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I purchase a 1969 Nova from dealership in June, 2020. The salesman, ***** encourage that i look in ~ this details car informing him that I want an daily driver. He told me it has a 350 motor, which it actually has a 305 motor. Every little thing that the told me to be false.The vehicle has a rebuilt location from the State that Ill and also is also stated top top Buyer"s agreement that the is rebuilt.Car has actually safety issues and also structural issues. There are countless problems v the Nova. This auto has a number of issues, have actually not pushed this automobile at all due to the safety and security issues.

I am comment the complaint from ***** S. *** in recommendation to his acquisition of a 1969 Chevy Nova ~ above June 19, 2020.

Our clerk ***** did not lie to Mr. ***.This vehicle was advertised together a V-8 automatic.We did not stipulate it was a 350.We get the numbers from the block and also reference them.Much of the moment the numbers show a “305 or 350.”We are careful not to claim one or the various other if we are not totally certain.***** did no tell the it had a 350.

Last summer Mr. *** permit us understand he was disappointed the turn signals and brake lamp were not working.He likewise wanted chair belts i beg your pardon he claimed it did no have.He declared the infection was slipping though we were not mindful of that before the sale.At that time as an action of an excellent faith we readily available to acquire him a offered transmission or a refund because that $350.00.We likewise asked for an estimate to obtain the various other minor troubles fixed and also offered come pay for a reasonable estimate even though this auto was marketed as is,clearly proclaimed on ours Buyer’s agreement in bolder letters. ( copy attached.)We made sure he was well conscious it was a “rebuilt” vehicle and he signed a disclosure.

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This automobile is well worth the acquisition price.I have actually enclosed copies of a couple of ads for various other 1969 Chevy Novas ($25,000 to $84,000). 1969 Chevrolet Novas are an expensive car to purchase in any condition.It has actually gone up in value over the previous 8 months.This vehicle was no misrepresented.We room unhappy the Mr. *** is dissatisfied yet maintain the the auto was representedfairly.He was totally aware that the vehicle was a rebuild and in as is condition.It is a 51 year old car.It will certainly not feel, journey or drive favor a late model car.