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There's no location like home and your hometown, whether it's a little town or a big city. Storage that familiar place that constantly welcomes you back. Develop a practice playlist that rock, pop, country, and also R&B songs.

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A residence Is much more Than a House

My husband's parents owned the same residence for 35 years. Their household home was the refuge because that three children who toddled, speak bikes, and eventually went on an initial dates. The home seemed to prosper smaller together the kids grew up and graduated, married, then brought ago spouses and also grandkids for visits.

As the year passed, an ext gifts to be placed roughly the tree in ~ Christmas, more tokens of storage packed far in the garage and also attic, and much more special events added to the calendar. It was a life of an easy abundance.

Both of mine husband's parents are long gone now, his siblings have scattered, and the family house has actually been sold. However, once we visit mine husband's hometown that Cincinnati, it's only herbal to want to drive slowly past the old house, searching for changes. He replays the storage in his head choose an old movie projector.

A residence is therefore much more than a house. It's an ext than drywall and also bricks, a floor and also a roof. It's the impermeable bond of family and also friends, traditions and customs, noise and peace. It's a ar where you have the right to seek refuge native a liven world and hash the out, once needed. It's a ar that celebrates her triumphs and embraces friend after defeat. It's the place of vacation dinners and family movie nights, so late night homework sessions and also mom's homemade chocolate cake.

A home offers us through grounding in an unsure world—a foundation in self-image, values, and an outlook on what is personally possible in life if we shot hard enough. Eventually, us leave the security of the family nest to develop our own homes. Might yours it is in a solid and happy one.

Celebrate the comfort that home provides with a practice playlist. We've obtained a lengthy list the pop, rock, and also country songs around home and also hometowns to gain you started.

1. "Home" by Phillip Phillips

This 2012 track by American Idol winner Philip Phillips reminds us that we are not alone as we travel life's unfamiliar, winding road. The song's narrator assures that he will create a home for his companion that is a safe harbor native the trouble, fear and demons that might exist in the world.

2. "My House" by Flo Rida

This 2015 song celebrates the "mi casa es su casa" spirit. The song invites friends right into his home and also urges castle to gain festivities of according to music, champagne, and great times.


"Decorate her home. It offers the illusion the your life is an ext interesting 보다 it really is." - Charles M. Schulz, American cartoonist

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3. "Our House" by Madness

When you were cultivation up, was her family's residence the one wherein all the neighborhood kids congregated? This 1982 tune will aid you reminesce:

Our house, it has a crowdThere's always something happeningAnd it's usually fairly loud.Our mum she's therefore house-proudNothing ever before slows she downAnd a chaos is not allowed ... .


"There is nothing prefer staying at home for real comfort." - mrs Austen, English novelist

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4. "My Town" by Montgomery Gentry

The narrator in this upbeat 2002 nation song celebrates every the points that make his tiny town unique his. Born and also raised there, the felt the should run off and sow his wild oats together a young man, but later he returned to settle down and raise a family. Happily, he'll stay there till they put him in the ground.

5. "Home" through Michael Buble

This poignant 2005 tune is around a guy who has actually ventured much from home and also those that loves in bespeak to follow his dreams. He speak his sweetheart that also though he's in Paris and Rome surrounding by a million people, that feels so lonely that he'll be returning residence tonight.

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6. “Small town Kid” by Eli Young Band

In this 2005 song, the protagonist is a male from a small town who has actually ventured to the city. Although he has actually left his hometown, he proclaims the won't change who the is. That's since inside, the carries his hometown with him. He's a basic guy in shirt and jeans "driven by rock music and some honky-tonk." that likes his liquor and a good-looking lady who have the right to drive a truck (who doesn't?).

7. "Small Town" by john Cougar Mellencamp

This standard 1985 track depicts the tiny town as the finest place to clear up down. Even though small towns don't typically offer lot opportunity or excitement, the feeling of community an ext than compensates for that.

The narrator to be born and raised in a small town. That met one L.A. Girl and brought her earlier home to raise a family, and happily lock plans to live and also work there until they die.

"The residence should it is in the endowment chest that living." Le Corbusier, Swiss-French architect

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8. "I'm already There" through Lonestar

This emotional 2001 country song is around a husband that is traveling on business. He calls his wife from a lonely hotel room 1,000 miles away. When asked through his child once he's returning home, he concerns this reassurance:

I'm currently thereTake a look aroundI'm the sunshine in your hairI'm the shadow on the groundI'm the whisper in the windI'm your imaginary friendAnd I recognize I'm in your prayersOh, I'm currently there.

9. "Who claims You Can't walk Home" by Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles

In this 2005 crossover hit, the protagonist claims he spent 20 years trying come escape his hometown. And even though he do it big traveling the world, there's just one place where lock truly know him and accept that as among their own. As he says, "You take the residence from the boy, however not the young from his home."

10. "Mama I’m coming Home" by Ozzy Osbourne

Usually Ozzy Osbourne is known for lot darker stuff, however this 1991 song reflects off his softer side. It's one ode come his longtime wife, Sharon. His mam is both his friend and sparring partner and creates a refuge indigenous the world.

"My residence is in Heaven. I'm just traveling with this world." - Billy Graham

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11. "The home That developed Me" by Miranda Lambert

A woman returns to she childhood house in this 2009 nation song, and the memories come pouring forth. Her father developed the residence for her mother, and in the home there space traces the so plenty of memories. She is returning, trying to recapture the previous one last time:

I believed if I can touch this location or feeling it This brokenness within me could start healing. Out right here it's prefer I'm someone else. I believed that possibly I can find myself If I could just come in, i swear I'll leave Won't take it nothing yet a storage from the home that built me.

12. “Back whereby I Come From” by Kenny Chesney

The protagonist in this 1996 nation hit reminesces around his little hometown. Back where he comes from

people are genuine and connectedtime passes progressively andyou deserve to make your own mischief out of nothing at all.

Minds might be narrow and wages low, yet the small town values room true.

13. "Little Talks" through Of Monsters and also Men

A house is an ext than walls, a roof and also a floor. This suggest is emphasized by this 2011 song. Sung by an iceland Indie rock group, it depicts a conversation in between the ghost the a deceased person and also his or her lover who has actually been left to live in the home they as soon as shared.

The surviving companion finds the residence hollow. He or she is suffering deep depression, and also the ghost offers comfort that they will at some point reunite.

"A home is no a home unless it includes food and also fire because that the mind and also the body." - Benjamin Franklin, American founding Father

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14. "We talk In Trucks" by Luke Bryan

This 2007 country song defines his Georgia hometown as "heaven top top earth." It was a location where "you either live on a farm yard or great you did."

Riding in trucks was a way of life ago then, useful for dating, hunting and fishing, baling hay, tailgating in ~ the football games, and also four-wheeling. The track is a tribute to cultivation up in countryside America, whereby life is slower, simpler, and a little much more pleasant. Seriously, simply how plenty of trucks execute you check out in the city (especially increase north)?

15. "Turning Home" through David Nail

On his method out of town, the narrator in this 2010 tune stops to take it a photo in his mind's eye. He's in his hometown, and also all the memories resonate v him. No matter how far he has traveled, that hasn't matched the strongness of the friendship, very first love, and also fun times available by his hometown. That keeps returning, hope to recapture several of the memories. Some things, however, were intended to remain memories.

16. "My Hometown" by Bruce Springsteen

This 1984 track by "The Boss" describes a 35-year-old man reminisicing around his hometown's history. The town has actually fallen on tough times however he proud clings to it together his own.

17. "Home" by Daughtry

Although he didn't success the American Idol contest, kris Daughtry did okay for himself. This 2007 song shows his combined feelings around success:

Be careful what you great for'Cause girlfriend just could get that allYou just could get that allAnd then some you don't want.

He happy returns residence in this song, a ar where he deserve to feel prefer he belongs:

I'm going to the location where loveAnd feeling great don't ever price a thing.

"Never do your home in a place. Do a residence for yourself inside your very own head. You'll discover what you should furnish that -- memory, friend you have the right to trust, love the learning. That way it will go with you wherever you journey." - Tad Williams

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18. "Home" through Dierks Bentley

From the home window of a aircraft high above the western U.S. Landscape, the narrator in this 2011 country song sees America together his home. The marvels at the beauty and the scars the the landscape and the struggles that we have actually been through as a world (much like any kind of family). He likewise considers our residence worth both fighting for and pulling with each other for, nevertheless of our differences:

It’s been a long hard rideGot a means to goBut this is quiet the placeThat us all call home.

19. "Home" by Dan Croll

In this 2014 song, the narrator recalls the feeling of the polyesther carpet ~ above his feet. To him, it's the texture of home, and also if you're in his house, you'd better take her shoes off. He now lives only a stone's throw away indigenous his parents and also wishes that everyone might enjoy that luxury.

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"The strength of a nation derives from the truth of the home." - Confucius, Chinese philosopher

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20. "Give Me back My Hometown" by Eric Church

When a couple divorces, castle can't separation the intangibles. The narrator in this 2014 tune is sad around the separation of his marriage yet even more heartbroken that his ex has determined to continue to be in his hometown, a place she as soon as said she didn't enjoy. He wants his memory back. It's his hometown.

"When i go home, its an easy means to it is in grounded. You learn to realize what truly matters." - Tony Stewart, American expert stock auto racer

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Even more Songs around Home and Hometowns

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