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Jupiter is make of mainly hydrogen and also helium gas. If you tried come land top top Jupiter, it would be a bad idea. You"d confront extremely warm temperatures and you"d free-float in mid-Jupiter through no way of escaping. Following is a transcript the the video.

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Narrator: The best way to explore a new world is come land top top it. That"s why humans have actually sent spacecraft come the Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn"s moon, Titan, and more.

But there space a couple of places in the solar system we will never ever understand and we"d like. Among them is Jupiter.

Jupiter is do of mainly hydrogen and also helium gas. So, trying to land top top it would be choose trying to land on a cloud right here on Earth. There"s no outer crust to break your autumn on Jupiter. Just an unlimited stretch of atmosphere.

The huge question, then, is: might you loss through one finish of Jupiter and out the other?It transforms out, girlfriend wouldn"t also make the halfway. Here"s what would take place if girlfriend tried to land on Jupiter.

*It"s important to keep in mind that we feature the Lunar Lander because that the first half of the descent. In reality, the Lunar Lander is relatively delicate contrasted to, say, NASA"s Orion spacecraft. Therefore, the Lunar Lander would not be supplied for a mission come land on any world that consists of an atmosphere, consisting of Jupiter. However, any kind of spacecraft, no matter exactly how robust, would not survive for long in Jupiter, so the Lunar Lander is as good of a choice as any for this theoretical scenario.

First points first, Jupiter"s setting has no oxygen. So make sure you carry plenty v you to breathe. The next trouble is the scorching temperatures. So fill an wait conditioner. Now, you"re prepared for a trip of epic proportions.

For scale, here"s how countless Earths you might stack from Jupiter"s center. As you get in the height of the atmosphere, you"re be travel at 110,000 mph under the traction of Jupiter"s gravity.

But brace yourself. You"ll quickly hit the denser environment below, which will certainly hit you prefer a wall.It won"t be enough to prevent you, though.

After around 3 minutes you"ll reach the cloud top 155 miles down. Here, you"ll suffer the complete brunt the Jupiter"s rotation. Jupiter is the fastest rotating earth in ours solar system. Sooner or later lasts around 9.5 planet hours. This creates an effective winds that have the right to whip about the world at more than 300 mph.

About 75 miles listed below the clouds, you reach the limit of human exploration. The Galileo probe made the this far when it dove right into Jupiter"s atmosphere in 1995. It only lasted 58 minutes prior to losing contact and was eventually damaged by the crushing pressures.

Down here, the push is practically 100 times what that is at Earth"s surface. And also you won"t be able to see anything, for this reason you"ll need to rely on instruments to check out your surroundings.

By 430 mile down, the push is 1,150 times higher. You could survive down here if you were in a spacecraft constructed like the Trieste submarine — the deepest diving submarine ~ above Earth. Any deeper and also the pressure and also temperature will certainly be too great for a spacecraft come endure.

However, let"s speak you can find a means to descend even farther. You will uncover few of Jupiter"s grandest mysteries. But, sadly, you"ll have no method to call anyone. Jupiter"s deep environment absorbs radio waves, therefore you"ll be shut turn off from the external world— can not to communicate.

Once you"ve got to 2,500 miles down, the temperature is 6,100 ºF. That"s hot enough to melt tungsten, the metal with the highest melting point in the Universe.At this point, girlfriend will have actually been falling for at least 12 hours. And also you won"t even be halfway through.

At 13,000 mile down, you reach Jupiter"s innermost layer. Right here the press is 2 million times more powerful than at Earth"s surface. And also the temperature is hotter 보다 the surface of the sun.These problems are so extreme they readjust the chemistry of the hydrogen approximately you. Hydrogen molecule are compelled so close with each other that your electrons rest lose, forming an unusual substance called metallic hydrogen. Metallic hydrogen is extremely reflective. So, if girlfriend tried making use of lights to view down here it would be impossible.

And it"s as dense as a rock. So, as you take trip deeper, the buoyancy force from the metallic hydrogen counteracts gravity"s downward pull. Eventually, that buoyancy will certainly shoot you back up till gravity traction you back down, kind of like a yo-yo. And when those two forces equal, you"ll be left free-floating in mid-Jupiter, can not to relocate up or down, and no method to escape!

Suffice it say, trying come land on Jupiter is a negative idea. We might never check out what"s in ~ those majestic clouds. Yet we have the right to still study and also admire this mysterious world from afar.

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A special many thanks toKunio Sayanagi in ~ Hampton University, because that his aid with this video.