Cottage Food Law

Florida’s cottage food law has actually improved significantly over time. ~ passing their very first law (HB 7209) in 2011, they have passed three amendments: in 2017 they passed HB 1233, and also in 2021 castle passed HB 663 & HB 403.

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Florida now has a good cottage food law, especially due to the fact that it is very easy for a producer to start selling: no license, inspection, or training native the ag room is required. Producers deserve to sell as much as $250,000 that nonperishable assets per year.

The greatest downside come Florida’s regulation is that it does not permit indirect sales. Producers should sell directly to the finish customer, for this reason they cannot offer wholesale, such as v grocery stores, coffee shops, etc.

Cottage food products cannot it is in sold in addition to non-cottage food items. Because that instance, if you have actually a allow to offer shaved ice at an event, girlfriend cannot likewise sell your cottage food products. Also, if you very own a sleeve store, friend cannot offer your cottage food products from the store.

Starting a cottage food business?


No. Meats room a perhaps Hazardous food and also are no al-lowed under the cottage Food guidance document exemptions.

No, nut Butters room not allowed. However butters make from fresh fruits are considered cottage food products. Fruit butters have significantly less sugar 보다 a tradi-tional jam or jelly. That is the combination of acid, sugar, pectin and heat the assures the safety of jams/jellies. Vegetable butters such together pumpkin butter would certainly not be Cottage Food.

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Hi i desire to start marketing my cakes cupcakes and cookies native home. Ive been baking for the enjoyment and for friends and family. I recognize i have the right to operate under head food laws however i have actually a large family and also I now have actually a separate refrigerator and an oven just because that my baking i also have a advertising table top size Kitchenaid mixer. Would i have to gain a advertisement license due to the fact that i have actually these extras in mine kitchen or carry out i simply need to paper for a ficticious name and how would certainly i go about doing so. Im in Glades county.