$1.50 – $5 every square foot (without staining)$2 – $7 every square foot (with staining)$1,200 – $2,400 median refinishing project

The average expense to refinish hardwood floors is $2 come $6 per square foot or $1,200 to $2,400. Refinishing hardwood stairs expenses $25 come $85 every step. The expense to buff and also recoat hardwood floors is $1.00 to $2.50 every square foot. DIY expenses to redo and resurface wood floors you yourself is $600 come $1,100.

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Get free estimates from building contractors near you or see our hardwood floor refinishing price calculator below.

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Cost come refinish hardwood floors

Professional hardwood floor refinishing expenses $1.50 come $5.00 per square foot there is no staining. The average price to sand, restain, and also refinish wood floors is $2 to $7 per square foot. Refinishing hardwood stairs costs $25 come $85 every step. DIY prices to redo and also resurface lumber floors is $600 come $1,100.

Cost come refinish hardwood floors through room - chart

Cost come refinish hardwood floorsRoom sizeSquare feetAverage cost
4x1040$300 – $500
10x10100$400 – $600
12x12144$500 – $900
16x16256$700 – $1,500
20x20400$1,000 – $2,000
24x24576$1,200 – $2,800
Stairs (12 come 14 steps)--$300 – $1,200
Whole house1,000$2,000 – $4,000
Whole house1,500$2,800 – $6,000
Whole house2,000$3,400 – $8,000

*The price of labor rises for smaller sized spaces due to minimum job fees.

Hardwood floor refinishing in kitchen - before and after

Wood refinishing work typically clears pet stains, water damage, scratches, dings, fading, sunlight damage, discoloration, Polishing, buffing, and also recoating expense less however only gets rid of minor scuffs and scratches and also adds a brand-new sheen.Hardwood floor refinishing is a time-consuming home innovation project and also takes 2 to 6 work on average.Hardwood floors must be refinished every 7 to 10 years, depending upon thickness, species, and also age.Pine, bamboo, and parquet floors require special care while sanding or staining, but costs the very same to refinish.
Cost come refinish hardwood floorsAverage cost to refinish hardwood floorsCost come resurface or redo hardwood floorsCost come refinish wood floors by typeCost come refinish hardwood floors DIYWhat is hardwood floor refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing cost calculator

Enter the lumber floor"s length and width in the calculator below to calculation the expense of refinishing.

Hardwood floor refinishing price calculator
Width the the floor in feet
Length the the floor in feet

The complying with table shows the average cost of a usual hardwood flooring refinishing project.

Average expense to refinish hardwood floors - chart

Average expense to refinish hardwood floors
National mean cost$1,600
Minimum cost$300
Maximum cost$8,000
Average range$1,200to$2,400

*Based on 369 project costs reported by elafilador.net members.

Average price to refinish hardwood floors

Hardwood floor refinishing expenses depend top top the square footage, layout, location, staining, end up type, number of coats the finish, and also local labor costs. Relocating furniture, remove wax build-up, remove carpet, or refinishing stairs rises the cost.

Hardwood floor refinishing costs by option - sand, stain, and finish vs. Buff and also recoat - chart

Hardwood floor refinishing prices by optionOptionCost every square foot
Sand and refinish$1.50 – $5.00
Sand, stain, and refinish$2.00 – $7.00
Screen, buff, and recoat$1.00 – $2.50

Common components that boost the in its entirety cost to redo timber floors include:

Additional prices to redo hardwood floorsFactorAdditional cost
Dustless refinishing$2 – $4 every square foot
Additional coats of finish$0.50 – $1.75 per square foot
Moving furniture$20 – $50 every room
Removing wax build-up$100 – $200 every room
Carpet remove & disposal$0.25 – $1.00 every square foot
Refinishing stairs$25 – $85 every step
Wire-brush finish$2 – $5 per square foot

Cost come sand and also refinish hardwood floors

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors expenses $1.50 come $5.00 per square foot because that labor and materials. Sanding gets rid of the old finish and the surface ar layer that the timber to eliminate scratches, dings, and also discoloration. After sanding, contractors apply multiple coats that clear complete seal and protect the floor.

Hardwood floor finish typesFinish typePros and also cons
Water-based polyurethaneLow odor and also low VOCsDurable, smooth, and shiny finishComes in satin, semi-gloss, and high-glossNo yellowingEach coat dries in 2 to 4 hours
Oil-based polyurethaneStronger odor and higher VOCsDurable and resists moistureComes in satin, semi-gloss, and high-glossMay yellow end timeEach coat dries in 8 to 10 hours
Wax finishLittle odor and also low VOCsNot as durable but easy come touch upLow sheen varnishYellows or darkens over timeRequires lot of coats however dries in ~ a few hours
Acid-cured / sweden finishStrong odor and an extremely high VOCsExtremely durableBest varnish because that exotic hardwood or parquet floorsDifficult come touch upRequires relocating for number of days to air out home

Engineered hardwood flooring living room after ~ refinishing process

Cost to stain or restain hardwood floors

Restaining hardwood floors prices $0.50 come $2.00 per square foot alone. Sanding, staining, and also refinishing hardwood floors costs $2 come $7 per square foot total. Staining is only important to adjust the wood color. Staining requires sanding first, using two coats the stain, then adding a clean finish.

Check v the contractor to confirm the timber will absorb the stain evenly. Not all hardwood varieties are suitable for staining.

Wood floor refinishing in bedroom - before and after

Cost come whitewash hardwood floors

Whitewashing hardwood floors costs $2 come $7 per square foot and requires sanding to remove the old finish and also then applying a light wash and clear polyurethane topcoat instead of a darker stain. Whitewashing is also known together pickling.

Never use repaint to tower a floor. Repaint will seep with the cracks between the planks and prevents the polyurethane sealer from adhering come the wood.

Cost come refinish hardwood stairs

Refinishing hardwood stairs costs $25 come $85 every step, depending on the stairway style and also if the treads and also risers space refinished. Stairways v spindles take longer to sand and also are priced at the higher end of the range.

Cost to rip up carpet and refinish hardwood floors

Carpet removal and also disposal expenses $0.25 to $1.00 every square foot alone, to add $2 to $7 per square foot because that hardwood floor refinishing. Remove carpet from stairs adds $7 come $10 every step.

Hardwood floor restoration cost by location

Prices come refinish hardwood floors are higher than the national mean in major cities or areas with a high price of living.

Hardwood floor restoration expense by locationCity, StateCost every square foot
Atlanta, GA$2.25 – $6.75
Austin, TX$2.25 – $6.75
Boston, MA$2.75 – $8.25
Chicago, IL$2.30 – $6.90
Denver, CO$2.20 – $6.50
Detroit, MI$2.15 – $6.40
Houston, TX$2.50 – $7.60
Los Angeles, CA$2.20 – $6.50
Miami, FL$2.00 – $6.10
Minneapolis, MN$2.25 – $6.80
Nashville, TN$2.00 – $6.10
New York, NY$2.60 – $7.90
Newark, NJ$2.25 – $6.70
Philadelphia, PA$2.25 – $6.70
Phoenix, AZ$2.10 – $6.20
Pittsburgh, PA$2.15 – $6.40
Portland, OR$2.20 – $6.60
San Diego, CA$2.20 – $6.50
San Francisco, CA$2.55 – $7.60
Seattle, WA$2.25 – $6.70
Washington, D.C.$2.25 – $6.75

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Cost to resurface or redo hardwood floors

Alternative methods to redo hardwood floors are frequently cheaper, yet do not eliminate deep scratches, stains, or discoloration.

Hardwood floor polishing cost

The average cost to polishing hardwood floors is $40 come $80 because that supplies, plus $50 come $80 every hour to hire a regional handyman. Floor polishing is an easy DIY task that restores the wood"s sheen there is no sanding yet will not eliminate scratches or discoloration.

Liquid polish costs $12 to $20 come cover 500 square feet and also works best on floors sealed through polyurethane.A sponge mop to spread the polish prices $10 come $30.Flathead microfiber dust mops expense $15 come $30.

Cost to display or buff and recoat hardwood floors

The cost to screen, buff, and recoat hardwood floors is $1.00 come $2.50 every square foot. Screening offers a thin buffing key to remove the old finish without sanding the timber beneath. Recoating clears minor scuffs and also scratches top top the surface and also adds a brand-new sheen to dull floors.

Screening and also recoating will not get rid of deep scratches, stains, or discoloration.

Hardwood floor refinishing vs. RecoatingFloor conditionRefinishRecoat
Scuffs and scratches that just penetrate the finishNoYes
Deep scratches that permeate the woodYesNo
Stains, gray patches, or UV discolorationYesNo
Floors through non-waxed polyurethane finishYesYes
Floors through wax finishYesNo
Want to change the lumber colorYesNo

Screening just works on floors with a non-waxed polyurethane finish. Waxed floors should be sanded and refinished rather of screened.

Sandless floor refinishing cost

Sandless floor refinishing prices $1.50 come $4.00 every square foot. Sandless refinishing uses chemicals come etch the old end up off, adhered to by a tinted complete that hides scuff marks and also restores the wood"s color and sheen. Sandless techniques are not efficient for floors v scratches, stains, or damage.

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Cost come refinish timber floors by type

Refinishing lumber floors costs $1,200 come $2,400 for the average home, nevertheless of wood type. Hardwoods such as pine, bamboo, and parquet need special treatment while sanding or staining, but the total cost is the same to refinish.

Cost come refinish engineered hardwood

Refinishing engineered hardwood floors prices $2 come $6 every square foot ~ above average. Engineered flooring functions a base layer with a hard hardwood wear class on top. Engineered floors may be sanded and also refinished 1 to 5 times, depending on the wear layer"s thickness.

Refinishing engineered hardwood floorsWear class thicknessCan friend refinish?How countless times?
Less 보다 2 mm thickNo0
2 mm thickYes1
3 mm to 4 mm thickYes2 – 3
5 mm to 6 mm thickYes3 – 5
Acrylic impregnatedNo0
Wear great less 보다 2 mm thick have to not be sanded.Engineered hardwood through acrylic impregnated wear class cannot it is in sanded and refinished however may be screened and also recoated instead.

Cost come refinish oak or jaw floors

Refinishing oak, cherry, or pine floors costs $1.50 to $5.00 every square foot there is no staining or $2 to $7 every square foot v staining. Oak is the most usual hardwood because that flooring. Pine is softer than oak and also requires extra treatment when sanding to prevent grooves or chatter clues in the wood.

Cost to refinish parquet floors

Refinishing parquet floors costs $2 come $6 every square foot, depending on the form of refinishing and if any kind of repairs space needed. Sanding parquet floors needs special treatment from a professional due to the fact that the timber grain operation in numerous directions.

Cost come refinish bamboo floors

Refinishing bamboo floors price $2 to $6 per square foot, which is cheaper 보다 the expense to install brand-new bamboo flooring at $5 come $10 every square foot. Solid and also engineered bamboo floors may be sanded and also refinished if the veneer layer is at the very least 2 mm thick.

Bamboo flooring have to be sanded in ~ an angle to the serial on the an initial pass to mitigate the opportunity of increasing splinters.

Can you refinish Bruce hardwood floors?

Bruce hardwood floors might be professionally sanded and also refinished 1 come 3 times, relying on the type and thickness. DIY sanding voids the warranty.

Can friend refinish Pergo or laminate floors?

Pergo and laminate floors can not be sanded, refinished, or screened and also recoated prefer solid hardwood. Laminate floors attribute a peak layer of veneer that is also thin for sanding.

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Refinishing hardwood floors vs. Instead of with new floors cost

Hardwood floor refinishing prices $2 to $6 every square foot top top average, i beg your pardon is cheaper than the price to install new hardwood floors in ~ $6 to $15 every square foot.

Refinishing hardwood floors vs replacing brand-new floors price - chart

Consider the floor"s current problem when deciding whether to refinish or replace it:

Refinish floors through scratches, dings, discoloration, or slightly uneven areas.Refinishing may not fully eliminate pets urine stains or odors. Consider replacing the damaged planks or the entire floor; or refinishing and covering the floor through a dark hardwood stain.Repairing hardwood floors costs $2 to $30 per square foot or $400 come $1,200 top top average, depending on the kind and level of the damage.

Is the cheaper come refinish hardwood floors or download carpet?

Refinishing hardwood floors cost $2 to $6 per square foot top top average, if carpet installation expenses $2 come $8 per square foot. Refinishing the floors is commonly cheaper than installing new carpet, relying on the wood flooring condition.

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Cost come refinish hardwood floors DIY

DIY hardwood floor refinishing costs $600 to $1,100 for equipment rental and supplies. Refinishing floors yourself without experience can easily destroy hardwood floors. Sanding mistakenly may reason uneven floors or deep gouges in the wood, inquiry the replacement of individual pink or the whole floor.

DIY cost to refinish hardwood floors you yourself - chart

Costs to refinish hardwood floors yourselfTool or materialAverage cost
Floor sander rental$60 – $70 per day
Edger rental$37 – $46 every day
Belt sander rental$16 – $26 per day
Sandpaper for both sanders$30 – $60
Knee pads$10 – $20
Respirator$30 – $70
Safety goggles$5 – $20
Mop$10 – $30
Shop vacuum$40 – $180
Plastic sheeting$12 – $25 every roll
Tape$4 – $7 every roll
Wood filler$5 – $15
Hand scraper$20 – $35
Claw hammer$20 – $30
Nail set$6 – $15
Molding pry bar$10 – $20
Paintbrush$4 – $7
Painter"s rags$8 – $15
Stain$20 – $60 every gallon
Clear varnish$30 – $90 per gallon
Paint roller frame, roller covers, and also extension pole for varnish application$30 – $60
Trash bags$15 – $25

Cost to rent a floor sander

Renting a floor sander prices $60 to $70 per day or $230 to $270 per week. Renting one edger to manage the room"s corners and edges prices $37 to $46 per day or $170 come $185 every week. DIY refinishing projects typically take several days, depending on the home"s size.

Edger and also floor sander rental price - chart

Floor sander rental costRental timeSander rental costEdger rental cost
4 hours$41 – $47$30 – $32
Daily$60 – $70$37 – $46
Weekly$230 – $270$170 – $185
Monthly$580 – $800$420 – $550

*Look because that discounted weekend rates. Numerous stores charge just a 1-day dues to rent a north sander ~ above Saturday and return that Monday.

Floor sander prepare hardwood floor for refinishing

What grit sandpaper works finest for refinishing hardwood floors?

Refinishing a hardwood floor calls for a minimum of 3 passes through the sander using sandpaper in three various grits. Otherwise, omitted a step reasons rough-looking floors and uneven staining. Begin with the coarsest grit and progress come the finest grit:

Coarse – 36 to 40 gritMedium come fine – 60 to 80 gritFine come extra fine – 100 come 120 grit

If the floor has minimal imperfections, begin with 60 grit sandpaper instead, adhered to by 80 grit and 100 grit.

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What is hardwood floor refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing involves sanding the surface ar layer to eliminate the old finish and also any scratches, dings, or young discoloration. After sanding, building contractors may include a stain to adjust the wood color, then use a clear complete to seal and protect the floor.

How long does it take to refinish hardwood floors?

Hardwood floor refinishing take away 2 to 6 days, relying on the home"s size, layout, complete type, and also stain selected. Most building contractors sand and also refinish 400 come 1,000 square feet every day, not including drying and also curing time for the finish.

After the refinishing process:

Wait 24 hours prior to walking top top the floor in socks. Don"t walk on the floor through bare feet or shoes for at least 7 days.Wait 4 to 5 days before moving furniture into the room.Wait 3 to 4 weeks before placing area rugs on the floor.

How frequently should girlfriend refinish hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors need to be refinished every 7 come 10 years, depending upon thickness, species, and age. Finishing is recommended as soon as hardwood floors have actually scratches, dings, scuffs, stains, discoloration, fading, or various other damage.

How many times deserve to you refinish a hardwood floor?

Solid hardwood floors might be refinished 4 come 10 times, depending upon thickness and age. Houses built before the 1920s frequently have thinner lumber flooring. Screening and recoating is a much better option for floors that are too slim to sand.

Should hardwood floors feel rough after refinishing?

Hardwood floors should not feel rough after refinishing if the contractor sanded the floor with three passes utilizing the proper sandpaper grits, buffed the floor smooth, and included at least two coats the finish.

Can friend refinish hardwood floors without sanding?

You cannot effectively refinish hardwood floors without sanding. Sanding removes the old finish, scratches, dings, and also discoloration. For floors through a dull sheen and only minor scuffing, take into consideration screening and recoating instead.

Can you refinish prefinished floors?

Prefinished floors space solid hardwood and also can it is in sanded and also refinished like various other hardwood floorings.

Will hardwood floor refinishing get rid of pet to pee stains?

Refinishing will certainly not remove pet urine stains or odors since the ammonia penetrates the wood too deeply, and also sanding gets rid of less 보다 2mm of lumber from the surface. Urine-stained planks must be removed and also replaced, or homeowners may choose a dark timber stain come cover the pet stains.

Do you need to remove baseboards come refinish hardwood floors?

Removing the baseboards come refinish hardwood floors is optional but protects the trim from being nicked through the sanding equipment. When leaving baseboards or shoes moldings in place, covering them v a layer of tape-backed foam to prevent scuffing the trim.

Does Lowe’s or house Depot refinish hardwood floors?

Home Depot supplies N-Hance hardwood floor resurfacing, which supplies a screening and also recoating an approach instead of sanding, complied with by a UV-light treatment to cure the finish quickly. N-Hance works ideal for floors with minimal scratches or dings.

Lowe"s go not market hardwood floor refinishing services but rents floor sanders for DIY refinishing.

Do you reminder floor refinishers?

Tipping floor refinishers is optional but they constantly appreciate the gesture. Traditional tipping prices for floor refinishers room $10 to $30 per person if their work-related quality exceeds her expectations. Workers additionally appreciate gift offered access to a bathroom in the home throughout the day.

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How to care for freshly refinished hardwood floors?

Follow these steps to protect hardwood floors after refinishing:

Add feeling tabs or pads come the bottom of furniture foot to protect against scratches and scuffing. Adjust the tabs on chairs and stools every 2 to 3 months.Avoid sliding heavy appliances across the floors.Vacuum or usage a dried dust mop on regular basis to stop surface grit from scratching the finish.Wipe spills automatically after lock occur.Encourage family members members not to wear shoes in the home.Avoid cleaning assets containing vinegar or ammonia, i beg your pardon dull the finish.