Obama: I can have won a third term

The president states the article of expect and adjust he campaigned top top in 2008 quiet resonates in 2016.

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President Barack Obama tho believes in the article of “hope and change” that campaigned top top in 2008 — so much so that he believes it can have delivered him a 3rd term end Donald Trump had actually the Constitution allowed him to run again.

“I am i was sure in this vision because I’m confident that if ns — if I had actually run again and articulated it, i think ns could’ve mobilized a majority of the American human being to rally behind it,” Obama called his former senior adviser, David Axelrod, top top Monday’s “Axe Files” podcast. “I recognize that in conversations that I’ve had with people roughly the country, even some civilization who disagreed with me, they would say the vision, the direction that you suggest towards is the appropriate one.”

Obama campaigned intensely for Hillary Clinton, his previous secretary of state, dispatching himself, Vice president Joe Biden and very first lady Michelle Obama throughout the country on Clinton’s behalf. It would certainly be a “personal insult” to his legacy, he said during the campaign, if the black ar didn’t support Clinton. Every one of his administration’s success would be reversed under a president Trump, he warned. Progress and hope, he argued, were on the ballot, although his name was not.

But the was every for naught.

Republicans effectively painted Clinton together a corrupt, dishonest politician who was to run for Obama’s third term despite, castle insisted, placing America’s national security at risk when she set up a exclusive email server together head that the State Department. She belonged in jail, part said. Others accused she of utilizing her household nonprofit as a slush fund and also argued the the longtime politician to be the quintessential emblem the the condition quo, no the adjust agent she shown herself come be.


And Trump, that vanquished a crowded field of 16 additional Republicans — consisting of current and former senators and governors — before toppling Clinton, is unconvinced that anyone might have bested him, including an incumbent president.

“President Obama stated that he think he would have actually won versus me,” trump tweeted Monday afternoon. “He need to say that yet I say NO street! - work leaving, ISIS, OCare, etc.”

Trump railed against Obama and also Clinton’s policies on the project trail. That ran top top the promise the repealing and also replacing Obamacare, referred to as Obama and Clinton the founders of the Islamic State and slammed lock for having supported cost-free trade policies like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and also NAFTA.

Clinton prevailed in the popular vote, winning nearly 3 million more ballots throughout the nation than Trump. However it to be Trump"s improbable project that winner the requisite number of Electoral college votes come be chosen president, and also he maintains he could have won the popular vote, too, had actually that been his aim.

By Obama’s assessment, Clinton carry out “wonderfully under really tough circumstances.” however there to be problems: Obama accused the media that “wildly” amplifying Clinton’s flaws since of a dual standard and also said Democrats weren’t on the ground where they necessary to be to show human being in rural areas that the democratic Party cares around them, too.

“There’s an emotional connection, and component of what we need to do to rebuild is to be there, and that way organizing, that method caring around state parties, it method caring around local races, state board or college boards and city councils and also state legislative branch races and also not thinking that somehow, just a good set of gradual policies the we present to the new York time editorial board will win the day,” Obama said Axelrod.

Now, with Trump weeks away from gift sworn in as the following president, the design template of “hope” that brought the Obamas right into the White house in 2008 has arised as the concept they’re strictly grasping onto together they shift out eight years later.

“See, now, we’re feeling what not having actually hope feels like,” Michelle Obama called Oprah Winfrey in she own leave interview, broadcast last week.

The first lady cast hope together a “necessary concept” that wasn’t simply a quite slogan because that votes yet something she and her husband believe in.

for his part, trump told supporters at a thank-you rally in Mobile, Alabama, that they have actually “tremendous hope” and also suggested the first lady “made that statement not definition it the way it came out.”

that is Trump, after all, who appears to represent the change Americans desire today. Eschewing political correctness and also largely self-funding his major campaign, Trump was undeniably a transition from the standing quo. Voter hoped he would involved Washington, shake things up and also “drain the swamp,” together he claimed on the trail.

In Monday’s podcast, Obama attributed Senate bulk Leader Mitch McConnell because that Republicans’ obstruction transparent his entire administration, one effort, he argued, the was supposed to obscure the expect and readjust he campaigned on by rejecting his policies outright and creating stagnation.


follow to Obama, McConnell’s view was “that if we simply say no, climate that will puncture the balloon,” and also “all this talk around hope and change and no red state and also blue state is proven to be a mirage, a fantasy.”

“And if we deserve to — if we can puncture that vision, then we have a chance to win back seats in the House and also win ago seats in the Senate,” Obama continued, relaying his knowledge of McConnell’s message.

the strategy worked: republicans retook the residence after the 2010 midterms and also reclaimed the Senate in 2014 — majorities lock retained adhering to the Nov. 8 election.

Obama claimed he interpreted what taken place politically yet insists his post from 2008 quiet resonates.

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“Obviously, in the wake up of the election and Trump winning, a lot of of civilization have said that, somehow, it yes, really was a fantasy,” the said, referring to the message of hope and change. “What I would argue is, is that the culture actually go shift, the the majority does buy into the notion of a one America the is tolerant and diverse and also open and full that energy and also dynamism. And also the trouble is, it doesn"t always manifest itself in politics, right?”

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