" is the one point that is walk to save the whole world," Church said. "Politicians are around division. Music is around unity. And I promise you, it"s walk to take everybody in this room come unite"



Eric Church was crowned together entertainer of the year by hosts Darius Rucker and also Reba McEntire at Wednesday's CMA Awards.

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"This award this year, at the very least for me has actually been around the lose of this year, loss of life, ns of playing shows, lose of freedom, loss of children being in school," the 43-year-old said, referring to the continuous coronavirus pandemic. "And you understand what the victory is? The victory is us all were here tonight, together as country music. In-person live, no on Zoom."

"And ns really believe this, it's walk to it is in music the brings united state out the this. The is the one point that is going to conserve the whole world," he continued. "Politicians are around division. Music is about unity. And I promise you, it's going to take everybody in this room come unite."

Church ended his decided by thanking everyone in attendance including that "I didn't think ns was gonna win this."

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This is Church's an initial time receiving the award after gift nominated for the peak CMA prize four times before. This year, the was likewise nominated for masculine vocalist of the year. Combs took the award home.

Church has actually taken home 4 CMA trophies before, including two for album that the year: in 2012 because that his Chief and in 2016 for Mr. Misunderstood.  He has actually been nominated for entertainer of the year 3 times before: in 2015, 2017 and 2019.

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Last year, Garth Brooks took house the entertainment artist of the year award. This year, he traction his surname from consideration for the very coveted award. (He has actually been known seven times and holds the record for the most wins.)

"We acquired killed pretty poor last time us won here," the country star told elafilador.net (the TV Show!) about some backlash in September. "There’s one I particular that i loved the said, ns love you to death however don't you just think it's time…'"

"I don't think it hurts at all. They're not saying lock don't love ya, they're saying 'Hey, don't friend think it’s time?'" he added. "Say it's time. Love everybody, hug everybody and also be recognized as 'the man who gained to win it this numerous times.'"

"I mean, this is her night ... And when they said my name, then i was like, I'm shed here because I don't know what to say," he said then.

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