A deck is a beautiful enhancement to her house, offering an area to communicate visitors, eat, prepare food, and unwind. A deck each other a patio in countless ways, the significant difference being the a deck is constructed from composite products or wood and also is typically elevated. However, exactly how much does the usually price to develop a deck, and how deserve to it be reduced?

The average cost to develop a deck is about $30-$35 per square foot for installation and materials, such together composite products or wood. Composite decking products are do of timber fiber, prefer sawdust, lumber chips, and plastic. Meanwhile, wood decking materials include cedar, pine, and redwood.

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This post will talk about several components that recognize the costs and also materials needed to construct a deck. If you desire to discover out the average prices to build a deck and ways to alleviate it, check out on.


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just how Much does It price to develop a 10’x16′ Deck?
What Is the expense of building a 12’x12′ Deck?
What Is the cost of structure a 20’x20′ Deck?
price of hardwood to build a Deck
Labor cost to construct a Deck
price to build a DIY Deck
expenses of materials to construct a Deck
Trex Decking cost
Composite Decking price
timber Deck costs
press Treated Deck expense
expense to develop Deck stair
cost to download Deck Railing
cost of Metal, steel or Stainless-Steel Railings
Glass Deck Railing
Cable Deck Railing
Trex Railing
Composite Deck Railing
Aluminum Railing
Vinyl Railing
timber Deck Railings
What Is the cost of replacing a Deck?
just how to alleviate Deck building Costs?
Seal your Deck
once to Seal: Sprinkle check
usage Deck Blocks instead of putting Concrete
Buy wood in the Milled Lengths
reduce Amenities
carry out As much Work as You can Yourself
usage Inexpensive Decking products
select the best Time to develop Your Deck
build a simple Deck
acquisition Accessories in mass
extr Considerations and Costs

How lot Does It cost to build a 10’x16′ Deck?

A 10’x16′ deck is 160 square feet. The cost of building this would certainly be $4,800-$5,600 for labor and also the material cost. The wood deck products cost in between $2,790 to $3,422 alone.

What Is the cost of building a 12’x12′ Deck?

The average expense for a 12’x12′ deck is in between $2,160 to $5,040 because that 144 square feet of deck space. Small does not need to mean boring. A 12’x12′ deck offers enough space for an out furniture set. Girlfriend can additionally hang through your friend on this deck over a glass the beer.

What Is the cost of building a 20’x20′ Deck?

The bigger the deck, the costlier it will certainly be. If you want to construct a 20’x20′ deck, girlfriend will need to pay in between $30 and also $35 every square foot. The 20’x 20′ deck would price you $12,000-$14,000 because that labor and also materials for 400 square feet that deck space.

Deck SizeAverage Cost
10′ x 16′$4,800 – $5,600
12′ x 12′$2,160 – $5,040
20′ x 20′$12,000 – $14,000

Cost of wood to build a Deck

Lumber, likewise known together timber, is good for structure decks. The cost of lumber varieties from $6 to $8 per square foot. However, if you space using composite products and great quality hardwoods, you will need to pay between $20 to $35 every square foot.

Labor expense to build a Deck

Depending upon the decking materials used, size, and conditions that the area, girlfriend will have to pay in between $8 and also $22 every square foot because that the labor price to construct a deck.

However, girlfriend will need to pay much more for woods that are complicated to work with, such as Tigerwood and also Ipe.

Cost to develop a DIY Deck

If girlfriend are constructing a 10’x10′ deck, friend will have to spend about $700 because that the decking materials. However, if you hire a deck designer to perform the work, you will need to pay about $2,200. If you usage pressure-treated lumber to build a deck the 16’x16′, girlfriend will need to shell the end $1,500. ~ above the various other hand, a experienced will fee $6,400 because that the same work.

If you pick to use premium materials to construct a deck yourself, friend will have to spend around $5,100. Premium materials incorporate materials such together Tigerwood, Ipe, or Trex. On the various other hand, a deck designer would charge $13,620 because that materials and also labor.

Building a deck yourself can save you some money, however not everyone’s increase for the amount that work. To see what local professionals charge in your area, check out HomeAdvisor Decks. I’ve to be able to discover some great companies on there.


Costs of products to build a Deck

The price of creating a deck is also influenced by the products you choose. Given listed below are some typical materials and how lot they cost.

Trex Decking Cost

If you pick to use Trex decking products to build your deck, friend will have to pay in between $8 to $20 per square foot.


Insects, mold, and mildew perform not impact Trex boards and are impervious to staining and fadingTrex stays fade-free and stain-free because that 25 yearsWhat is so good about Trex plank is that they will not splinter, crack, or warpDecks built from Trex do not require any type of treatment for insects


You can not recolor or refinish Trex boardsTrex materials are really costly

Composite Decking Cost

The average cost of composite decking is between $23 and also $38 every square foot installed and between $10 and also $15 per square foot for simply the materials. If you want to install a 12’x24’ composite deck v railings, girlfriend will have to shell out in between $5,821 and also $10,826.

Composite decking is made of plastic and also wood fiber. The plastic components can be recycled plastic materials or virgin plastic materials. Virgin plastic is a resin that is developed without any kind of recycled materials. Since composite decking is made from recycle materials, the is one eco-friendlier option.


Does not should be stained or sealedCome in plenty of different colorsDoes not splinter or rotRequires small maintenance


Composite can not be sanded. If the composite it s okay dinged, the is tough to restore to its original state.

Here’s a quick video about some much more pros and also cons the composite decking:

Wood Deck Costs

The cost of herbal wood is in between $3 and also $15 every square foot. However, the is necessary to note that decks developed from herbal wood need continual maintenance, such together sealing and also staining. Regular deck staining prevents sun damage, boosts appearance, and also prevents water indigenous seeping into the deck.

On the other hand, deck sealing expand the life of her beautiful deck. Other than that, it protects your deck from sunshine exposure and moisture.

 Woods the are typically used because that decking are:



One that the costlier hardwoods supplied to build a deck is Tigerwood. It costs in between $6-$15 every square foot.


Tigerwood is resistant come decay and rotIt can last as much as 30 years without any type of preservativesIt is very durable


It is expensive


Ipe is a i have lot of money Brazilian hardwood, and also it costs between $10 and $15 per square foot. A great thing around this product is the it is impervious to rot and also mold. The expectancy of Ipe is much more than 40 years.


Ipe will certainly not dent or scratch like other varieties of woodIpe needs tiny maintenance


It requirements special tools to installIpe is costlier than conventional pressure-treated wood


Redwood decking costs $7 every square foot. If not preserved properly, redwood can get damaged by the sun and also grow mold. Therefore, you have to clean her deck regularly.


You can easily stain or paint itIt is impervious come fire and also pestsIt is durable and does not warp easily


Needs continuous maintenance


Bamboo decking is inexpensive and costs $3 every square foot. However, it requirements yearly maintain to save it in great condition.


It is highly stableIt is resistant come decay and insectsIt deserve to be stained and also sealed easily


Needs part maintenanceIt walk not hold up well to the merganser season


Cedar is resistant to rot, insects, and also weathering. Installing cedar decking will expense you $4 to $8 per square foot. That needs yearly maintenance work such together staining, sealing, and also sanding your deck.


Cedar is inexpensiveResistant to weathering, rot, and wood-destroying insects such together termitesYou can quickly seal and also stain the materialIt does no warp


Cedar decking deserve to be easily dented or scratchedNeeds yearly maintenance

Here’s a cool, in-depth, video clip that pits some common deck boards against each various other in a deck test:

Pressure treated Deck Cost

If you want to use a pressure-treated timber on her deck, girlfriend will have to pay $6 per square foot because that materials, or between $12 and also $18 every square foot for labor.


Pressure-treated woods are impervious come rot, insects, and moldThey room cheap


Usually, low-grade pine or fir are used to do pressure-treated wood. This low-grade materials tend come crack and bend over prolonged period, which creates a constant need for a strict maintain schedule.When pressure-treated lumber comes in contact with water, galvanized screws, deck hangers, joists, and also fasteners offered in building the deck will start to corrode. Failure to repair will reason further damages to the framework of the deck.If you usage pressure-treated lumber to construct your deck, you must regularly preserve your deck through sealing and also staining the wood.

Cost to build Deck Stairs

A deck that has actually stairs raises the value of her house. In enhancement to this, the stairs space stunning come look at and offer access from the garden’s deck. If you desire to include 48″ wide stairs to her deck, you might spend as much as $2,000. The expense per stair would certainly be $100. Girlfriend should know that the broad of the staircase should be at the very least 36 inch (91.44cm).

The materials to construct a collection of steps will cost between $100 and also $500. However, you can save ~ above the price of job by doing the work-related yourself.


Cost to install Deck Railing

Installation that a 10-foot deck railing will cost you approximately $925. Railings add safety and also style to your deck. Because that a 10-foot section, materials deserve to cost between $150 and also $600. The is worth knowing that some installers charge based on square footage. And also labor costs about $30 per straight foot or $70/hour.

However, that is essential to note that price vary v the materials used. If composite and vinyl products are pocket-friendly, glass is the most expensive material. The total cost likewise varies based upon the height of the structure, location, and design complexity.

Cost the Metal, stole or Stainless-Steel Railings

Installing stainless-steel railings will expense you about $80 per linear foot. For your information, stole is a highly long lasting material. It is worth understanding that the railing make from stole is reliable. Apart from this, stainless stole is impervious to rust, which renders it a great option for deck railings.

On the other hand, installing wrought steel railings will cost you about $130 per linear foot. Wrought steel is a long lasting material that can withstand rain, snow, and also other weather conditions. Wrought stole railings have the right to last longer when castle are regularly maintained.

Glass Deck Railing

The expense of glass deck railing is in between $150 and also $850 per linear foot. And the labor cost is $75 one hour. The glass railing systems room attractive, flexible, and also viable architecture solutions. Not to mention, they space durable and also safe. They carry out a method to ensure safety on decks, staying clear of a fall.

Plus, glass railings defend from the external elements. Castle act as a barrier against snowfall, rain, and also winds.

Cable Deck Railing

Installing cable railings for her deck will price you roughly $90 per direct foot, consisting of labor. Contrasted to other alternatives for railings, cable railings administer a modern-day and stylish look. What is more, castle are developed from materials that room durable and also strong.

Cable deck railing systems include a composite, vinyl, aluminum, or wood post that holds up a metal cable. The steel cable runs from post to post. Various other than that, cable railings room nature-friendly. Pets can paris by without any type of difficulties.


Trex Railing

The average price to install a Trex brand railing is $60 per linear foot. And also the price of job is $30 every foot. Their products include:

composite wood-like railingspowder-coated aluminumcomposite

Composite Deck Railing

If you want to install a composite deck railing, girlfriend will have to spend $50 per straight foot. Composite deck railing is straightforward to install and also long-lasting. Except this, it is impervious to insects and also does not break-up or rot. It resists water damages from snow or rain.

The best thing about composite deck railing is the it walk not require sealing or painting.

Additionally, composite deck railings come in plenty of different colour to enhance your home’s exterior. Castle are great for outdoor use because they retain your color.

Aluminum Railing

Installing aluminum deck railings costs about $80 per straight foot. And also the expense of products is about $50 per straight foot. Aluminum railings room beautiful, reliable, and need small maintenance. They space resistant to rust or corrosion and also can withstand difficult weather, consisting of UV rays, rain, and also snow. What is more, they do not warp, shrink, or twist.

What is an excellent about aluminum railings is the they are straightforward to install, versatile, and strong.

Vinyl Railing

The cost of 10 feet that a vinyl railing is $20-$40 every foot. These railings have end up being popular nowadays because of their low-maintenance designs and durability. The price of products is around $300, and also the price of job is $50 every hour.

Vinyl railings carry out not rust and also need very small maintenance. Vinyl railings deserve to look good for years without any maintenance, and do no require paint or staining every few years. Vinyl railings space resistant to insects and also rot.

They perform not fade end time since they space resistant come UV damage.

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Wood Deck Railings

The average price of timber deck railings is $75 per straight foot, including installation.

Types of lumber railing include:


Here’s a cool on slide show video of various deck railings to offer you some ideas of the different species available: