Country artist Taylor Dee has died at age 33 as result of a automobile accident in Euless, Texas. The mom of two young youngsters was planning to release an acoustic EP Why would certainly I later on this year.

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Country artist Taylor Dee died in a vehicle accident last week, she agent called E! News. She was 33 year old. 

The Dallas-based musician, whose actual name was Taylor Dawn Carroll, died on in march 14 at a hospital in Euless, Texas, follow to a coroner's report obtained by E! News.

Euless Police Sergeant Scott Peterson evidenced to E! News the Taylor was driving she 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer on the State Highway 183 as soon as she make the efforts to exit approximately 10 p.m. "It looks favor she do a last minute decision to effort to go from the toll fee lane right into the departure lane," the explained.

She do an "abrupt roadway change" and also then she crashed versus a cushion barrier, every a police press release derived by E! News. Her car flipped right into the air, stuck a steel highway sign and landed upside under on the highway. Investigators believe Taylor was no wearing she seatbelt once the crash occurred, according to the release.

She showed up to be ejected native the car, according to Peterson. He stated that her male passenger was wearing his seatbelt and was released from the hospital the next day.

Texas Newsroom reported that the passenger suffered a broken toe, however wasn't seriously injured. 

The Tarrant County clinical Examiner's Office is performing a toxicology evaluate to determine if alcohol impacted the crash, per the Texas Newsroom.

"Taylor caught people's attention everywhere she went v her large wild personality and also charming smile," her agent Shai Berry claimed in a statement to E! News. "She blew listeners away every time she stepped in former the mic. The power of her beautiful vocals were felt deep within the soul. She energy and passion were so contagious that she left every present with a brand-new team the supporters and also fans." 

Shai continued, "Taylor adored her children, family, friends and also fans; loving them with whatever she had. Taylor Dee will certainly be deep missed by therefore many but her powerful voice and message will echo because that eternity. Life is short, Live her dream, Laugh along the way."

Off the stage, she was mom to son Vayden and daughter River, who room both under period 13.

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A GoFundMe page has actually raised much more than $12,000 so much for Karla Terrell to help Taylor's family lay she to rest.

The online fundraiser referred to as Taylor "a shining star that was walk to make it in this world and chasing her desires like the remainder of us wish we could."

The page read, "She to be a great mother of two beautiful children that she will certainly be leave behind. She could make friend laugh about the craziest things. Her soul was so complimentary and she had a voice the the angels could hear. She had actually your ago even as soon as you didn't recognize it. She laugh is something you can hear as soon as she says LOL."

Organizer Brittnee Fulton added, "She will be forever loved and also missed. She left this human being sooner any kind of of united state were prepared for." 

A native of Farmersville, Texas, Taylor to be born top top July 16, 1987. Her website notes that she "grew up in a damaged home" with her older brothers Chad and her mom. It reads, "Things were very hard for her as a boy amongst all of the fighting in between her parents, and also her household being an extremely poor…Taylor turned to music for healing. It ended up being her safe place. She was really quiet and also shy as a kid and also just kept to herself journaling, creating poetry, and listening to every one of her favorite artists."