Located in scenic, Hunterdon County, and also family owned, ar Arch treatment Center offers outstanding rehabilitative services as well as long hatchet care, respite and hospice services. Committed to offering superior care and also quicker recoveries, our expert, caring and also warm staff occupational together to ensure you receiving the treatment you need and the business you deserve. With a beautiful facility, therapy provided by tender Touch and a complete recreation program, her stay, no issue its length, will certainly be of exceptional comfort and also enjoyment.

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Country Arch treatment Center has actually an knowledgeable staff of nurses and nursing assistants to treatment for her loved one following a hospitalization. Once in a endangered state the health, experienced nursing care is that the utmost importance. The clinical team in ~ County Arch treatment Center will oversee to ensure a ideal recovery; regaining her strength and also prior level of duty is our goal and also focus.

Our specialized co-workers are proud to sell the really best in nursing care, rehabilitation and also support services. We are committed to excellence in the delivery of care due to the fact that we think that every people, produced in the image and also likeness that God, own an innate dignity and destiny. Our organization is cursed to giving the really best care and services in a pleasant, safe and home-like environment. Our specialized staff works with each other to assistance our patients, giving a full variety of rehabilitative services. Here you will uncover care and also compassion together we satisfy your physical, social and spiritual needs.

Country Arch"s admission procedure is particularly structured come make things as simple as possible for our residents and also their families. We accept admissions 24 hrs a day, 7 work a week. We expropriate Medicare and also Medicaid as well as many exclusive insurance plans.

Our skilled team will help maximize our clients" Medicare services and/or fully understand the Medicaid applications process. For join information, or to arrange for a tour, please call 908-735-6600


We offer professional short-term rehab to assist those who, after a hospital stay, room in require of a sound rehabilitation program prior to returning home.


The team at nation Arch treatment Center gives around-the-clock long-term treatment for occupants that require much more services than helped living facilities deserve to provide.

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Our memory Support community is designed and staffed because that the handicap of occupants with dementia, Alzheimer’s and also other types of storage impairments.