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Hardwood floors add a touch the elegance to any kind of living space and deserve to blend effortlessly into any type of home decor. However they sustain a ton of traffic on a daily basis, and over time, her beautiful hardwoods can come to be dull, discolored and also pretty dinged up. If that’s the situation with your floors, it may be time to take into consideration having castle refinished.

This process, which is far cheaper 보다 replacing and reinstalling hardwood floors, involves sanding down the an initial layer of hardwood then restaining and also sealing the so the you have the right to enjoy many an ext years through your beloved flooring.

It’s vital to note that the refinishing procedure only applies to actual hardwood floors. Engineered and laminate floors aren’t fantastic candidates for refinishing, i beg your pardon is why they have a much shorter life than genuine hardwood floors. While actual wood floors can be refinished number of times, engineered floors can only resist the refinishing procedure once or twice. And laminate flooring can not be refinished at all.

How much Does it price to Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Perhaps it’s not in your budget plan to replace your hardwood floors after year of damage. Yet you’ll be happy to know that refinishing your floors deserve to restore their surface for a fraction of the price. The average cost to refinish hardwood floors is about $1,850, with a range of $1,150 and $2,500. The course, the price can vary based on lots of various factors, indigenous the type of finish you’d choose to the square footage of your hardwood flooring.

One amazing thing to note when it concerns the cost to refinish hardwood floors is the if you have actually very tiny spaces, favor closets or flour rooms, her price might actually increase rather than decrease. That’s because sanding equipment is regularly large, and also it’ll it is in more challenging for your professional refinishers to occupational in a little space.

Here’s a failure of the expense to refinish hardwood floors by square footage:

Room SizeSquare FeetAverage Cost

4x1040$200 - $350
10x10100$300 - $500
12x12144$450 - $750
16x16256$800 - $1,300
20x20400$1,200 - $2,000
24x24576$1,750 - $2,950

How Do experts Refinish Hardwood Floors?

While refinishing hardwood floors no an inherently an overwhelming process, it is tedious, taking time and effort to acquire it right. So as soon as considering just how much it costs to refinish hardwood floors, many of what you paying because that is a quality project done correctly. Below, we’ll take it a look in ~ the process used by refinishing professionals.

The process of Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Below, we’ll synopsis the measures your professional will take it in bespeak to restore your floors to a beautiful shine. These room the same measures you would certainly take if you select to do this job on your own.


Before your floors have the right to be refinished, they’ll need to be completely cleaned and also prepared. Building contractors will clean and dry her floors, paying special attention to any type of protruding pond or other objects that might impede the refinishing process. If you have shoe molding, that will likely be removed during this step.


Next, your contractor will use a big sanding device to sand the peak layer off of your floor, in preparation for the refinishing. Most homeowners find this part of the process to be the many cumbersome, simply due to the fact that it’s loud and also messy; you deserve to expect a fine layer the dust come cover every surface of your home throughout this step. Once sanding, it’s an important to resolve every inch of flooring; even right as much as the wall, come ensure an also finish as soon as the procedure is complete.


After your flooring has actually been stripped and also sanded down, that time to apply the stain you’ve chosen. This deserve to be done with a brush or a roller, and also is the simplest component of the process.

Top Coating

Finally, a height coat will be applied as a protectant for your floors. This will seal her floors, avoiding minor damage, scuffs and water stains.

How lot Does It expense to DIY Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Looking to conserve money? The expense to refinish hardwood floors is in between $600 and also $1,000 for a DIY process. Yet be conscious it’s not a straightforward job for many people. Sanders deserve to be according to and daunting to control, and improper use deserve to quickly reason destruction to wood floors.

If the happens, you’ll have to pay much much more to change your flooring. However if you’re relatively handy, right here are the costs you have the right to expect if she wondering just how much go it expense to refinish hardwood floors?

Floor sander: deserve to be rented for less than $100 a day.Belt sander: can be rented for about $60 to $100 a day. This need to be provided if she refinishing a room that can’t handle a floor sander(like a flour room or coat closet).Sandpaper: Both equipments require the use of sandpaper, and you’ll need around $100 worth for an average-sized job.Edger: have the right to be rented for around $37. You’ll require this tool to acquire right up versus walls and also in tight, 90-degree corners.Stain: you’ll pay between $30 and $45 for her stain for an mean refinishing job.Clear varnish: You’ll use varnish after the stain, and that will run you between $165 to $360.

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Miscellaneous supplies: Paintbrushes, rags, mop, dust masks, eye protection and also knee pads. Be sure to include a buffer in your spending plan for any kind of of this items that will certainly make the task easier.