They carried stars on livestock drives, cut cows indigenous the herd because that branding, chasing bad guys through mountain passes and across barren plains, and also simply to city for supplies. Even a movie and also TV cowboy might not endure without a good, damaged horse. In fact, actors and stunt riders’ lives depended on their equines being reliable, also tempered and also highly-trained. The said, crashes can quiet happen: in the small House top top the Prairie episode, “Here Come the Brides,” Katherine “Scottie” MacGregor was in reality injured in a scene where her character, Mrs. Oleson, falls off a horse.

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Stable come the Stars

For over six decades, from 1912 until they closed the barn doors because that the last time in 1975, Fat Jones Stables of north Hollywood detailed rental equines used for riding, driving and also stunts for plenty of Western shows and movies.

In acknowledgement that the ASPCA’s aid a steed Day, and because pan love Westerns, we assumed we’d salary tribute to the equine stars of days past. Stop hit the trail!



Buck – Lorne Greene – Ben Cartwright


Michael Landon once remarked top top a talk display that Lorne Greene didn’t much treatment for speak or horses. Still once Bonanza to be cancelled, Lorne to buy Buck, for fear that the horse would end up in a bad way. He then donated Buck to a therapeutic talk center. Buck teach mentally and also physically challenged children come ride until his pass in 1992 in ~ the age of 45, an unusually long life because that a horse.

Cochise – Michael Landon – tiny Joe


Michael Landon rode the flashy paint, Cochise for the an initial six years of the series, together with other paints that offered as stunt doubles. One night an intruder damaged into Fat Jones Stable, wielding a knife and injured several of the horses. Unfortunately, the veterinarian might not conserve Cochise. Distraught, Landon available a prize for details leading come the capture of the perpetrator, yet the criminal was never found. After the incident, Landon talk a selection of Paints for the remainder the the series.

Chub – Dan Blocker – Hoss


As one can imagine, it to be not basic finding a equine to accommodate a guy the size of Dan Blocker. But they discovered one in Chub, a dark bay, Appendix 4 minutes 1 Horse, through 3 white socks and also a blaze. Despite Chub was not a huge horse, standing in ~ 15.3 hand (1 hand equals 4 inches), he to be stocky enough to lug Blocker.

Sport – Pernell Roberts – Adam Cartwright

Pernell Roberts speak two steeds prior to Sport, but neither would certainly behave ~ above the set. The third, Sport, a 7/8 thoroughbred, sorrel gelding, with 3 white socks, was the charm.

John Wayne (The Duke)

You could fill numerous barns through the steeds that galloped right into the sunset v John Wayne in the saddle! here are a pick few.

True Grit & The Shootist: Old disagreement or Dollor

John Wayne chosen this steed so much, he had actually the writers revise the script of The Shootist so he could point out the horse’s name numerous times! though he never owned Dollor, his contract through the owner stipulated the he would be the just one to ride him.

Stagecoach: Duke

Of course, The duke would ride “The wonder horse” called Duke! man Wayne rode fight it out in 6 films before they co-starred in Stagecoach.

Other horses include: Zip Cochise, Wayne’s horse co-star in El Dorado, and also Banner, among his favorites. Wayne want to purchase Banner, yet Fat Jones refuse to offer the large sorrel.

James Stewart – Pie


If over there was any type of doubt the James Stewart to be a kindhearted man, simply look at his love for a steed named Pie. He rode the horse in 17 films until Pie’s retirement at the age of 29 ~ Stewart finished shooting Bandolero. Stewart tried no hope to buy Pie indigenous his owner, but she flat out refuse him every time he asked. Stewart had an tremendous rapport through Pie, and when the horse passed away, he had him hidden in a secret grave to ensure the horse’s dignity.

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“It was virtually a person thing between us. Ns think we liked each other….I really talked to this horse. I recognize he understood… i loved him. I loved the horse.” – James Stewart

Joel McCrea – Highland Dale

In Black horse Canyon, real-life rancher and also actor, Joel McCrea is the end to record a wild stallion named Outlaw. You could recognize the movie’s horse star. This stunning steed additionally starred in the TV collection Fury. When American Saddlebred, Highland Dale (AKA Beauty, Fury, and Gypsy) retired, his income as a Hollywood animal actor were second only to Lassie.