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(Nexstar Media Wire) – Costco has actually joined other large box shop in creating special shopping hours for senior customers.

The mass retailer said in a statement Saturday the it will open its doors for members 60 years and older every Tuesday and also Thursday native 8 a.m. Come 9 a.m. The special hrs will start March 24.

While the pharmacy will additionally be open during those hours, the food court will operate on the typical schedule. Costco organization Centers will additionally keep continuous hours.

Costco joins other significant retailers favor Target, dissension General and Walmart in producing shopping hrs reserved because that the most vulnerable. See a complete list of stores that have actually closed or adjusted hours amid the coronavirus crisis.

Panicked buyers have actually flocked to Costco locations across the country due to the fact that the outbreak spread to the united States, resulting in long lines and also altercations that have actually prompted phone call to law enforcement.

See the Costco website for location information.


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