Willie Nelson recorded his very first record in 1956, and also although the did not succeed, he continued to job-related as a radio announcer and also sang in clubs.

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He obtained his huge break in 1960 and the remainder is history. The now has actually a legend career and is one of the last living legends in country music. He’s acted in end 30 projects, videotaped over 70 studio albums, ten live albums, 37 compilations and also over 25 collaborations, and also helped the Outlaw nation movement.

Along through being a legendary musician, the is a badass person, so us compiled a perform of 8 times he verified he to be a complete and also total badass

1. He verified He can Still Beat us All Up in ~ 81 year Old

More proof of dad gift a badass at 81 #willienelson #merrychristmas

Posted by Lukas Nelson & Promise of The genuine on Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Seven years time ago, Willie’s son, Lukas, shared a video clip of his 81-year-old dad punching a speed bag and being the gibberish he is.

At any age, that is a talent, but at 81?! Come on, Willie!

Most civilization don’t know this, but Nelson is a Tae Kwon Doe enthusiast. The day prior to his 81st birthday, he was awarded through his 5th degree black color belt. Nelson has been studying martial arts for most of his life and also trains in his tourism bus!

2. He and Merle Haggard tape-recorded The Hag’s last Album

In 2016, the civilization lost a legend when Merle Haggard pass away, and Nelson lost his “brother.” Luckily, the 2 were able to make more memories with each other while they videotaped their duet album, and also Haggard’s last.

Django and also Jimmie included tracks about their good friend Johnny Cash, your idols, Django Reinhardt and Jimmie Rodgers, and also some yes, really catchy, classic country songs.

Watch a behind the scenes video of the 18 months it took to produce this musical masterpiece.

3. He created A Patsy Cline Classic

Before Willie make it big as a singer, he was a pretty achieved songwriter. No many civilization know this, yet Nelson actually wrote Patsy Cline’s standard hit “Crazy,” i beg your pardon climbed the charts every the way to number two in 1962.

Nelson initially wrote the track for Billy Walker, yet turned it down because he believed it to be a “girl’s song.” The song’s success aided launch Nelson’s career together a performer as well as a songwriter.

4. He to be The first Country Artist To success A Gershwin Award

On October 21, 2015, Nelson announced via Twitter the he to be the most recent recipient of the Library Of congress Gershwin Prize because that Most renowned Song.

According come the Library the Congress website, The Gershwin compensation is awarded each year in order come celebrate “the occupational of one artist who career mirrors lifetime accomplishment in fostering song together a auto of musical expression and cultural understanding.”

Past recipients have actually been Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and also Stevie Wonder. His family was v him once he got the award and they to be beaming with pride!

The award motivated Nelson come record whole album that Gershwin songs, and also it’s absolute beautiful. Take a look at among the songs off the album, “Summertime,” above.

5. The Smoked Pot top top The Roof that The White House

Nelson has been a marijuana-enthusiast for a an extremely long time. The is a co-chair top top the national Organization for the revolutionary of Marijuana laws advisory board, which fights for legalization the weed.

In an interview through CNN in 2012, a reporter asked the if it was true the “he rolling a joint on the roof the the White residence under chairman Carter”, who hosted office native 1977-1981.

“No, ns rolled it prior to I acquired up there,” he claimed without skipping a beat. Hilarious!

Watch the full interview in the video clip above.

6. The Smoked Pot in ~ The White House…AGAIN!

The legalization the marijuana in Washington D.C. Referred to as for a celebration.

By chance, Nelson to be performing in ~ the White home the work it to be legalized and was able come share his joy with the chairman of the unified States.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Nelson talks about his conversation v President Obama that day.

“I asked chairman Obama, ‘Did you hear castle legalized pot right here today?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, i heard around that.’ and I laughed. And he said, ‘Well, girlfriend know, ns from Hawaii.’ so we had a big laugh about it.”

When asked if the ‘lit one up’ at the White House, his an answer was, “No. Well, ns did, but not with him.” He’s fearless!!

7. He arranged A Music Festival benefits America’s family members Farmers

According to farm yard Aid’s website, Nelson, along with John Mellencamp and also Neil Young, organized a “groundbreaking concert” in 1985 to aid raise awareness and also raise money for America’s family farmers.

Family farmers were in require of assistance and Nelson, Mellencamp and also Young chose to setup a concert because that America. The present was put together in 6 weeks and also was organized on September 22, 1985 in Champaign, Illinois before a group of 80,000 people. It raised over $9 million for America’s family farmers. Performers included Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, B.B. King, Loretta Lynn, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and also many more.

They have actually been helping family farmer’s for the critical 30+ years. Watch Nelson perform at the very an initial Farm help above.

8. That Helped create Outlaw Country

In 1973, Nelson and Waylon Jennings made decision to take creative control over your music, which they felt had been hindered by record labels and executives.

They burned the “Nashville sound” they had actually been playing, prospered beards and also long hair and also replaced their rhinestone-studded suits through leather jackets and also were described as “outlaws”.

Their brand-new style of music was then dubbed Outlaw Country, i m sorry Nelson and also Jennings kicked off v their duet album, Wanted! The Outlaws. The brand-new genre and album to be so renowned that the album became the an initial country music album to walk platinum.

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It reached number one on the charts released 2 singles, each reaching the number one and also number 2 spots ~ above the country charts.

Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson and Hank Williams, Jr. Are the most notable Outlaw country singers. How countless singers have the right to say castle helped create a genre that music?!

Which fact about Willie provides him the most badass?

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