TAOS, N.M. — Texas country singer Kylie Rae Harris" blood-alcohol level to be over 3 times the legit limit and also and she was speeding as soon as she and another driver were killed in a three-vehicle crash ago in September, follow to the Taos county Sheriff"s Office. 

Harris, a 30-year-old Wylie, Texas, native, was scheduled to do at a Taos, new Mexico, music festival before the Wednesday, Sept. 4 crash top top State road 22. 

 Harris and also 16-year-old Maria Elena Cruz died in the wreck. 

Toxicology trial and error showed Harris had actually a blood-alcohol level of .28 percent, which is over 3 times the legal limit for impaired driving, Taos county Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe stated in a explain Thursday.

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On-board computer system data also indicated the Harris to be driving 102 mph (164 mph) prior to the crash, Holgrefe said.

The other driver eliminated in the wreck had no alcohol in her system, the sheriff said.

Holgreg previously said investigators believed Harris was impaired and that speed was an additional factor in the crash.

"At this time I will certainly say with many certainty that miss out on Cruz was an chaste victim of this senseless crash brought about by Ms. Harris," Sheriff Hogrefe said in September.

The sheriff said Pedro Cruz, a Taos county Firefighter/EMT, responded to the scene and found his daughter dead in ~ the scene.

Investigators thought Harris clipped the earlier of another vehicle, sending her into oncoming traffic and also a head-on collision through the SUV pushed by Cruz, Holgrefe said.

The driver of the 3rd vehicle was not seriously injured.

The Taos News previously reported the Harris, 30, had a prior DWI conviction in Collin County, Texas, in 2017 and had been ordered to download an ignition interlock machine on her vehicle, follow to court records.

Harris had posted on social media previously that day the she to be low ~ above gas and also 36 mile (58 kilometers) indigenous the nearest gas station.

"Dear infant Jesus please don"t allow me acquire stranded in NM," she tweeted.

A college student of Radney Foster, Jerry Jeff Walker and Patty Griffin, Harris wrote her an initial song at age 14. She exit a pair of albums this decade before debuting she self-titled EP in March. A, reflective six-song effort, the chronicled Harris" troubadour life as she relocated from Texas come Nashville and ago again.

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The document featuring co-writing from Nashville songwriters Jon Randall, Wayne Kirkpatrick and also Dave Berg. 

She devoted the album"s final number, "Twenty year From Now," to her 6-year-old daughter, Corbie. 

elafilador.net staff contributed to this report.

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