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Costco take trip

The Costco travel website permits members to do hotel reservations, purchase a holidays package, publication a cruise, or rental a car. As soon as you"ve selected the "Rental Cars" tab, you"re motivated to go into your zip code and also when you"re planning to pick up and also drop off her car. While the default alternative is to pick up and drop turn off at the exact same location, friend can likewise choose a various drop-off location.

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Before members deserve to look at accessible locations, they have to confirm they are at least 25 years old. While part rental services permit reservations from client who are under 25, any type of members booking through Costco have to be 25 or older.


Costco take trip

Once you"ve stated your zip code, choose up time, and drop off time, the website shows you participating areas in her zip code. Girlfriend can also zoom the end on the map to look at choices outside her zip code.

The map displays a tiny icon next to each place indicating which automobile rental firm runs the location. You deserve to use a filter if you only want to view choices near an airport or from a solitary company.

After you"ve made decision whether or not you desire to usage a filter, friend can choose up to 4 potential areas to compare versus each other, making use of either the map or the numbered list beneath it.


Costco take trip

After you"ve selected the locations you"d prefer to compare, the website creates a grid that lists the class of car (sedan, SUV, etc.) each ar offers and the price you"d pay for a auto from every class.

The website highlights the lowest available price for each class among the areas you"ve chosen, and clicking ~ above the price for a given class and also location permits you to see the brand and model that place offers. But while the website will suggest that you may receive, say, a Ford leaf if you"re looking for a conventional SUV, it likewise notes the you may receive a comparable car instead.

This page likewise shows friend the perks each place offers for each class, such as unlimited mileage and the ability to register an additional driver for free.


Costco take trip

Once you"ve favored the car class friend want and the place you"d favor to rental it from, you have actually the alternative to choose extra functions for an included cost. When the features differ based on the car and also rental business you choose, they incorporate navigational systems, wi-fi, and also satellite radio.

These features aren"t included in the base price, but they"re added into the full price prior to you make your reservation.

Costco travel

After you"ve chosen every one of the functions you want, you"ll see the last price for your rental. You don"t have to pay for the rental, or even provide any credit transaction card information, as soon as you make your reservation, however you do have to prove you"re a Costco member by logging in to your Costco travel account or giving your Costco membership number.

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Once you"ve choose up the vehicle and also are prepared to pay, the website notes the you"ll probably need to use a major credit card. Debit cards space only accepted at some areas under details terms.

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