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I select to Live By selection Not through Chance; to make Changes, not Excuses; to be Motivated, no Manipulated; to be Useful, no Used, to Excel, not Compete. I pick Self-esteem, no Self Pity. I select to listen to my Inner Voice, not the random Opinions the Others. Vinyl wall surface Art Decal StickerA positive Upbeat nation Song around Being a an excellent Man

A good Man by Emerson Drive is among my favourite ‘message songs’ because that men. It delivers positive, powerful lyrics through words like; “I wanna be the one, once all is said and also done, who lived a good life and also loved a good wife, and constantly helped someone in trouble’ …’ ~ above the job they lay me down, I desire everyone to gather ’round and say he was a father, brother, neighbor and friend…he was a good man’. On the job they to adjust my father down, he to be absolutely and unequivocally remembered as ‘a an excellent man.’ to me, he to be the world.

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(Lyrics) “I wanna it is in the one When every is said and also done Who live a good life, loved a an excellent wife, and constantly helped who in trouble On the job they lay me down I desire everyone to conference ‘round And speak he to be a father, brother, neighbor and also a friend He to be a great man!”

Being a great Man – Sounds basic Doesn’t It?

I desire my boy to recognize that this is what i wish for them; the they gain to a place where they realize the the greatest win in life, is in fact, ‘to be a good man.’

To love completelyGive their best at what they doFind your passion and also build itTo Love their far-reaching Other v all your heartTo it is in trusting and also trustworthyTo make a contribution to this worldAnd if they have kids, it is in a loving, kind, and also fair Dad

Most ladies rank character and also integrity together their number one most important trait in a man.

As the mommy of 4 sons, besides our dog, I’m the only female in our home, and also I have the right to say through certainty the men lug their burdens, dreams, successes, and also priorities an extremely differently from us girls. Also when my guys were little, together a mom, I can see exactly how they assess instances individually and how societal expectations affected and influenced their choices.

Sure, that’s true for united state girls too, yet men/boys aren’t as ‘free’ come openly refer themselves. Of course, I desire them too!…and often chat through my boy one-on-one in the really hopes that I can inspire lock to think it’s yes sir to open up however let’s confront it, it’s quiet challenging. My men would rather I didn’t have these form of life conversations through them, however the fact is, i feel it’s essential. My boys room not tiny kids anymore, and also I still execute this. I have actually no idea if it’s making a difference; your life story will be the last judge that that.

I hope they recognize this one thing: Boys…Be a good Man – and also everything rather WILL loss into place. Your grandfather was a an excellent man, a an excellent man in so countless ways, emulate that.

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Who are Emerson Drive?

If you’ve ever heard their tune Moments, you’ll identify them right away. It’s a beautiful hit nation song about a homeless guy who find a measure of redemption. Emerson drive is a Canadian nation Band founded in 1995 from grand Prairie, Alberta, that has completed numerous accolades in music because then. Your music is fantastic, and also lead singer Brad Mates has actually an remarkable voice. You deserve to find an ext about Emerson journey at your Website.