came in mentioned something exterior of wedding photography within the very first two emails ago and forth. Instances of this would certainly be talking about dogs, loving to travel, movies based on comic books, even our mutual love the In-N-Out; basically, without intending to do so, they let us know they stalked united state in the best means possible.At the existing rate of invest for ours Storefront and Featured listing in conjunction through the expected earnings from weddings booked indigenous the Knot, our present 2018 return on invest (ROI) is 855% …and we haven’t also started the new year.


You guys: this info is MEGA important.


Because this all method that The knot is a an useful TOOL however cannot it is in something friend 100% rely on for leads.

Everyone knows that most of the couples who usage The node are merchant and price shopping – and also that’s completely okay!! let them shop. Together I mentioned, 95% that the couples who reach out room hit-it-and-quit-it leads, most of lock don’t even bother to respond to mine initial answer (or follow up) to them. That’s an unfortunate side result of this business, and also The node is no exception. It wake up to everyone.


There are additionally some impressive couples the end there who have utilized The knot to uncover their dream vendors, regardless of pricing and also location. We’ve also booked a grasp of engagement sessions indigenous The Knot that turned into full location wedding bookings!

So … how deserve to you make The knot worth the investment for her business?

Tip #1

The node Cannot it is in Your only Marketing Strategy

You can’t pay for a node account, and also just expect it does everything for you. Marketing doesn’t quite occupational that way. The knot is a tool (like a very certain search engine) the should at some point lead prospective couples to her website and your social media. Our goal is to not have world message us straight on The Knot, we desire them checking out our website, we want them stalking our Instagram and also our blog. We desire them to watch themselves in our photos!

Tip #2

Have an tremendous Storefront, including a kick Ass, On-Brand icon Image

Your node account will certainly be one tiny blip in a sea of competition: you have to stand out. It’s simply that simple. But how execute you perform that? Make her storefront a representation of your company, your brand and also your aesthetic – all of which should be on her website and also social media. Put your most ideal image in your many ideal ar with your right wedding layout … what is necessary to YOU need to be in your gallery. If friend love mountain elopements with a boho vibe – don’t showcase ballroom weddings through 15 civilization in the bridal party, ya know what ns mean? Showcase precisely what you desire to shoot!

And, take some time every 4 minutes 1 to upgrade the photos in your gallery!

Tip #3

Ask your Community: Is the knot Worth the investment in her Region?

If you’re new to the area, join the local Rising Tide culture group and ask ca! Get ethical opinions, because the knot is not worth the investment in all locations (as lot as I hate saying that). That really, truly counts on who your ideal client is, where you’re located and also how the node is being provided by couples searching for vendors for the area, in that price range, etc.

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If you’ve already been a member the The Knot, look right into your own ROI. I can’t tell friend a good parameter because that measuring success – but, it’s an excellent to recognize where you stand. If you’re break even, no worth it. For us? Making almost 900% ROI is absolutely worth it!

Tip #4

Try to Respond come Inquiries in ~ 2 Hours throughout Office Hours

I acquire it – friend don’t desire to be chained to the computer or her phone. Ns don’t either! But, shot your hardest to respond as quickly as feasible to inquiries. This doesn’t just use to the Knot, however in general. Waiting several hrs can provide your potential client the opportunity to it is in wooed by who else! many clients will understand and respect office hours so respect your personal time external of work, but don’t take much more than 12 hrs to get earlier to someone.

Bonus Tip!

Get reviews from past Couples

Reviews space something the grab the attention of couples looking to hire a merchant and the more vendors you have actually – the much more trust they’re walking to inherently have. Clients won’t simply go and review most of the time, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong v asking them! simply be sure to encompass a direct attach to where you desire your reviews!

Have a question around advertising and also whether the knot is worth the investment? let me recognize in the comments!