By now you’ve probably heard the 30 of nation music’s best stars—both past and also present—have come with each other to record a new song and video, “Forever Country,” for the CMA Awards’ 50-year anniversary.

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The star-studded mashup features a fresh take on three of country’s most classic songs: man Denver’s “Take Me Home,” Willie Nelson’s “On the road Again” and also Dolly Parton’s “I Will constantly Love You.” The brand-new tune, i m sorry was developed by Shane McAnally, features vocals from Willie, Dolly, George Strait, Reba McEntire, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood, belief Hill, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert and many more.

The music video for “Forever Country” debuted on Dancing through the Stars tonight, Sept. 20.

Check it out below.

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Chris Young Earns 3 CMA compensation Nominations

Congrats come Chris Young who is a 3-time CMA Award nominee this year.

His tune “Famous Friends”, which that sings v Kane Brown, racked up nominations in the category of Single, Musical Event, and also Video of the Year.

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Talking about his nominations, Chris states “I was blown away by the fact that over there were three award nominations because that the song. I mean, there’s so lot that’s gone into it and also so many human being that have fallen in love v it and also supported it and, you know, just having a hit v your friend in the very first place is great with a song favor “Famous Friends” through my girlfriend Kane Brown, but then to it is in nominated for three different CMA Awards, including single of the Year. It’s just incredible.”

Chris, Kane and also all the various other nominees will learn if they’re taking residence trophies, once the 55th yearly CMA Awards room handed the end in Nashville on Wednesday November 10 – broadcasted live top top ABC.

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