King that the Hill Theory: The real Reason noodle Despises Hank having left the love that his life in Japan, Cotton"s developing hatred towards Hank and the human being at large actually stems from heartbreak.

King the the Hill is known for its deadpan humor and also equally together taciturn protagonist, Hank Hill. When Hank isn"t exactly the most emotional individual, he"s exactly the the opposite of his coldhearted curmudgeon the a father, Cotton. Arrogant, hateful and reveling in the truth the killed fifty males during world War 2, Cotton"s disdain for the people at huge is only 2nd to his dislike because that Hank himself.

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There are plenty of possibilities for why noodle can"t stand Hank or his ex-wife Tilly, but a Reddit post has recently portrayed how a two-part episode perfectly defines the bitterness in Cotton"s heart. Follow to theory, the Colonel"s hatred of his an initial son and also ex-wife stem indigenous his shed love in Japan.

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In the episode "Returning Japanese," Cotton educates Hank the during human being War 2, he had been treated by and also fallen in love with a Japanese nurse named Michiko. Though they both plainly felt for each other, Cotton"s being shipped back to the U.S.prematurely ended their relationship. Unbeknownst to Cotton, he had conceived a kid with Michiko, and also it was only upon returning to Japan come reunite through her decades later walk he realize this fact.

The concept puts forth the idea the it was his i can not qualify to be v Michiko that made cotton so hateful and also resentful toward Tilly, and later, Hank. Having gotten Tilly pregnant, he would be can not to just return to the nation whenever the wished. Retained from gift going earlier to the one woman that he likely ever before truly loved, he would logically see his brand-new responsibilities by method of a wife and also child as a burden. It provides matters worse that he never ever seemed come have also a fraction of the affection that he had for Michiko because that Tilly. Currently trapped in 2 relationships that he never ever truly wanted, Cotton came to be angry not just at his brand-new family however the civilization at large.

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The concept is somewhat sound offered Cotton"s therapy of Michiko contrasted to accurate every various other female personality in the show. It"s quickly dismantled, however, provided that Cotton"s therapy of Hank and his mother isn"t too much worse than exactly how he treats everyone else. The people at big is disrespected through Cotton, that revels in his misanthropic behavior. Also neighbors that Hank"s like Dale, that he sometimes gets along with, space occasional victims of his ire. In fact, some of the only characters who are consistently treated well by Cotton space his 2nd son G.H. (Good Hank) and also grandson Bobby.

Cotton"s fairly odd affection for Bobby runs respond to to this theory of deep hatred for Hank. Bobby, in spite of being also less rugged and masculine than Hank in comparison to Cotton, doesn"t receive also a portion of the torture the Cotton offers Hank. On optimal of that, after return to Japan and also reconciling the occasions of his life, cotton doesn"t unexpectedly become an ext appreciative that Hank or also simply much less combative towards Hank. To be fair, this might be as result of seeing the son that he had actually with Michiko and also resenting Hank even much more because of it. Ironically, that is a caring father towards G.H., even though he has actually no real connection to his second wife external of a plainly purely sexual one. If he was angry over being tied to a woman besides Michiko, that wouldn"t make feeling for the to choose to remarry, permit alone it is in a much far better father with his 2nd child.

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As sound together the theory does seem at points, it appears that, in the end, cotton Hill"s irrational antagonism toward almost everything in his life is simply that. If anything more, it"s just the culmination of several different disappointments, and also not just one.

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