We take great pride in a well-preserved, richly-hued hardwood floor to include a touch of classic coziness come our home. But while this floor favourite is both beautiful and sturdy, that can gain scratched, warped, and faded over the years from usual wear and also tear. 

When the time comes to completely refinish your floor, intend to pay an average of $1,800 depending upon the size, shape, and also style of your hardwood.

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How much Does It expense to Refinish Hardwood Floors every Square Foot?

Above every else, your final hardwood floor finish cost will likely come down to square footage. A smaller space will, naturally, average a reduced price tag in the lengthy run. However, you might receive a more affordable per-square-foot quote for bigger spaces—a little like purchase in bulk.

Overall, professional floor refinishers will charge anywhere from $3 to $8 every square foot. The cost jumps a bit to in between $5 and $8 per square foot for the less-disruptive dustless refinishing method—a process that needs commercial vacuums. These numbers come from the linked cost that the job from begin to finish, including sanding, staining, and finishing.

For example, sanding alone prices $0.50 come $3 per square foot, if staining add to $1 to $3 per square foot. The team will top everything off v a cloak of finish, to run you $1 to $2 every square foot.

On optimal of your square-foot basic price, suppose extra expenses for factors like job costs, overhead, travel, and specialty choices such together buffing, dust-free refinishing, or a distinct coat for an enlarge wood. 

Here space some general price ranges relying on the size of her space:

10-by-10 little bedroom: $300–$500

16-by-16 life room: $800–$1,300

24-by-24 open up living space: $1,750–$2,900

How lot Does It price to Refinish Hardwood Floors near You?

The average cost to refinish floors may not look the exact same in a large city together it walk in the countryside, but perhaps no in the method you expect. Regions with bigger homes—and therefore more square footage—may see higher prices in the finish than those through one-bedroom apartments in Manhattan. 

On the various other hand, overhead prices are typically higher in large cities, as space the expenses to maneuver with a tricky building with stairs, elevators, and also oddly shaped spaces. Below are some instances of common price varieties to refinish hardwood floors throughout the country.

Illinois: $1,100–$2,400

Ohio: $1,100–$2,300

Florida: $1,330–$2,800

New York: $970–$2,250

South Carolina: $2,250–$4,300

Texas: $1,100–$2,600

How lot of my Floors have the right to I Refinish on my Budget?

Let's to speak you have actually a whole home filled with elegant hardwood floors. If you're all set to have them every refinished, what type of budget plan should friend expect? Let's take a look at a few common projects and price ranges.

Less than $300

You might not find refinishing prices this low, yet the cost to polish hardwood floors can price as low as $100 for little spaces, especially if you rental the polisher yourself.

$300 to $1,000

Refinishing tiny rooms favor bedrooms, studio apartments, and small side rooms—think offices, little dining spaces—will likely autumn in this range. Expect higher prices if her floors space made the pine, maple, or mahogany.

$1,000 come $2,500

As you'll an alert from our state averages above, this is the most usual price selection for refinishing floors. This will cover most mid-sized spaces choose dining and also living rooms.

$2,500 and Up

Refinish an entire apartment or more than one room in your residence once you walk over $2,500. Some facility jobs, such together those involving stairs, can also reach this price range.

How lot Does It price to Refinish Hardwood Floors Yourself?


Tackling floor refinishing you yourself is not recommended for those brand-new to DIY house repairs. It might look a little like painting a room at very first glance, but the hardwood sanding procedure adds a complicated layer that needs a skilled eye. Untrue sanding or sanding also often might lead to having your hardwood floors replaced—a lot costlier undertaking. It’s much better to rental a flooring pro near you.

All this gift said, you'll most likely pay between $500 come $1,000 to refinish hardwood floors yourself after renting or purchasing every the important materials and also equipment.

Here room some costs to save in mind:

Sander rental: $60 a work or $100–$200 a week

Stain: $27–$40 a gallon

Varnish: $165–$360

Belt sander and other sanding materials: $140

Edger rental: $37 a day

Tools and painting equipment: $125

Cleaning and safety tools: $150

If you're feeling brave and confident enough to take on the project yourself, keep a few things in mind as soon as refinishing her floors. For example, sanding may not it is in necessary, cutting down among the trickiest parts of the process.

Hardwood Floor cost Breakdown

Like most home renovation jobs, nailing down your certain price will rely on your distinctive home. When you receive a quote indigenous your local floor team, expect the price tag to come under to the complying with factors:

Labor costs

Materials and also equipment

Sanding costs

Staining costs

Coating and also finishing costs

Additional repair (water damage, board replacement, etc.)

How lot Do Other types of Hardwood Refinishing Cost?

If the timber beneath your floor's complete is in great shape yet has simply shed its luster, you may have the ability to skip the full refinishing process.

For example, screening and also buffering take off the top layer of polyurethane however don't cut into the wood below. You'll view prices varying from $1 to $2.50 every square foot.

You may likewise get away through a thoroughly polishing—a great DIY task without the threat of floor damage. Experts will charge between $100 to $300, or you deserve to take top top the task for in between $50 to $100.

How lot Does Refinishing the Floor cost by hardwood Style?

The selection of timber on your floors will influence the expense as well. Part wood styles are softer and also therefore much easier to dent such together pine. Harder woods favor maple and also mahogany require special an abilities to effectively sand far ingrained imperfections. 

Oak and cherry wood, ~ above the various other hand, space the most generally found materials, so you don't have to search as much to find pros acquainted with just how to manage it. Here's exactly how they rest down.

Oak and cherry wood: $3–$5 every square foot

Pine: $4–$7 per square foot

Maple and also mahogany: $6–$8 per square foot

Parquet and engineered wood: $3–$5 per square foot

What factors Influence the price to Refinish a Floor?

Now that you have actually a better sense of the floor refinishing process, it's much easier to wrap her head approximately the quote you'll receive from your neighborhood wood flooring refinishing professional. In addition to the size and shape of her room, damages that calls for extra treatment or wood that calls because that a special finish could affect the costs. A complete list of cost factors include:

The size of the room

Complexity the the room and her home

State of the floor

Age of your flooring

Style the wood

Type the polyurethane

Where friend live

FAQs about Refinishing Hardwood Floors

How often should i refinish mine hardwood floors?

Professionals recommend refinishing your floors every 10 come 20 years depending on their condition. If her floors endured water damage, fading native the sun, or major scratches native furniture, bump up the date to ensure your floors space protected.

What is the best means to clean hardwood floors?

Between polishes and also refinishing, correctly cleaning her floors will certainly lengthen the time in between visits indigenous the flooring team. For finest results: between polishes and refinishing, effectively cleaning her floors will lengthen the time between visits from the flooring team. For ideal results:

Always select the best cleaner for your specific form of finish

Avoid saturating your wood v too lot water

Address stains prior to they set

Use gentle devices for stains and also grit

What various other projects must I carry out at the same time?

If you discovered damaged floorboards before starting the refinishing process, be certain to deal with these flooring repair first. The polyurethane will not protect versus ongoing water damage or structure issues.

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Once the refinishing procedure is complete, your fresh new floors might spark her drive to do the rest of your home as clean and also shiny. Do a residence cleaning checklist to complete once the floors are dry. As soon as returning furniture, drapes, and also area rugs to the space, you'll want to make sure they come ago as clean as possible.