Safe, discrete, and also inexpensive

You can build a professional technician certified secret bomb sanctuary for one in the floor cost that is thousands of dollars less 보다 a prefabricated steel bunker.

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Your shelter is her business. No need to bring in a crew with a crane to hoist it up because that your next-door neighbors to see.

We supply every one of the crucial components like the engineered trusses, the blast hatch, and also the NBC wait filtration system. The hefty (and expensive come ship) blocks and concrete space purchased locally. Or, rather of laying blocks, friend can type up and also pour heavy concrete walls and then lid them through our engineered steel truss ceiling kit.


This is a 14 x 50 foot shelter kit700 square feet inside

All the an are you need in her bomb shelter

These kit go up to 14 feet wide – much wider that the narrow prefabricated shelters that are constrained by preferably shipping widths.

You can conveniently extend the length of our standard shelters by notified additional trusses. Contact our sales room to gain a quotation for your sanctuary kit!


Steel beam reinforcement

What set this system apart is the combined design and manufacture process that reduce the cost and also build time while enhancing the strength and also features. The engineered wide flange stole beam trusses allow you to pour the concrete ceiling there is no erecting short-term cribbing. The stole trusses stay embedded in the concrete, giving additional strength over and over what rebar typically provides.


Certified blast pack rating

The trusses and also the rebar room what give this bomb shelter its certified blast load rating that 2,980 pounds per square foot (20.7 PSI). This is a professional designers certificate of the true blast fill rating. The weight of the ceiling, the backfill, and also even a car parked on optimal were added in before the blast fill was calculated.

We have actually yet to find any other bomb sanctuary that comes v a blast load certification. as soon as you enter your shelter you space in a artificial underground void with countless pounds of earth right over your head and the possibility of a much greater dynamic load throughout a adjacent detonation. Somebody should have actually done a tiny math come ensure your safety – we have.


Comprehensive installation manual

Every action to develop this bomb sanctuary is outlined the hand-operated  so you have the right to pre-plan to have actually your materials, equipment, and skilled labor onsite once you need them.

Having a detailed manual also substantially simplifies the quotation process if you space hiring a contractor to construct your shelter.


Why stole reinforced concrete is best

There’s a reason why all known federal government bomb shelters space made from stole reinforced concrete. Steel and concrete work-related well together.

Steel is expensive, concrete is cheap – together they space affordable Steel has high tensile strength, concrete has high compression strength Steel deserve to be reduced with a torch, concrete can take the heatSteel bring away a shop full of tooling to form, concrete is conveniently formed in the field

We supply all of the vital steel elements for this secret bomb shelter kit – brackets, fasteners, trusses, rebar, ventilation pipes, and the electrical, water, and septic penetrations.

Equipped through the ideal air filtration system

Each sanctuary kit comes through a safe Cell NBC wait filtration system that includes:

One 60 CFM for sure Cell v a full bank of filtersOne back-up hand crankTwo 7 bar blast valvesOne overpressure valveOne automatically ventilation system

The safe Cell is the just NBC air filtration system with a built in battery back-up capability. 

Shelter build 1 – series 400

A collection of photos showing one extended length bomb shelter gift built. It’s 14 x 50 feet top top the inside and has has numerous optional items: a blast door, 3 blast hatches, an exterior generator room, and an to escape tunnel.

Shelter develop 2 – collection 400

A collection of images showing a 14 x 20 foot bomb sanctuary kit being built. This one has an optional blast door.

Shelter build 3 – series 100

A series of photos showing an 8 foot, 8 inch by 20 foot bomb sanctuary kit gift built. Another one with an optional blast door.


Putting it every together

This is the riser flower on the riser trusses v the rebar in the background.

This is the riser truss pair. This pair that trusses are welded with each other and type a pallet for the rest of the trusses to be transport on. Keep in mind the “tunnel” that the riser sits on is a form. The concrete is poured all roughly it and also the riser hatch is placed on top.

In the background is a truss reflecting the holes us punch because that the rebar as well as the two small holes because that the form board bracket in the end of the truss.

This is the pre-cut and also formed rebar. That is cut, formed, counted, labeled, bundled, and tagged.

This is the single leaf blast door the was shipped through this kit.

This is the riser hatch. That is an older style without the internal cam latch. All hatches we build now have a cam latch that draws the blast lid down onto the frame, compressing the seal.

The emergency escape jack has actually not to be installed. The two ears on the ideal side the the blast lid accept the top end of this three ton jack.

Note the deadbolt lock mounted on the blast lid right over the pull handle, the EPDM seal about the height lip and the vast angle viewer port on every side, just listed below the height lip.

For more information on our hatches, check out the level blast hatch and the riser blast hatch pages.

These room the ventilation pipes. One waiting intake, one air outflow, and one septic drain ventilation pipe. Every ventilation pipes require a blast valve to protect the inhabitants from a adjacent detonation.

Also shown are the angle brackets, the kind board brackets, the deadbolt cap for the riser blast hatch, the electrical, water, and also septic penetrations as well as the bottom struts for the ladder.

These are the ventilation tube strapped come the blast door for shipping.

These are the trusses and ladder banded on optimal of the riser truss pair because that shipping. The rebar is banded to the height of this and everything is invited onto a flatbed truck. The bands can be sequentially cut and the items off invited individually.

Here is the riser blast hatch and also the trusses top top the flatbed truck.

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and also finally, the load is tarped.

Prices, availability, and ordering (PLEASE inquiry UPDATED QUOTES) 

There are four standard size of sanctuary kits:

Series 400 (14′ large x 20′ long) – $26,500, add to shippingSeries 300 (12′ broad x 20′ long) – $24,500, plus shippingSeries 200 (10′ large x 20′ long) – $22,500, plus shippingSeries 100 (8′-8″ broad x 20′ long) – $20,500, to add shipping

Each typical kit includes:

Seven stole trusses v all the brackets and fastenersAll the cut and formed rebar because that the floors, walls, and ceilingA riser blast hatchA 60 CFM blast defended NBC air filtration systemTwo 72″ steel ventilation pipesCeiling penetrations for electrical, water, and septic 

The 14 x 50 foot shelter kit. Note that this length is not in the manual. We highly recommend a 24″ x 24″ perimeter footer be incorporated into the floor slab to combine the structure over this longer length:

Series 400 (14′ wide x 50′ long) – $39,500, plus shippingAll standard items noted above room included, except:There will certainly be 19 trusses rather of 7Rebar is not contained with this price


Special order item: we normally need 4 weeks of build time. Girlfriend arrange a 50% deposit in ~ time order, we construct the part, girlfriend arrange payment because that the balance due, and also we delivery it ideal out. View our policy page for the full collection of terms.