Oct. 20 (elafilador.net) -- A Maryland man had actually an extra happy birthday when he to buy a $50,000 lottery ticket while out gaining supplies for his party.

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Oct. 20 (elafilador.net) -- one Idaho guy shattered a state record once he reeled in a grass carp the tipped the scales at a staggering 46.7 pounds.

Oct. 20 (elafilador.net) -- one athlete from the Netherlands who stands in ~ 5 feet, 11.92 inches has actually been claimed the tallest woman bodybuilder in the people by Guinness world Records.

Oct. 20 (elafilador.net) -- Police and also firefighters in brand-new York pertained to the rescue of a puppy that ended up being trapped in her family"s bathtub when her paw got stuck in the drain.

Oct. 20 (elafilador.net) -- staff from a British pet hospital to be summoned to a local service to catch a extremely venomous snake that stowed away in a shipping container from India.

Oct. 20 (elafilador.net) -- one Indian couple living in a an ar that experienced significant flooding took an unusual car to reach your wedding to meet -- a food preparation pot.
Oct. 20 (elafilador.net) -- A Texas craft store owner is attempting to set a Guinness world Record through a 78-foot-long homecoming mum.
Oct. 20 (elafilador.net) -- one Arizona fire department rescued a cat that found itself stuck inside a cinder block wall.
Oct. 19 (elafilador.net) -- A Canadian guy who won a lottery jackpot of an ext than $16 million said he forget the ticket in his wallet for practically two months.

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Oct. 19 (elafilador.net) -- an Alberta man recorded photos once a be afflicted with wandered into his family"s home and made a mess of his son"s gaming computer.