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The contact came simply minutes after ~ midnight. "She's gone," my best friend's daughter sobbed into the phone.Twenty-five months and also one day before her passing, my ideal friend of 20 years, Debby, had been diagnosed with cancer and also she'd ultimately given increase the battle. We'd well-known this to be coming. I assumed I was prepared yet the news brought more emotion than I had ever expected; numerous of lock feelings I had never experienced before in my life. For 2 decades, Debby, fifteen years my senior, had played both a mother and sister function in mine life yet now the story of united state was over. I was lost and terrified at the assumed of proceeding on there is no her but I knew ns didn't have actually a choice.

The strength of Music

I didn't feeling our story was complete without one epilogue yet I constantly struggle through words during times favor these. Music, fortunately, has always been able to say what ns cannot and I again uncovered solace in the text of those song which ideal expressed my pain and loss at losing my finest friend.The category of the song I added to mine grief playlist had many but soon establish the ones ns was play over and over to be from the country music genre. Unsurprising together its background is rich through songs unafraid to share your rawest emotions around loss and also heartbreak. All of these songs expressed the writers' grief at having lost a nearby friend and loved one, and give me what I must write that epilogue that the friendship that Debby and ISometimes, however, i pull increase the playlist and work through one more day the grief. I always begin with these seven songs.

1. Never get Over friend by Miranda Lambert

During a 2012 interview v People Country, Miranda Lambert revealed she wrote the song after hearing her (former) father-in-law's story around his older brother's death. "You never obtain over it, you simply learn come live with it," he's report to have said and also from that come a beautiful song around doing simply that.

But friend went away

How challenge you, I miss you

2. That You'd Be now by Kenny Chesney

Writes Aimee Mayo and Bill Luther remind united state to have faith we'll watch those we miss again sooner or later in this beautiful track sung through Kenny Chesney.

God knows exactly how I miss you,

All the hell that I've to be through,

Just knowin' no-one can take her place

3. Drink a Beer by Luke Bryan

At the country Music Awards (CMAs) in 2013, singer Luke Bryan dedicated what would become his next big hit to his so late siblings, Chris and Kelly. Drink a Beer, composed by chris Stapleton and also Jim Beavers, is ballad around learning the the fatality of a friend and also one's manner of speak good-bye.


4. Watch You Again through Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood, along with fellow authors David Hodges and also Hillary Lindsay, beautifully express the pain and also sorrow we feel as soon as we shed someone close and reminds us we must take lull in learning we'll check out them again someday.

Gone however not forgotten

I feeling you by my side

No this is not goodbye

5. You need to Be here by Cole Swindell

During a November 2016 interview through The Boot, Cole Swindell and Ashley Gorley claimed it was two an extremely different emotions which resulted in the creation of this beautiful song around missing a love one. Gorley claims the idea very first came come him as exchanged texts with his daughter, one in which the wrote, "Wish you might be here." once he common his idea with and also asked Swindell to co-author the song with him, Swindell brought the emotion the was enduring at the suddenly loss that his father. The result is a tear-inducing track of one's battle to go on while feeling a friend's absence.

6. Cryin' because that Me (Wayman's Song) by Toby Keith

Oklahoma Sooners' star Wayne Tisdale to be a close personal friend Toby Keith when he lost his fight with cancer in 2009. Tisdale and also Keith shared a love for Oklahoma, sports, and also music. In the throes that his grief after ~ Tisdale's passing, Keith created a heart-touching tribute come his late friend.


7. Sissy's song by Alan Jackson

In this beautiful tribute ballad, Alan remembers the Jacksons' everyday housekeeper, Leslie "Sissy" Fitzgerald, who died in a motorcycle accident in may 2007. Using his music gift to express his sadness end Sissy's death, Jackson wrote Sissy's Song, which the sang at her funeral.

Losing who you love is never easy however I expect you discover as lot comfort in these country songs about a friend's fatality as ns did.Sometimes grief can seem unbearable and overwhelming. There's no shame in seeking aid from family and also friends, or you can speak with a peer counselor at no cost by call toll-free (US) 1-800-445-4808.

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Dora Weithers indigenous The Caribbean on march 17, 2017:

Music deserve to be a an excellent help during the season the grief. The lyrics you quoted definitely assist the love ones who are left behind come share your feelings. Many thanks for compiling this list.