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Just like at practically all airlines, the days of totally free baggage as soon as flying United are over. And also United airlines baggage fees have the right to leave your head spinning.

From the fees you will do it pay come the baggage allowance and also everything in between, joined baggage fees vary wildly based upon wherein you’re going, what sort of ticket girlfriend have, your status with the airline, or what credit cards are in her wallet. Girlfriend can also save a few bucks by pre-paying for your suitcase online.

But there space still a handful of means you can avoid paying for baggage when flying unified altogether. And also considering U.S. Airline made nearly $6 exchange rate on package fees alone in 2019, it’s worth paying fist to this guide to make certain you understand United baggage fees – and also how to stop them.
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A break down of joined Airlines package Fees

Like all airlines, the joined baggage policy is complex. Exactly what girlfriend get complimentary or what package charges you will do it pay relies on what expedition you’re taking. Sometimes, friend may obtain a bag for free. Various other times, simply one checked bag can cost you $60 or more.

Fortunately, United provides a handy baggage fee calculator ~ above its website. Whether you’ve already got united flights booked or are just starting your planning, you deserve to use the package calculator to uncover out what joined fees you’ll have to pay. Because that example, here’s what the package calculator will display you because that a standard domestic flight.

Thrifty Tip: by pre-paying for her baggage top top United’s website much more than 24 hours prior to your flight, you gain $5 turn off on flights within the U.S., to Canada, Mexico, and throughout the Caribbean.

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But the best difference-maker in United’s package fees is what sort of ticket you bought – and where she flying. it varies relying on whether you’re on the cheapest United simple economy fare, a standard economic situation ticket, or flying up prior in premium economic climate (aka Premium Plus), business class, or first class.

We’ve broken down the expense of joined Airlines checked bag fees below. One note: every the prices here variable in the $5 discount because that paying front of time. If friend wait, you’ll have to pay an extra $5 on many flights.

And these prices are one-way, so dual them for a round-trip ticket.

Basic economy Baggage Fees

Flying United’s cheapest straightforward economy fares method you may need to pay more for her bags, relying on where you’re going.

DestinationFirst bagSecond bagAdditional bags
Canada, Caribbean & central America$30$50$150
South America$45$65$150
Middle eastern & IndiaFree$100$200
Asia & AustraliaFree$100$200

Economy baggage Fees

United’s baggage fee structure for standard economic climate fares is nearly identical to an easy economy v a few key exceptions: checking a first bag come Europe and also much of south America is free. And also in part cases, checking a second bag is free, too.

Here’s a closer look at the United economy baggage dues structure.

DestinationFirst bagSecond bagAdditional bags
Canada, Caribbean & central America$30$50$150
South AmericaFree$65$150
Middle eastern & IndiaFree$100$200

Premium Plus, service Class & an initial Class package Fees

For every Premium economic climate fares and up, both of your an initial two bags space free. All extr and oversized baggage information is the exact same as for economic situation tickets.

What’s better than a cheap bag? A cheap flight! review our guide on how to discover cheap flights and also our favorite tool to find them, Google Flights! 

United’s lug On Bag Policy

What separates unified from its domestic rivals like Delta, American and also Alaska is that carry-on baggage allowance policy.

Travelers who book basic economy fares top top United are only enabled to carry a an individual item top top board and also are not allowed to lug a carry-on bag. You review that right: There’s no lug on bag allowance with United’s cheapest fares. You have the right to only carry a backpack, little bag, or a purse.

Because that this policy, you’re no even enabled to examine in online through a United an easy economy ticket. And if you try to bring a carry-on bag to the door you’ll need to pay the checked bag fees … plus one more $25 gate business fee!


It’s one of the many restrictive plans you’ll find among simple economy fares ~ above U.S. Airlines and also the reason United was the clear loser in our battle of an easy Economy. That said, there room some exception that enable you to lug a carry-on bag top top your unified flight:

Transatlantic straightforward economy fares come Europe or the Middle east get to carry a carry-on.So carry out transpacific flights on a simple economy fare come Asia.Flyers through United MileagePlus elite status can bring a carry-on bag on any United flight, regardless of their fare class.So deserve to flyers who have earned Star Alliance Gold condition or higher.

Oversized Baggage, Strollers, Sports equipment & More

Overweight and also Oversized Baggage

If you have actually bulky, overweight package or oversize baggage on United, you can be top top the hook for numerous extra dollars.

For starters, all baggage flying with United should be no much more than 62 straight inches (or 157 centimeters). Just combine the width, height, and length of her bag to measure. Any kind of bags from 63 linear inches come 115 inches will certainly incur an oversize baggage fee that $200 apiece. And bags larger than 115 straight inches aren’t allowed, period.

But when it concerns overweight bags, the standard checked baggage borders depend – as soon as again – ~ above what type of ticket did you do it got. With a an easy economy or economy fare, your bag deserve to weigh approximately 50 pounds:

Overweight bags from 51 come 70 pounds will acquire charged one extra $100.Overweight bags native 71 to 100 pounds will get charged one extra $200.Checked bags heavier 보다 100 pounds no allowed.

You obtain a bit much more leeway with United baggage weight limits if you’ve got status or space flying company or first class: Bags have the right to weigh approximately 70 pounds. Noþeles heavier and you’ll salary United’s standard overweight fees.

Other Baggage

Car seats and also strollers: united accepts one free car seat cost-free of fee for every child, in addition to a stroller or urgent wagon.

Wheelchairs: Wheelchairs and other assistive devices are cost-free on all joined flights, so long as the gadgets can fit right into the aircraft bin door.

Pets: In-cabin pet in carriers underneath the seat in front of you cost $125 and include a $125 upcharge because that layovers over four hours in the U.S. Or 24 hours external of the U.S. PetSafe, United’s way of checking bigger pets come the final destination, has actually been suspended, according to the latest update from April 2021.

Skis and Snowboard Equipment: passengers are allowed up to two snowboards or skis the count as a regular bag, so long as lock adhere to weight and size restrictions – and also you’re in luck as virtually all ski bags do.

One huge thing because that skiers to store in mind: once checking skis or snowboards, travelers space also enabled to check a ski boots bag in ~ no additional cost, so lengthy as both bags room under 50 pounds.


Bicycles: united charges cyclists $150 each method for bicycles in containers, so long as the container is much less than 100 pounds and also less than 62 linear inches.

Hockey and also lacrosse equipment: Hockey and lacrosse equipment bags space charged the exact same as continual baggage, but they encompass two hockey or lacrosse sticks in addition to the bag in ~ no additional cost.

Scuba equipment: $150 will be charged because that every empty dive tank if that is under 50 pounds. United will fee $200 if the is above 50 pounds.

For other sports tools policies (including policies for cave gliding equipment, windsurfing, and paintball equipment) visit United’s website.

Baggage Alternatives: Subscriptions and Shipping

United provides a few alternatives to the classic checked baggage system, allowing passengers to ship their luggage straight to their location for a markup – or purchase a package subscription to stop baggage fees once you fly.

A unified baggage subscription provide you up to 2 bags per flight. The won’t, however, sheathe the additional fees for oversized or overweight bags. And whether it’s worth it counts on how much friend travel.

Subscriptions prices vary widely based on how numerous bags you desire to check, how countless travelers you want on your plan, and also where you setup to go. It starts in ~ $349 because that a solo traveler check bags just within the U.S. A solo setup to inspect two bags on any kind of United flight worldwide jumps to $799. The subscriptions plan for 2 travelers, two bags almost everywhere in the world is $899.


Read an ext on United’s package subscription package.

United’s partnership v BagsVIP uses an alternate to waiting for bags in ~ baggage claim, gaining them right into transportation, and also getting them come your location by shipping them for you instead.

If her final destination is within 100 miles of her arrival airport, you have the right to use the BagsVIP delivery business by checking your bags at the airport. In ~ 4-6 hours of her arrival, her bags will certainly arrive at your address. For destinations within 40 miles of the airport, delivery of one or 2 bags prices $40 on top of the expense of check the bag. All various other bags ~ the very first two room $10 each. For destinations more than 40 miles from the airport, an additional $1 per mile fee additionally applies.

Before you authorize up because that this service, make certain BagsVIP services your location airport.

But are either the these alternatives worth it? It depends on just how much girlfriend travel and also how much you value the convenience. You’ll have to do the mathematics for you yourself – and also consider that there might be means to save on baggage by preventing United airlines baggage fees.

How to avoid United airline Baggage Fees

No one likes payment baggage fees even if it is you’ve acquired a trip with joined or one more carrier. Fortunately, there room a handful of tips, tricks, and tools you can employ to prevent paying united fees because that baggage altogether.

Thrifty Tip: All energetic duty or retirement U.S. Military personnel, travel on orders, relocations, or simply personally, receive two totally free bags top top all joined flights.

Pack in simply a Carry-On Bag

The first way to protect against paying package fees v United deserve to be fully free. Friend just have to pack a little bit less.

Unless if girlfriend bought a United basic economy ticket, girlfriend can constantly bring a carry-on bag (plus an additional smaller personal item favor a backpack or purse) because that free.


While the will save you money, packing right into a carry-on bag can additionally save you time and also stress. There’s no more waiting to inspect in your luggage or grab that from the baggage carousel. Girlfriend don’t need to worry about the airline shedding your bag no longer – it’s through you at every times.

Packing into a carry-on bag when you’re offered to taking a 50-pound bag top top every trip have the right to feel daunting, yet we promise it deserve to be done. Follow our tips and you will do it be a proud member of team carry on in no time.

Check out part of our favourite carry-on bags if you have to pick one up.

Fly increase Front in Premium to add or Higher

Whether you’re paris in Premium add to (United’s name for Premium Economy), very first class, or a unified Polaris business class ticket, you acquire two cost-free checked bags on every joined flight.

What’s more, flyers v these tickets obtain a more generous unified baggage allowance: Bags have the right to be as much as 70 pounds.

After that, baggage is subject to the normal economy fees.

Hold a united Credit Card

Almost any kind of co-branded unified credit map will acquire you a free first bag as soon as you fly with United. But there’s one hitch: To obtain a free bag, you need to pay for your flight with your united credit card.

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The cheapest option is the United explorer Card, which it s okay you one checked bag totally free on any United-operated flight. Those more, you’ll also get a totally free bag for one companion booked on her reservation.

Considering bags cost at least $30 every way, you have the right to come the end ahead on the card’s $95 yearly fee after simply two roundtrip flights. And the traveler Card’s yearly fee is also waived because that the first year!


Click Here to get much more details on the United explorer Card.

It it s okay even far better with the United search Card, i beg your pardon will acquire you and also your companion two confirm bags free on any flight. Once you pay for your flights through the card. If you examine a the majority of luggage, the to save there have the right to be substantial, quickly outweighing the $250 yearly fee.


Click Here to learn more about the United pursuit Card.

The top-tier United Club unlimited Card likewise gets friend two free checked bags, however its $525 yearly fee way it’s not the right fit for many travelers.

Earn united or Star Alliance Status

Almost any kind of level of united or Star Alliance status will likewise give you cost-free bags. However just what you obtain depends on just how high friend climb.

Here’s a breakdown:

StatusFirst bagSecond bag
United Premier SliverFree$45
United Premier Gold, Platinum, or 1KFreeFree
Star Alliance GoldFree$45

United Premier Silver, Gold, Platinum, and 1K members all receive at the very least one totally free bag. That way even entry-level condition holders with United obtain a totally free bag.

But if she earning Star Alliance status through a companion carrier, you have to earn Star Alliance yellow to obtain a complimentary bag ~ above United. Star Alliance Silver standing members need to pay United’s normal baggage fees uneven they are army members, cardholders, or purchased a fare that has baggage.

Bottom Line

As with any airline, look before you publication with United.

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United airline baggage fees can be confuse – and also they’re continuous changing. Specifically what you’ll need to pay to check a bag relies on what fare girlfriend buy, wherein you’re going, and what you’ve acquired in her wallet.