Who knew there to be so many cheating scandals in the country world! It appears that famous nation folk have the same difficulty that various other celebrities execute – also when they’re married, castle can’t avoid their eye from hike to brand-new and nice things. We have tracked under 12 cheating scandals including some of nation music’s most beloved couples. Because that those the you who don’t remember these scandals, they didn’t just rock the country civilization – castle rocked the whole celebrity world.

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12. Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker

Country superstar Miranda Lambert is no stranger to cheating rumors after ~ her split from Blake Shelton, and also admitting that she shouldn’t have dated him when he was still married, but an ext drama ensued in April 2018 when it to be reported that her brand-new boyfriend had likewise cheated on her through his wife. After news leaked that Lambert was dating Evan Felker, a member of the band she to be touring with, it was shortly revealed that the two had struck increase a romantic while Felker to be still married come his wife Staci and in mid-February blindsided her through a divorce filing. The didn’t take long for Staci and her friends to require to social media where they blasted Lambert’s duty in the scandal and also confirmed the Felker had indeed two-timed his wife through the country star.

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9. Kenny Chesney and also Amy Colley

Star magazine alleges the Kenny Chesney cheated on then-girlfriend Amy Colley with ESPN reporter Jenn Brown. Together of 2013, however, Chesney’s relationship with Colley to be over and also she was married and had a kid with someone else.

This wasn’t the only time the Chesney was accused of cheating. According to his ex lindsay Roland, she had a secret rendezvous through him before he married Renee Zellweger. Roland claims that Chesney no even cite his upcoming wedding come the Oscar-winning actress during their tryst.


8. Jason Aldean and Jessica Ussery

While he to be still married to Jessica Ussery, Jason Uldean was captured kissing “American Idol” contestant Brittany Kerr in ~ a bar in Hollywood. He originally tried to rescue his marriage and also apologized to his wife “for embarrassing mine family and also myself” but, a year later, the filed because that divorce. Aldean has since made Kerr his wife and also the two have invited a son named Memphis!


7. LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet

In 2009, LeAnn Rimes was caught having an extramarital affair through Eddie Cibrian if they functioned on the made-for-TV movie, “Northern Lights.” Rimes and also Cibrian originally tried to occupational things out v their corresponding spouses as they to be both married to other world at the time; however, as soon as that failed, castle both filed for divorce and began shacking up. In 2011, they to be married and, even though they are constantly fighting rumors that points aren’t functioning out, they room still together.


6. Garth Brooks and also Sandy Mahl

During an interview with Barbara Walters, Garth Brooks admitted that he hadn’t to be faithful to his first wife, Sandy Mahl. Many think that his present wife, Trisha Yearwood, was one of the various other women. Lock met earlier in 1987 and there was absolutely a connection.


5. Joe Don Rooney and also Tiffany Fallon

Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney supposedly cheated top top his wife Tiffany Fallon v a random girl in ~ a bar when she to be pregnant through the couple’s 2nd child. This cheating scandal didn’t get this pair down though. They space still together and welcomed your third in 2014.


4. Willie Nelson and Shirley Collie

Willie Nelson secretly fathered a child with Connie Koepke as soon as he to be married to Shirley Collie. She discovered out around the love child as soon as she found a invoice from the maternity ward that a Houston hospital charged to Nelson and Koepke. Collie divorced him and, that exact same year, Nelson married Koepke. They continued to be married till 1988.


3. Sara Evans and Craig Schleske

Country singer Sara Evans filed for divorce native aspiring politician Craig Schleske in 2006. In court documents, she accused him of being unemployed, that abusing alcohol, of having actually an affair through the family members nanny, of allowing their kids to interrupt him once he was viewing adult entertainment, of preserving sexually explicit photographs and also of verbal abuse. In turn, that accused she of having multiple affairs, consisting of one v Kenny Chesney. She denied the accusations. Evans went on come marry sports radio host Jay Barker in 2008.


2. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Back in 2006, a 23-year-old design by the surname of Amanda Wyatt came forward claiming to have had actually an affair through Keith metropolitan for months right up till he married Nicole Kidman. Follow to Wyatt, she and Urban go a many drugs together and also made several love. Kidman didn’t give up so conveniently though. She stand by Urban and also today they space still married v two children.


1. Blake Shelton and also Kaynette Williams

When Blake Shelton was married come his longtime sweetheart Kaynette, he apparently started a connection with Miranda Lambert. Back he has never admitted to any type of wrongdoing, Lambert did. “I had seen their wedding picture in country Weekly. Ns knew better, choose this is off limits,” she said. “Because my parents are exclusive investigators, because that God’s sakes. I’ve viewed this my totality life, affairs. And I’m like, ‘If all civilization didn’t recognize better, i know much better than this.’”

After Shelton divorced Williams, he started openly date Lambert. Castle married in 2011 after four years the dating; however, after four years that marriage, they announced abruptly in July 2015 the they had separation and already obtained a divorce.

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