Troy Gentry, the the award-winning country music duo Montgomery Gentry, and a pilot were killed Friday once the helicopter they to be in crashed.

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FILE - In this Jan. 17, 2013 paper photo, troy Gentry of the nation Music duo Montgomery Gentry performs ~ above the Rebels ~ above The run Tour ~ above Jan. 17, 2013 in Lancaster, Pa.Owen Sweeney / Invision via AP file
LUMBERTON, N.J. — A helicopter transferring singer trojan Gentry, of the award-winning nation music duo Montgomery Gentry, crashed top top Friday, death Gentry and the pilot.

The crash developed in a wooded area together the helicopter approached the flying W airport in Medford hours before Montgomery Gentry was because of perform at a will housed in ~ the airport, authorities said.

The band"s website referred to as Gentry"s fatality "tragic" and said details that the crash were unknown.

"Troy Gentry"s household wishes to acknowledge every one of the kind thoughts and prayers, and asks because that privacy in ~ this time," the website said.

FILE - In this Jan. 17, 2013 document photo, troy Gentry that the nation Music duo Montgomery Gentry performs top top the Rebels on The operation Tour on Jan. 17, 2013 in Lancaster, Pa.Owen Sweeney / Invision via AP file

Gentry, that was 50 year old, to be from Kentucky.

Police acquired a speak to at about 1 p.m. The a helicopter that was in distress, stated Joel Bewley, a spokesman because that the Burlington county prosecutor"s office. The helicopter crashed together emergency crews came down on the scene.

Crews removed Gentry, that was a passenger, indigenous the wreckage, yet he was pronounced dead at a hospital, Medford police chef Richard Meder said.

The crews operated for hrs to remove the body of pilot James Evan Robinson indigenous the mangled wreckage. Robinson had been life in Medford but was originally from Meigs, Georgia. He to be a helicopter pilot in ~ the trip school in ~ the flying W Airport, police said.

Members the the nation duo"s band consisting of the other half of the duo, Eddie Montgomery, were at the airport once the helicopter crashed, Meder said. They were taken to the hospital to see Gentry, that said.

The helicopter had actually taken turn off from the paris W Airport however went into distress and also was approaching the airport come land when it crashed, Meder said. The function of the helicopter expedition wasn"t known.

The national Transportation security Board to be headed come the crash scene.

Gentry was born in Lexington, Kentucky, whereby he met Montgomery and also they developed an plot based off their surnames.

Montgomery Gentry had actually success on the country charts and also country radio in the 2000s, scoring No. 1 hits with "Roll with Me," ""Back once I Knew it All," ""Lucky Man," ""Something to it is in Proud Of" and "If You ever before Stop love Me." some of the songs even cracked the height 40 ~ above the pop charts.

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The tape mixed nation music with southern rock. It was inducted right into the cool Ole Opry in 2009. It released its debut album, "Tattoos & Scars," in 1999.