„Her confront is a map of the worldIs a map that the worldYou deserve to see she's a beautiful girlShe's a beautiful girl.“

— KT Tunstall Scottish singer-songwriter and also guitarist 1975

"Suddenly ns See".Eye to the Telescope (2004)Context: Her challenge is a map the the worldIs a map the the worldYou have the right to see she's a beautiful girlShe's a beautiful girl.And everything around her is a silver pool of lightThe people who surround her feeling the advantage of that —It makes you calmShe holds friend captivated in she palm.

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„You might not be filled v hate and also be beautiful. Like any other girl, I wanted to it is in beautiful. However I was filled v hate.“

— Alice Sebold, book Lucky

Source: Lucky


„You want to know about the title, right. The most beautiful girl in the world. . . It was a straight publicity thing yet it ballooned. The course, ns never could wear blue blue jeans to the industry after that. I had a call to uphold.“

— Yvonne De Carlo Canadian-American actress, dancer, and singer 1922 - 2007

Source: as quoted in " A girl no longer, yet . . . De Carlo's a beauty tho https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/459624330/" (1975)


„Are friend the cursed kid Nemesis mentioned?" Leo asked. "But you're a girl.""You're a girl," stated the girl."Excuse me?“

— rick Riordan, The mark of Athena

Source: The note of Athena


„And I could never view you depart us and you’re mine baby, she just another girl.“

— Pete Yorn American musician 1974

Just AnotherSong lyrics


„This is simply an simple dayWipe the insecurities awayI deserve to see that the darkness will erodeLooking out the corner of my eyeI deserve to see the the sunshine will explodeFar across the desert in the skyBeautiful girlWon't you it is in my inspiration?Beautiful girlDon't you throw her love aroundWhat in the world, what in the worldCould ever before come in between us?“

— Dolores O'Riordan ireland singer 1971 - 2018

"Ordinary Day"Are girlfriend Listening? (2007)

Now, Maria, if a young doesn't favor you, ns would just like you to understand that the is intimidated by your beauty, since you space the most beautiful girl in the entirety world and if you would prevent doing impersonations the me i think other human being would see that…“

— Maria Bamford American actress and also comedian 1970

Comedy main Presents Maria Bamford (2001)

„Okay…' ns hurried on. 'But why me?''You're a girl,' Lockwood called. 'Aren't you supposed to be much more sensitive?''To emotions, yes. Come nuances of human behavior. No necessarily to mystery passages in a wall.''Oh, it's much the very same thing.“

— Jonathan Stroud, book The Screaming Staircase

Source: The Screaming Staircase

„Oh, Jo, how can you? your one beauty.“

— Louisa may Alcott, book little Women

Source: small Women

„She's… simply a girl, you know. Like many girls: something and nothing.“

— Clive Barker, book Abarat

Source: Abarat

„You have the right to blend in in the country;You deserve to stand the end in the fashion worldBeing invisible to a white tail and also irresistible come a redneck girl.Camouflage, CamouflageOh you're mine favorite color Camouflage.“

— Brad Paisley American country music singer 1972

Camouflage, composed by kris DuBois, Kelley Lovelace, and Brad Paisley.Song lyrics, This Is country Music (2011)

„You were at the age where you might fall in love with a girl over an expression, end a gesture“

— Junot Díaz, publication This Is exactly how You lose Her

Source: This Is how You lose Her

„A man having a beautiful girl by his side mirrors the people that that is worth something, since obviously that beautiful girl sees some kind of worth in him“

— Elliot Rodger American spree killer 1991 - 2014

My Twisted people (2014), 19-22, UC Santa Barbara, Inceldom

„You're beautful. Yes you are, you're really very beautiful. Extremely beautiful.“

— Orson welles American actor, director, writer and producer 1915 - 1985

„You do a great point,' Fletcher conceded. 'See, there's a factor why you're the girl and I'm the boy. Girlfriend think around things if I…''Don't?''Exactly,' he claimed happily.“

— Derek Landy ireland children's writer 1974

Source: fatality Bringer

„Why did you speak you believed me?"In profile, he might see both the young mrs she was becoming and also the small girl that remembered."Because i trust you.“

— Nicholas Sparks, book The critical Song

Source: The last Song

„It's true. It's favor the hidden secret that nobody tells you. We have the right to all it is in beautiful girls, Colie. It's therefore easy. It's prefer Dorothy clicking she heels to go home. You could do it every along.“

— buy it Dessen, book Keeping the Moon

Source: keeping the Moon

„I never thought from the job that i met youA loser favor me can ever gain youWhen us go out i hear human being saying"What's that beautiful girl doing v him?"“

— Tom Odell brother singer-songwriter 1990

JealousyLyrics, wrong Crowd

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„She's no a negative girl becauseShe do me see, hmmm…How love might be.But she's a bad girl since (bad girl because)She desires to be free, hmmmm… (bad girl because)She desires to it is in free“

— Smokey Robinson American R&B singer-songwriter and also record producer 1940

bad girlBad Girl, written by Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy, Jr. (1959)Song lyrics, v The Miracles

„To the world,You might be just an additional girl.But come me,Baby, you room the world.“

— Brad Paisley American nation music singer 1972

The World, written by Brad Paisley, Kelley Lovelace, and Lee thomas MillerSong lyrics, Time well Wasted (2005)