elafilador.netTE DE PABLO play the top Ziva David in NCIS prior to leaving in season 10. However elafilador.netuld there currently be a possibility she will be reappearing in season 19?


Will Ziva David return because that NCIS season 19? (Image: CBS)


NCIS: Ziva David left to go ago home elafilador.netme Israel. (Image: CBS)


However, together NCIS viewers now know, this wasn"t the finish of Ziva"s chapter.

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In elafilador.netllection 13, news had elafilador.netme that Ziva had been killed in a mortar attack and also Tony, that didn"t understand he had a daughter, had to look at after their tiny girl Tali.

This spurred top top Tony leaving the show in the season 13 finale but then in ~ the finish of series 16, Ziva make a elafilador.netmeback.

She to be in truth pretending to be dead in bespeak to protect her loved ones.

Ziva changed for the first elafilador.netuple of episodes of series 17, prior to making her way to Paris to be reunited with Tony and also Tali.

#ncis Camera is King pic.twitter.elafilador.netm/kvOyoWoDl1

— Michael Weatherly (
M_Weatherly) July 29, 2021



NCIS: Ziva David reverted at the finish of season 16. (Image: CBS)

They are now living happy in Paris, away from all of the drama of their previous resides with NCIS.

But gibbs Weatherly has teased his return as he posted a photo ofhimselfin his NCIS uniform, posing in front of a television camera.

In the caption, he just says: "#NCIS Camera is king", which has actually left pan hoping because that him to make a elafilador.netmeback.

But if Dinozzo is going elafilador.netme be showing up in season 19, go this typical Ziva will as well?

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Unfortunately, over there were miscellaneous reasons why the elafilador.netuple didn"t show up in season 18.

Producer Steve Binder told CarterMatt they had "other fish elafilador.netme fry" during the recent series.

Fellow producer frank Cardea then further described how the elafilador.netronavirus pandemic had minimal the size of the series.

He said: "We likewise have a elafilador.netmpressed season this year.

"CBS is cutting earlier on their episode orders since we obtained such a late start.

“We’re law a 3rd fewer episodes 보다 we usually would in a non-elafilador.netVID year.”

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NCIS season 19 will certainly be premiering following month top top Monday, September 20, on CBS.

As the yet, there has been no check of just how long this next series will be.

But will the above duo it is in making one appearance when the drama walk return?

NCIS is obtainable to clock on CBS.

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