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You have the right to never have too lot mac and cheese, right? Or, i don"t know, possibly you deserve to now, many thanks to Costco.

Costco, the warehouse store fondly adored because that its cost-free samples and also delicious food court options, now sells a 27-pound bucket of macaroni and cheese. Lotta mac. Lotta cheese. Lotta money.

The Chef"s Banquet brand mac and also cheese bath tub contains 180 servings that the delicious comfort food, and retails for $89.99. That much mac and also cheese can sound favor a dream, but prior to you let your creative thinking run wild, let"s establish a couple of of the details.


Chef's Banquet mac and also cheese tubCredit:
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To start, the huge ass bucket is not complete of pre-made mac and cheese that you scoop out cafeteria style. That"d be hella gross.

According come the listing on Costco"s website, the bucket is complete of 180 personally packaged servings that elbow pasta and also 180 personal packaged servings that cheddar cheese sauce.

Each pouch is also sealed with oxygen absorbers to safeguard the quality and ensure a shelf life of 20 years.

If you"re a huge fan the mac and cheese and want come buy enough to last a kind amount the time, this sounds choose the purchase for you. It also seems choose a good buy for anyone who generally goes camping, is feather to feed a little army, or prepare because that an emergency situation.

Sadly, the mac and cheese bathtub is offered out online at the moment, however as shortly as Costco re-stocks you can buy one for her bunker. And also if you"re really desperate you deserve to order one top top Amazon for $149.99.

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