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College students and survivalists rejoice: Costco is selling a 27-pound tub of mac-and-cheese through a shelf life that two years for $89.99.

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Unfortunately it's not available in stores. ("A 27-pound bucket of macaroni and also cheese?" claimed one employee over the phone. "No.") It's likewise intermittently out of stock on Together of mid-afternoon top top Friday, it's marketed out.

If it stays that way, friend can also find it because that $149.99 ~ above Amazon, although share appears restricted there, too.

The Chef's Banquet Macaroni & Cheese, detailed under Emergency kits & Supplies, uses 180 servings in different pouches that elbow pasta and also cheddar cheese sauce. The comes the end to 2 servings every dollar.

For preferably longevity, Chef's Banquet proposal storing the bath tub in a "dry, cool environment." A doomsday bunker, because that example, or a root cellar. You have the right to put it alongside your 7-pound bucket that Nutella and 40-pound bucket of honey.

The product's two-decade shelf life may freak girlfriend out. The is, after all, longer than plenty of canned foods and also grains last, follow to the U.S. Room of Agriculture.

But "preservatives provided in food are approved through the regulatory agencies," claims Joseph G. Sebranek, a identified professor in ~ Iowa State college who researches food safety.

While Sebranek isn't acquainted with this precise product, he says that, if it's ~ above the market, it's probably safe.

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And, if you trust the reviewers top top Costco's website, the mac-and-cheese is in reality pretty good. "Very pleasantly surprised," created MimiO in a five-star article from 3 years ago. "You can't chaos it up. Have actually purchased it again, and also will continue to use it." Indeed, possibly for the following 17 years.

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