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FILE - In this 2013 paper photo, trojan Gentry the the nation Music duo Montgomery Gentry performs on the Rebels on The run Tour in Lancaster, Pa. Federal investigators to speak pilot error following engine maintenance problems caused a helicopter crash last year that killed Gentry and also the pilot in brand-new Jersey. The September 2017 crash emerged during a pleasure flight for Gentry at the paris W airplane in Medford, wherein he was to carry out that night at the airport’s resort. (Photo through Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP, File)Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP



By The associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Pilot error adhering to engine maintenance problems caused the helicopter crash that eliminated Montgomery Gentry singer trojan Gentry and also the pilot at a little airport in brand-new Jersey, federal investigators said.

The pilot reduced the engine too shortly as the tried an emergency landing, resulting in an uncontrolled descent, the national Transportation safety Board said in a last report. Instead of getting to the runway in ~ the paris W plane in Medford, new Jersey, the helicopter crashed in woods nearby.

Gentry, 50, who was half of the award-winning country music duo Montgomery Gentry, was acquisition a pleasure and orientation flight before a booked concert at the airport’s will in September 2017. The other half of the duo, Eddie Montgomery, and other band members were at the airport in ~ the time.

Several minute after takeoff, pilot James Evan Robinson told specialists on the ground the he couldn't manage the engine. They argued a shallow, run-on landing, but he rather said he planned to cut the engine and try to glide in, a exercise he stated he had actually done before, the report said.

The experts stressed the need to wait till he to be over the runway to rotate off the engine, however investigators found he rather did therefore a quarter- come half-mile out. The NTSB said the maintenance crew's failure to rig the throttle manage assembly prior to the flight contributed to the crash.

Gentry was born in Lexington, Kentucky, wherein he met Montgomery.

Montgomery Gentry had actually success ~ above the nation charts and also country radio in the 2000s, scoring No. 1 access time that consisted of "Roll v Me" and also "Back when I Knew that All." few of their songs also cracked the optimal 40 pop charts.

The tape mixed country music with southerly rock. It to be inducted right into the cool Ole Opry in 2009. It released its debut album, “Tattoos & Scars,” in 1999.

By Maryclaire Dale, linked Press

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