Portraying Alex Dupre ~ above the hit TV series, One Tree Hill, Jana Kramer introduced herself to America as a beautiful version with a questionable ethical compass. However she aims to placed the drama behind her v the release of “Why Ya Wanna,” she debut nation single.

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“It to be literally about everything i was walking through and also more,” she says. And also that’s unfortunate due to the fact that the song’s storyline requires running right into an ex she’s no over yet.

Leading up to Monday’s (Feb. 6) video clip world premiere on elafilador.net, the Michigan indigenous stopped by the office to talk about bringing her music to nation fans. She additionally admitted the acting is less complicated than singing and that she’s still not provided to being roughly the nation stars she prospered up idolizing.

elafilador.net: most fans probably understand you together Alex Dupre ~ above One Tree Hill. What would she think around you follow your country music dreams?

Kramer: Well, the truth that she to be an actress at first and then turned right into a singer, we’re pretty comparable that way. I come onto the display not being a singer, and then I gave my song to the creator, and also he finished up transforming Alex into a singer. So i think she would be very happy because I’m following my dream, and also that’s what she did.

So that character was in reality modeled after your actual life?

Yeah. I came on the present as pretty much a train wreck, and then I invested three years on the show and was writing a lot. So I provided some songs to the creator and also said, “I simply bought a residence in Nashville, and music is what i really prefer to do. I’d really love your opinion on part songs.” He was like, “I had actually no idea friend sang.” and also I was like, “Well, there’s about five world that do!”

Were girlfriend exposed come a lot of of country music as a kid farming up in Michigan?

I was. Everyone’s choose “There’s no country civilization up there.” and also I’m like, “Are friend kidding me? there are an ext rednecks up there 보다 there space in the South!” My mommy wanted to it is in a country singer, too, so country was constantly being played. And my girlfriends and also I offered to go to concerts, prefer Brad Paisley, in middle school and also high school.

We’ve checked out a most actors and also actresses throw their hat into nation lately. What execute you expect to lug to country that’s all her own?

It’s definitely been a challenge because everyone’s like, “Oh, gosh, another actress coming in, and also she’s probably gonna leave.” however I’m currently making mine path, and also I’m sticking around. I’m authentic, and I’m not gonna walk off and do another TV show. I know that I need to prove that, however when world get to know me and also then listen to the music, they’ll become believers.

Do you feel prefer you have to work even harder due to the fact that of your background?

Yes, especially due to the fact that I’m a female. It’s really hard for females in this format, and on optimal of that, I’m one actress. Therefore it’s prefer I’ve currently got two strikes against me. When I an initial came to town, hardly anyone would even take a meeting v me. Lock think I’m going to shot it and also then realize the it’s in reality a lot of harder than acting and also then take turn off to go ago to Hollywood.

Why is acting simpler than being a musician?

I feel prefer they deserve to be a little an ext forgiving in the acting world. It’s easier to hide behind something than to be her true self. Yet I’m prepared to no hide behind anything anymore and simply be me.

What makes you want to song your songs?

I’ve constantly had a niche for entertaining because I to be a small girl. I was 5 year old, onstage singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, tiny Star” — a rock version — and also I was constantly wanting to entertain. But I think the greatest thing for me is just country music has actually helped me obtain through the worst times of my life and the best times of mine life. And I simply want to give that back to people.

After farming up roughly it, what execute you think of the country concert environment now that you’re among the artists?

Oh, it’s fun! i love it. The still feels type of stunner to me since I’m conference all this people and it’s like, “Oh, God, i listened to you on the radio!”

What’s it prefer meeting v the fans?

They’re awesome. One Tree Hill has actually the finest fans ever, and they’ve entirely supported mine songs. But the biggest compliment so much is when someone comes approximately me and says, “I didn’t understand you were an actress, however I love her songs.” That method the most.

The first time i listened come “Why Ya Wanna,” it reminded the Dolly Parton’s “Why You’d Come in right here Lookin’ favor That.” What perform you think about it?

I didn’t write it, however when i was singing it, over there are parts in the middle where it’s sad, and also it’s like, “Why do you have actually to display up here?” and also then it it s okay a little much more angry and also it’s like, “WHY!?” There’s a little bitterness in there. It’s frustration.

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Why did that stick the end to you once you first heard it?

I to be going through that scenario. Ns was sit there v the girl who wrote the song, and I told her I had actually been seeing this man who I dropped madly in love with, but then he totally bailed. And also every time I watch him, he wants to come and also give me a hug! It’s like, “I am not over you! Stop giving me a hug. This is death me!” but he have the right to so easily be prefer “Hey, what’s up?” for this reason she’s like, “I created this song, you have to hear it.” She played it for me and I was like “Oh, mine God!” I lost my mind.