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Nevada law permits prostitution and solicitationonly in licensed brothels and also only in 10 that the state’s 16 counties, all v populations below 700,000 residents. Legitimate prostitutes need to be at least 18 years of age, should submit to continuous STD testing, and prophylactics must it is in used when performing sex.

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Both prostitution and also the solicitation the prostitutes room illegal transparent Clark County, which has Las Vegas, and Washoe County, which consists of Reno.

A first prostitution offense is generally charged asa misdemeanor. The preferably sentence is 6 months in county jail and a good of approximately $1000.00. Yet courts frequently impose just a fine and an AIDS awareness course with no yes, really jail time.

1. Is prostitution legit in Nevada?

Yes. Regulated, licensed brothel prostitution is right now legal in Nevada but only in the following counties:

Churchill county Elko county (only in incorporated Elko, Carlin, Wendover, and Wells) Esmeralda ar Humbolt county (only in included Winnemucca) Lander ar Lyon ar (only in Mound House) Mineral county Nye ar Storey ar White Pine ar (only in incorporated Ely)

These counties prohibit any kind of act the prostitution outside of Nevada’s legal brothels. Every sex workers employed by brothels need to be adults, have actually work cards, gain paid fair wages, and work of your own complimentary will. Instances of illegal prostitution include:

Streetwalking, Escort services, and also “Happy ending” massage parlors

Currently, about 21 brothels run throughout 7 rural Nevada counties. The nearest legitimate brothels to las Vegas are located in Pahrump (in Nye County). State legislation now permits licensed brothels to employ male sex workers as well as females, however this hardly ever happens. 12

2. In which Nevada counties is prostitution illegal?

All develops of prostitution remain illegal in:

Clark ar (which includes Las Vegas) Douglas ar Eureka county Lincoln ar Pershing ar Washoe county (which contains Reno) Carson City

Prostitution is frequently regulated on the county level. However state regulation prohibits any kind of county through a population the at the very least 700,000 civilization fromallowingprostitution.3


3. What constitutes prostitution under Nevada law?

Under NRS 201.354, prostitution is characterized as the act of trading a fees for sex-related favors such as intercourse, dental sex, or anal sex. Also groping over apparel counts together a sex-related favor. And also the fee have the right to be anything of value. This consists of cash, jewelry or drugs.

Solicitation the prostitution” is offering or agreeing come commit prostitution. In short, it is check prostitution. Solicitation legislations in ras Vegas and throughout Nevada punishment the crime the very same as prostitution.

Typical solicitation settings in ras Vegas room street corners, bars, lounges, piece clubs, nightclubs, massage parlors, reflexology parlors, gentlemen’s clubs, and also casinos. Peoplealso solicit prostitution online, over the phone, through print ads, or top top websites.4

4. What space the penalties?

Prostitution/Solicitation crimeNevada penalty
The defendant is the alleged prostitute (NRS 201.354) Misdemeanor:

Fines of up to $1,000, and/or approximately 6 month in jail
The defendant is the alleged customer (NRS 201.354) A first offense is a misdemeanor:

Fines of as much as $1,000 and/or up to 6 month in jail, secondary fine of $400, and also A civil penalty of $200

A second offense is a pistol misdemeanor:

Fines of as much as $2,000 and/or up to 364 days in jail, an additional fine the $800, and A polite penalty of $200

A 3rd offense is additionally a gross misdemeanor:

Fines of up to $2,000 and/or as much as 364 work in jail, an additional fine that $1,300, and also A polite penalty of $200

Defendants might do community business in lieu of payment the civil fine.

The defendant is supposed prostitute who knows he/she has HIV (NRS 201.358) Category B felony:

$10,000 in fines
The defendant is an alleged customer soliciting a son under 18 (NRS 201.354) A very first offense is a classification E felony, i beg your pardon carries probation and a rely sentence, v a feasible jail sentence of approximately 1 year. (But if the defendant has two or more prior felony convictions, the court might order 1 come 4 years in prison, and also possibly up to $5,000 in fines.)

A 2nd offense is a classification D felony:

1 come 4 years in prison, and also possibly up to $5,000 in fines

A 3rd or subsequent offense is a category C felony:

1 to 5 years in prison, and possibly as much as $10,000 in fines

Probation or suspended prison sentences room not available for third or succeeding offenses.

The defendant has three prior soliciting convictions in the last 5 years, and the defendant gets recorded again soliciting in a casino – “Repeat Solicitation” (NRS 207.203) Misdemeanor:

Fines of up to $1,000, and/or as much as 6 month in jail

Prosecutors usually press for jail.

4.1. Obtaining the fee dismissed

Some prosecutors will dismiss a first-time prostitution fee if the defendant completes these terms:

an AIDS Awareness class. This is commonly called “John School”; and also

If the prosecutor refuses to dismiss the charge, the defense attorney might instead have the ability to get the chargereduced come trespass (NRS 207.200) ordisorderly command (NRS 203.210). These low-level offensescarry less of a stigma through potential employers and also on lift checks.


5. How can a defendant struggle the charges?

Three usual defenses come Nevada prostitution fees include:

Illegal police search, and Lack the overtness

5.1 Entrapment

Entrapment is an illegal police practice. The is where police officers trick a human into committing a crimeto i m sorry he/she is notpredisposed. If a person would not have committed solicitation but for the police meddling, climate he/she has been entrapped.5

Example: A decoy policeman is strong a arbitrarily female bar patron with drinks and also then suggests he pay she cash for oral sex. She states yes, and also the policeman then arrests she for solicitation that prostitution.

Here, solicitation charges need to not stand. This is since the police entrapped the woman by making she drunk. And there is no proof to display that she to be predisposed come solicitation.

5.2. Illegal police search

Police might conduct searches and seizures in ~ the border of the 4th Amendment. If lock overreach and also obtain proof illegally, the defendant might ask the referee to throw the end (“suppress”) the evidence.

An illegal search recently arisen in Florida as soon as police recorded new England Patriots owner Robert Kraft in a massage parlor receiving sexual favors. His attorneys encouraged the judge the the video was unlawfully obtained. Without that video clip evidence, the state’s prostitution case against Kraft fell apart.6

5.3. Absence of overtness

Nevada law requires the solicitation be “overt” in stimulate to it is in criminal.7 The most common example that overt solicitation is a verbal agreement to trade a certain amount of money for specific sexual acts.

In this cases, a defense lawyer may shot to argue that the defendant’s indigenous were too ambiguous to qualify together solicitation. Typical evidence in these instances includes surveillance video and evil testimony.

6. Will certainly this display on a background check?

Yes, prostitution instances show increase on background checks uneven the defendant gets the cases sealed.

If the defendant’s fee gets dismissed, he/she can petition for a record seal ideal away. Otherwise, over there is a waiting period depending on what crime group the defendant was convicted of.

Prostitution conviction

Record seal wait time in Nevada

Misdemeanor (the bulk of cases) 1 year ~ the instance ends
Gross misdemeanor 2 year after the situation ends
Category B felony 5 year after the situation ends
Dismissal (no conviction) Immediately8

Note the defendants might never seal convictions because that solicitation of a child.

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Learn more about exactly how to get a document seal in Nevada.

7. What are associated offenses?

Prostitution doubt can confront additional criminal charges relying on the situations of the case. Examples include: