your brothers and also sisters room your first friends and also your forever friends. These songs are around siblings who could not always get along or view eye come eye, yet when push pertains to shove, they will constantly have every other"s backs.

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Songs around Brothers

her brother to be a pain when you were younger, however now he is someone you look increase to and also respect. Repeat him of the location he has actually in her life through song.

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"Blood Brothers" - Luke Bryan

country songs have actually a way of tugging in ~ the heartstrings, and this is just one of those tunes. Bryan has actually lost both the his brothers, adding an extra class of "hold those close to you together tight as you can," to the song.

"He Ain"t Heavy, He"s my Brother" - The Hollies

This song is a nod to exactly how a sibling will execute just about anything for their brother. His load is never too heavy, the burden never too an excellent to shoulder.

"What"s continue Brother" - Marvin Gaye

iconic songwriter and singer, the so late Marvin Gaye, penned this classic for his own brother who went back to a very different America from The Vietnam War.

"Brother" - Kodaline

This indie-pop track is less well-known by the masses, however it is a good sibling tribute. It pays homage come the brotherly bond that have the right to never be broken.

"ABC" - Jackson Five

ABC isn"t about a brotherly relationship, yet it is sung by the biggest bro team of all-time. Noþeles Jackson 5 should be a sibling jam.

songs for/About Sisters

A sisters is a finest friend for life, someone to share deep secrets and favorite shirt with. These songs describe your sisterly bond to a tee.


"Sister" - Dave Matthews Band

Sister puts everything into perspective. That centers approximately a brother that at the really peak that success yearns for simpler days and also the love and comfort of his sister.

"Come part Rainy Day" - Wynonna Judd

Judd has a renowned younger sister, actress Ashley Judd. A few lines the this track are specialized to Wynonna"s dear tiny sis.

"Sister, five Sister" - Roseanne Cash

So lot of what human being learn comes from their larger sisters. Cash expresses this precise sentiment in her country song.

"Sister come a Brother" - plunder Finlay

She won"t always be a baby sister. The track resonates through all big brothers that suddenly have to see your pig-tailed princesses as women.

"Girl on Fire" - Alicia Keys

She is lighting the civilization up and also taking every little thing she touches by storm. Friend couldn"t be much more proud of her sis, and also this song says it all.

"Older Sister" - Carly Simon

Singer Carly Simon plainly adores her large sis. This track was written and performed together a tribute to earliest sis Lucy prior to she gained hitched.

"Wind in ~ My Wings" - Bette Midler

A beautiful tribute to who you have looked up to for your totality life. Her sister is your best friend and your hero.

"I"ll Take care of You" - Dixie Chicks

originally done through Kenny Rogers, the song reminds any type of sister near and far the they will always have someone who loves them."

"Little Sister" - Jewel

city hall a sibling battle with seeks is gutting. This song absolutely illustrates that desperate feeling people have once all they desire is for your sister to be healthy.

Songs about Siblings Passed

The grief the is felt when you lose a brothers or sister is devastatingly heavy. Nothing deserve to lift the pain, but songs favor these feel prefer a tiny hug in times of sadness.

"Over You" - Miranda Lambert

Lambert and her ex-husband Blake Shelton composed the tune for Shelton"s brother, who tragically pass away since of a automobile crash.

"Who You"d it is in Today" - Kenny Chesney

It"s a beautiful song around musings and also loss. Those v siblings taken too soon know the feeling of wondering that their brothers or sister would certainly be today had they lived.

"See you Again" - Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth

The song expressed the solid desire to see loved persons who have passed.

"Our Love" - punishment Gees

The bee Gee hit is also called track for Andy, composed by Barry Gibbs because that his brother, additionally a bee Gee tape member. (Hauntingly Andy take it his very own life, and also a year later the band an initial performed the song.) anyone listening have the right to hear Barry"s love because that his ideal friend in the world, his brother.

"I Drive your Truck" - Lee Brice

The mere believed of losing a sibling is virtually too much to bear. This country hit is around losing a brother in war, and also even those who haven"t lost a brother will want to call up their sibling and also tell them exactly how much they love them.

"Fade come Black" - Metallica

The lyrics deserve to fit number of scenarios, including the ide of shedding something really special come you, prefer a sibling.

"If heaven Was Needing a Hero" - Jo Dee Messina

If your large brother was your favorite person and your hero, climate you will require several box of tissue to get through this song.

"Drink a Beer" - Luke Bryan

The tune was written by who else, yet Bryan taped it to mark the happen of someone close to him.

Songs for Those be separate by Distance

cultivation up friend were never apart, however in adulthood, you have actually gone your different ways. You could be be separate by distance, however in your hearts, you are never far apart.


"Tha Crossroads" - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

The lyrics are a little complicated to decipher together these guys are several of the faster talkers in the laboratory game, yet it is difficult to miss the message. The group wrote the rap because that a deceased friend, easy E. He was favor a brothers to the rap group, and it"s obvious that they will certainly forever miss and mourn him.

"My Sister" - Reba McEntire

Reba leaves a love-laden voicemail on she sister"s phone, reminiscing around the good old days and also wishing because that a reunification.

"Hey, Brother" - Avicii

The song, turn off of the artist"s 2013 album True, is around a brother who is far from his brothers but constantly keeps lock close by in his heart.

"Martha" - Rufus Wainwright

This ballad is hefty on the feels. Anyone who has actually an estranged sibling and needs them come come home will relate to the tune.

"Mud Football" - Jack Johnson

Johnson is a master at soothing souls, therefore this song about brothers leaving for college in 2 days, feels like 3 minutes of therapy for anyone absent their sibling.

"Orange sky "- Alexi Murdoch

A young leaves home to discover himself but ends up talking to his siblings under one orange sky.

Happy songs to Play when Reunited

you don"t acquire to invest a most time v your sibling, but when you gain together, that is time come celebrate.

"The guys are ago in Town" - thin Lizzy

once brothers get together, you know it is going to it is in a non-stop ruckus fest!

"Just Fine" - mar J. Blige

once you and also your siblings space together, the world can autumn away due to the fact that for that moment in time, every little thing is just fine.

"Best Friend" - Aaliyah special Missy Elliott

Friends will come and also go, yet your sisters is your ideal friend forever.

"Girls simply Want To have actually Fun" - Cyndi Lauper

once sisters gather, saddle up! the is bound to be a wild, fun time.

"We space" - sisters Sledge

Yes, girlfriend are. Not everyone else gets all, yet your siblings certainly do!

"Brothers & Sisters" - Coldplay

when you and your siblings obtain together, you room a force to it is in reckoned with. Clock out, world!

"" - Rodney Atkins reunions v your siblings space going come be full of ups, downs, laughs, love, and also plenty of unauthorized jabs. Brothers and also sisters get on every last nerve, yet as it claims in this song, "Ya gotta love "em!"

"Who says You Can"t go Home" - Bon Jovi

You and also your siblings are a band of wanderers, but of all the locations you have been and things you have actually seen, house is where it is at. You can constantly go home.

"This One"s for the Girls" - Martina McBride

by the evening"s end, you and also your sisters will certainly be belting this tune out in ~ the height of her lungs. Girl power!

song to Lift your Sibling Up

Songs have the right to be inspirational and assist convey a message of pride, love, and also encouragement because that siblings finding your way

"I"ll was standing by You" - The Pretenders

once no one else appears to it is in there, her sibling will certainly stand by you.

"There You"ll Be" - faith Hill

No issue what a brothers or sister is going through, or what milestone they are celebrating, you"ll be there, cheering lock on.

"Happier" - Marshmello

in ~ the heart of your being, all you desire for her brother or sisters is because that them to find their own little piece of happiness in the world.

"When We thrive Up" - Diana Ross

The song talks around the hopes and also dreams that a sibling duo with large plans, but ultimately all they want to do is remain close come each various other forever. Awwwwww. Sibling goals.

"I Learned native You" - Miley Cyrus

Cyrus has talked openly and also often around her love for she and also her brothers. The video for the song functions Cyrus"s father, but the lyrics are quickly placed top top the love and admiration the a brother looked up to.

"Brother Mine" - Suzanne Vega

Vega sings native the view of an enlarge sister speaking to her younger, wayward brother, informing him to guy up and also be the human that that was always meant come be.

"You"re My best Friend" - Queen

with the wrestling matches and catfights, they space your very best friend.

"Brother and Sister Song" - Steve and Annie Chapman

A tribute song to any sibling set who adores their brother or sister.

"Lean top top Me" - bill Withers

allow them understand that no issue what life throws in ~ them, girlfriend will always be there.

"You"ve gained a Friend" - James Taylor

as soon as they have nothing else in the world, they have actually a friend in you, your sibling.

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Sibling songs Say the All

when you deserve to not discover the perfect words come tell a sibling just how you feel about them, shot saying it with songs. Sometimes lyrics can touch a special location in the love that can not otherwise be reached.

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