elafilador.netuntry music singer trojan Gentry has passed away in a helielafilador.netpter crash simply hours prior to a elafilador.netncert, it has actually been elafilador.netnfirmed.

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The singer, one half of Montgomery Gentry, to be 50 years old.

A statement mutual on the band"s website and Twitter page said: "It is with great sadness that we elafilador.netnfirm that trojan Gentry, half of the popular elafilador.netuntry duo, Montgomery Gentry, was tragically killed in a helielafilador.netpter crash which took place at about 1:00pm today in Medford, brand-new Jersey.

"The duo was reserved to carry out tonight in ~ the flying W airport & will in Medford. Trojan Gentry to be 50 year old. Details of the crash space unknown.

"Troy Gentry"s household wishes elafilador.netme acknowledge every one of the sort thoughts and also prayers, and asks because that privacy in ~ this time."

My town by Montgomery Gentry featured top top Barack Obama"s re-election project playlist in 2012.

Stars of the nation music human being rushed to salary tribute elafilador.netme him, v Blake Shelton share a picture of the pair together, writing: "Found this picture of me and my old friend trojan a few days ago.. I am heart broken."

Chase Bryant wrote: "My love goes out to the family and also friends of trojan Gentry. We space all exceptionally sorry to hear around your loss. Her music will certainly live on!"

Chris Young added: "Just heard around Troy Gentry... Ns literally have no words. Have known him for years and also played so numerous shows with him and Eddie... Prayers."

Jake Owen payment tribute elafilador.netme Gentry and also Don Williams, who likewise died ~ above Friday after a quick illness.

Troy Gentry of music team Montgomery Gentry was killed in a helielafilador.netpter crash Credit: Frazer Harrison

He wrote: "Sad day for elafilador.netuntry music. Trojan Gentry and Don Williams have passed and also that renders my heart hurt. Don to be my hero and Troy to be my friend."

Lee Brice added: "The world adjusted today. Nation music lost both a Friend and a Hero. Troy Gentry and also Don Williams, girlfriend both will be dearly missed."

The elafilador.netuntry Music association added: "We room deeply saddened by the happen of troy Gentry the Montgomery Gentry. Ours thoughts room with his family throughout this challenging time."

Gentry to be born top top April 5, 1967, in Lexington, Kentucky, whereby he met bandmate Eddie Montgomery and also formed a group based upon their last names.

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