Country music is exceptionally popular for lyrics about the southern culture, including mentions that pickup trucks, boots, family life, and also love songs. Few of the sweetest song lyrics and quotes have been composed by country music artists.

The native of nation music artists are the factor behind these popular quotes. The most romantic nation music deserve to be played at weddings to produce the perfect atmosphere. Us think that "I walk The Line" by Johnny Cash is the finest country love tune ever, and that "Jolene" by Dolly Parton is the ideal country tune ever! What is her favorite?

If you favored our list of and , us hope friend will additionally love these wonderful nation music estimates from some notable nation music singers.

Fun country Music Love Quotes

These are some light-hearted nation music price quotes that you have the right to dedicate to a one-of-a-kind someone. Placed on your finest country boots and enjoy this awesome nation quotes around love.

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1. “You acquired the soul and also you know exactly how to usage it.”

- Brett Eldredge, ‘Beat the The Music’.

2. “Drink a little beer, pat a tiny music, and also have a large time tonight.”

- thomas Rhett, ‘Drink A small Beer’.

3. “We drive until the city lights, dissolve into a country sky.”

- Zac Brown Band, ‘Free’.

4. “After the drums and the guitars every faded.”

- Old Dominion, ‘No Such point As A broken Heart’.

5. “Let ours shadows repaint the wall.”

- Dan & Shay, ‘All come Myself’.

6. “You make me wanna fall just looking at you.”

- sir Roosevelt, ‘Something "Bout You’.

7. “There ain"t a cowboy cap in Dallas if i ain"t in love with you.”

- The Charlie Daniels Band, ‘Cowboy hat In Dallas’.

8. “What"s meant to it is in will constantly find a way.”

- Trisha Yearwood, ‘She"s In Love with The Boy’.

9. “Be a finest friend, phone call the truth. And overuse "I love you."”

- Lee Brice, ‘Love favor Crazy’.

10. “You"ll be my glass the wine, I"ll be her shot that whiskey.”

- Blake Shelton.

11. “Like a wave on the ocean, i will always come right earlier to you.”

- Hunter Hayes.

12. “God provided me you for the ups and also downs and also days of doubts.”

- Blake Shelton.

Popular price quotes From nation Songs

Some well-famed country lyrics that have come to be popular price quotes are given below.

13. “And I require you, prefer a lighthouse ~ above the coast.”

- Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, ‘I need You’.

14. “And we"ll construct this love indigenous the floor up, because that worse or because that better.”

- Dan & Shay, ‘From The soil Up’.

15. “Oh, if all I got is your hand in my hand, baby, I might die a happy man.”

- cutting board Rhett, ‘Die A Happy Man’.

16. “I simply swear that I’ll always be there. I offer anything and also everything, and I will always care.”

- Shania Twain, ‘From This moment On’.

17. “Looks prefer it"s simply me and you, fallout’s in love just sufficient to get us through, if we"re obtaining through.”

- Blake Shelton, ‘Came below To Forget’.

18. “I cross my heart and promise to offer all I"ve obtained to give to do all your desires come true. In every the world, you"ll never uncover a love as true together mine.”

- George Strait, ‘I cross My Heart’.

19. “I dislike love songs, but I love you.”

- Kelsea Ballerini, "I dislike Love Songs".

20. “We"re gonna do what lovers do, we"re gonna have a hit or two, but I ain"t ever before changin" mine mind.”

- Eli Young Band, "Crazy Girl".

21. “Just the way you look in ~ me, you make me smile.”

- Florida Georgia Line, "Simple".

22. “Darling, look in ~ me. I"ve fallen prefer a fool because that you.”

- Carrie Underwood, "Look in ~ Me".

Romantic nation Music Quote Ideas


Here are some country-style music words the are complete of love. These amazing country music quotes can be specialized to the distinct someone in her heart.

23. “I hope you’re the finish of mine story, i hope you as much as it goes.”

- Pistol Annies, "I expect You"re The end Of mine Story".

24. “We locked eyes over whiskey ~ above ice.”

- Luke Combs, "Hurricane".

25. “And hell yes ns love mine truck

But I desire you to know

Honey ns love your love the most.”

- Eric Church, ‘Love her Love The Most’.

26. “Sometimes it"s difficult for me to understand

But you"re to teach me to be a far better man.”

- Keith Urban, ‘Somebody prefer You’.

27. “When she prince pulled up

A white pick-up truck

Her people shoulda viewed it comin"

It to be only simply a issue of time.”

- Sara Evans, ‘Suds In The Bucket’.

28. “You put me appropriate where I"m claimed to be

In your blue-eyed sea

And i wanna sail away.”

- Brett Eldredge, ‘Love Someone’.

29. “Others who broke my heart, they to be like northern stars

Pointing me ~ above my method into your loving arms

This much I recognize is true

That God blessed the broken road

That led me right to you.”

- Rascal Flatts, ‘Bless The damaged Road’.

30. “Yeah, birds need bees and ice needs whiskey

Boys choose me need girls like you to kiss me.”

- Luke Bryan, ‘Knockin" Boots’.

Country style Music price quotes To accumulate You

Here space some price quotes inspired by the words of nation music artists.

31. “How am I ever before gonna get to be old and also wise if i ain’t ever before young and also crazy.”

- Frankie Ballard, ‘Young and Crazy’.

32. “My heart’s never smiled so hard.”

- Easton Corbin, ‘Lovin’ you Is Fun’.

33. “I don’t need no vacation, no sophisticated destination. Baby, she my great escape.”

- cutting board Rhett, ‘Die A Happy Man’.

34. “I love you but I love me more.”

- Maggie Rose, ‘Love Me More’.

35. “A goodbye kiss is every I require from you.”

- George Strait, ‘Carrying your Love with Me’.

36. “Wherever i go, every little thing I do, ns was born to love you.”

- LANCO, ‘Born to Love You’.

37. “The means we job-related together is what sets ours love apart. So carefully that you can"t tell whereby I end and also where girlfriend start.”

- Clint Black, ‘Something That we Do’.

38. “Holding girlfriend I held everything.”

- Garth Brooks, ‘The Dance’.

39. “Life v you makes perfect sense. You"re my ideal friend.”

- Tim McGraw, ‘My finest Friend’.

40. “When that very first slow love track came on she couldn"t hide that little smile.”

- Sam Hunt, "Bottle that Up".

41. “Your voice is soft choose summer rain.”

- Dolly Parton, "Jolene".

42. “Just to view you smile I"d do anything the you wanted me to.”

- Tim McGraw, "Just To view You Smile".

43. “Hey beautiful girl, in her own tiny world, let me in it.”

- Dan & Shay, "Nothin" choose You".

44. “Well, I"ve to be afraid of transforming "cause I built my life about you.”

- Dixie Chicks, "Landslide".

45. “And I"m here wishing you could stay a small longer."

- brother Osborne, "Stay A small Longer".

46. “There"s just one moon the shines in the night and also only one love in mine life.”

- Ronnie Milsap, ‘Only One Love In my Life’.

47. “When someone loves you. It"s easy to get through. Once somebody loves you, the means I love you.”

- Alan Jackson, ‘When someone Loves You’.

48. “You to be in mine arms, right where friend belong.”

- Ronnie Milsap, ‘Almost prefer A Song’.

49. “Heaven only knows just how I"ve to be blessed v the gift of your love.”

- Keith Urban, ‘But because that The grace Of God’.

50. “But then again, I know what it would certainly do, leave me wishin" still for one an ext day with you.”

- Diamond Rio, ‘One an ext Day’.

51. “And right here by her side, or a million miles away, nothin"s ever before gonna readjust the way that ns feel, the method it is, is the means that the was.”

- Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black, ‘When I said I Do’.

Country lyrics That have the right to Be Instagram Captions


All country music lovers listen up! You can use these sayings and also lyrics as country Instagram captions.

52. “This is a drop whatever kind that thing.”

- Luke Bryan, "Crash my Party".

53. “I"d perform anything with you anywhere.”

- Lee Brice, "I Don"t Dance".

54. “They to speak behind every guy is a good woman, yet I think it is a lie—"cause when it concerns you, I’d rather have actually you by mine side.”

- Keith Urban, "You"re My much better Half".

55. “Live a little, love a lot.”

- Kenny Chesney, "Live A Little".

56. “I don"t desire "good" and I don’t want "good enough."”

- Hunter Hayes, "I desire Crazy".

57. “If palm tree shade provides a perfect tent, then wasted time is time fine spent.”

- Brett Eldredge, "Time well Spent".

58. “Through the smoke and the beer, It to be perfectly clear,

That we were poignant each rather minds.”

- Keith Whitley, ‘Ten Feet Away’.

59. “Climb approximately the sky and pull down all the stars above.”

- Chely Wright, "Never Love you Enough".

60. “When ns look right into your eyes, i still obtain weak.”

- Gary Allan, "You there is no Me".

61. “Because you"re mine, ns walk the line.”

- Johnny Cash, "I walk The Line".

Best nation Love song Quotes

These room the finest country music estimates you have the right to dedicate to your sweetheart.

62. “And she the song that ns playing

And she’s everything I ever before wanted.”

- Brad Paisley, ‘She’s Everything’.

63. “Every time friend kiss me, it’s like sunshine and whiskey.”

- Frankie Ballard, ‘Sunshine & Whiskey’.

64. “And between now and then til I check out you again. Okay be loving you, love me.”

- Collin Raye, ‘If You gain There prior to I Do’.

65. “Gimme the girl it is beautiful,

Without a trace of assembly of on,

Barefoot in the kitchen,

Singing her favorite song.”

- Joe Nichols, ‘Gimme that Girl’.

66. “Have i told you lately? ns love you prefer crazy, girl.”

- Eli Young Band, ‘Crazy Girl’.

67. “You’re the rock in mine roll

You’re good for my soul...”

- Jon Pardi, ‘Head end Boots’.

68. “Still can’t believe I found you, can not imagine life without you.”

- Dustin Lynch, ‘Good Girl’.

69. “But i’ll love girlfriend with every little thing I’ve got

Girl I’ll offer you my best shot.”

- Jimmie Allen, ‘Best Shot’.

70. “She take away me by the hand

I to be the luckiest male alive.”

- chris Stapleton, ‘Joy of my Life’.

71. “I go flyin’ down that highway to that hide a way

Stuck the end in the woods to execute the boots scootin’ boogie.”

- Brooks & Dunn, ‘Boot Scootin’ Boogie’.

72. “You’re quiet laughing with me

And we’re quiet making memories

I’m still a fool for you, and there’s a million factors why.”

- Hunter Hayes, ‘Still Fallin".

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