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Get the end of that Funk through These 10 nation Songs That will Make friend Smile, Dance and Sing!

So her day sucked, go it?

Music is the healer of the soul, so placed your problem aside for now, crank up the volume and sing and also dance your stress away. Don't hold back. Whether in your home, or in your exclusive office, just acquire up ideal now and start swaying come the music.

Start through the very first song on the list, Travis Tritt's "It's a great Day to be Alive".

Summary perform of the 10 songs Featured Below:

"It's a great Day to be Alive" by Travis Tritt"Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line"Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson"Nothing but Summer" through Dallas Smith"Jumped right In" through Dallas Smith"That's My kind of Night" by Luke Bryan"Boys 'Round Here" by Blake Shelton"I'm Gonna miss out on Her" by Brad Paisley"The an enig of Life" by faith Hill"Beachin" by Jake Owen

1. "It's a an excellent Day to it is in Alive" by Travis Tritt

Album: Down the road I Go

Year: 2000

This tune was created by Darell Scott and also was originally recorded by nation artist Jon Randall in the 1990's. Numerous other country artists spanned the song too but the wasn't until Travis Tritt spanned the track in 2000 the it ended up being as well-known as the is today. It to be his 2nd single top top his Album, 'Down the roadway I Go'.It got to number 2 ~ above the nation hot billboard charts.

It's A an excellent Day to be Alive is filled through energy and also positive message from begin to finish.

If you're trying to find a tune that says, 'hey, no matter what's walking on in my life, I'm selecting to be in a an excellent mood' then this is her anthem.

There space still factors to it is in grateful and you're soaking up every solitary one the them v a laugh on mine face. It's a an excellent day to dance, come love, to smile, and also to enjoy the firm of everyone in her life. If that's the case, this song is because that you. Be certain to hear to the if you haven't heard it before.

Essential Lyrics:

And it's a an excellent day to it is in aliveI recognize the sun's quiet shiningWhen i close my eyesThere's some difficult times in the neighborhoodBut why can't every work be simply this good

2. "Cruise" through Florida Georgia Line

Album: Republic Nashville, Here's come the an excellent Times

Year: 2012

Cruise got to number 1 ~ above the us Billboard graph in only 19 mainly making it the fastest song to with the top since 'I Loved her First' by Heartland in 2006.

This song has broken some pretty exceptional records and the views and sales proceed to rack up.

Most of us have actually experienced a summer day and summer love prefer the one to express in the text of 'Cruise'. If friend have, this song will carry you back.

Essential Lyrics:

Baby you a songYou do me wanna roll my windows down and cruiseDown a earlier road blowin’ stop indications through the middleEvery tiny farm town through you

3. "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson

Album: Here because that the Party

Year: 2004

Redneck mrs was exit in 2004 from Gretchen's Album 'Here for the Party' as the command single. She likewise received a Grammy Award because that the tune for ideal Female nation Vocal. The song got to number 1 ~ above the country Charts and number 22 top top the pop charts. That was created by both Wilson and John Rich.

This track is perfect for every the country and also country at love girls who have actually never been the 'barbie doll' type, but who have the right to still hold a candle come Barbie herself. To heck through that, how about for the girls who space the Barbie Doll kind but sometimes like to kick off those heals and also get your redneck on.

She's a redneck women, she can do the all; journey trucks, ATVs, shop frugally and also still look at sexy, every while transporting a baby on she hip. Yes, she Christmas lights space up every year long, yet don't doubt her capability to gain things done.

Essential Lyrics:

Hey I'm redneck womanI ain't no high class broadI'm simply a product of mine rasin'And i say "hey y'all" and also "Yee Haw"

4. "Nothing but Summer" through Dallas Smith

Album: Jumped right In

Year: 2013

The video is all about being happy, in a an excellent mood at the beach with friends and just enjoying funny in the sun! "Pretty little girls flirting with tiny boys under at the snow cone stand', get on her mark, set, baby obtain your feet wet, grab a small sunshine" (lyrics)

Everybody's there for the party, some are in the water, part sitting ~ above the beach, obtaining loud and also listening come music; it's a an excellent day. If you've ever took pleasure in a relaxing beach day through friends, you'll love every single 2nd of this song. If you're not currently in a good mood, it's sure to help with that.

Essential Lyrics:

Little party ~ above a pontoon boat Everybody's here, everybody's getting loud cursed fine tan lines and them Carolina cuties laid out on the bow

5. "Jumped appropriate In" by Dallas Smith

Album: Jumped appropriate In

Year: 2012

This album was nominated as nation Album of the Year in ~ the 2013 Juno Awards. It's no wonder, since by the end of 2012 Dallas Smith to be the many played Canadian country artist. He likewise received two influential nominations at the CMA's; country Male Artist the the Year and solitary of the Year.

Five singles from this album do it come the nation Top 100 in Canada.

This track is fun and filled v energy; there's something really relaxing about this optimistic tune. That sexy tune that oozes love and also summer.

Essential Lyrics:

Love is crazy, crazy as two kidsDriving approximately in a z20, hey, do the efforts to number out what love isAn every season coast town, boarded up and also closed downWhen the tourists had actually all gone homeAnd us were on the beach alone

6. "That's My sort of Night" by Luke Bryan

Album: Crash my Party

Year: 2013

A fun, uptempo tune by Luke Bryan the happens to be one of his many popula. You've more than likely heard this one on the radio many times. A song about the type of night you desire to have with the human being you love.

Essential Lyrics:

You got that sun tan skirt and bootsWaiting top top you come look my means and scootYour little hot me over hereGirl hand me an additional beer, yeah!

7. "Boys 'Round Here" by Blake Shelton featuring Pistol Annies & Friends

Album: Based top top a True Story

Year: 2013

Almost a rap nation song, this one is a blast. It's around the girls 'round right here fallin' because that the guys 'round here. Any kind of song that talks around what the boys like to do, has a chance at making united state girls happy. The guys 'round here...drinking the ice cold beer, talking about the girls. If friend haven't heard this hit track by Blake Shelton, be sure to take a couple of minutes and also unwind.

Essential Lyrics:

Yeah the guys 'round hereDrinking that ice cold beerTalkin' 'bout girls, talkin' 'bout trucksRunnin' them red dirt roads out, kicking up dustThe boys 'round hereSending up a prayer to the male upstairsBackwoods legit, don't take no shitChew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, spit

8. "I'm Gonna miss out on Her" by Brad Paisley

Album: Part II

Year: 2002

If you require a feel an excellent song that provides you laugh, this is the one. It's around a woman giving her man an ultimatum, 'me or fishing', that's as soon as he realizes 'I'm Gonna miss Her', yep that's right, fishing won the battle. The video clip is simply as funny together the words come this song.

Essential Lyrics:

Well i love herAnd i love come fishI invest all day the end on this lakeAnd hell is all ns catchToday she met me in ~ the doorSaid i would have to chooseIf i hit the fishin' hole todayShe'd it is in packin' all her thingsAnd she'd be gone by noon

9. "The mystery of Life" by belief Hill

Album: Faith

Year: 1999

To switch equipment on the party and funny themes, this track will placed you in a an excellent mood simply because it speaks about the simplicity the life, and also that the secret to life is 'there is no secret'. Pleasure is found in the smallest things, in the daily activities of our lives; in mom's apple pie, or in a great cup that coffee.

Essential Lyrics:

The mystery of life is a an excellent cup of coffeeThe mystery of life is keep your eye top top the ballThe an enig of life is a beautiful womanAnd Marilyn stares under from the barroom wall

10. "Beachin" through Jake Owen

Album: Days of Gold

Year: 2014

If you need a song that's all around relaxation, the beach, and just acquisition it easy, this is the song. There's no stress once you hear to this one. (lyrics) White sand, coke can, koozie in my hand....beachin'. So just kick back, forget your problems, reap the day, and also think only happy thoughts.

Essential Lyrics:

And it's sunshine, blue eyes, tan lines, slow-moving tideRollin' white sand, cold have the right to koozie in my hand, just a summertime strollingChillin', breazin', sippin', singin' whoaoaoh

© 2014 Barbara Tremblay Cipak

Do You have a an individual Go-To country Song as soon as You need a atmosphere Boost?

David Stone from new York City top top June 23, 2014:

I have a nation song, a rock song, a people song, greatly in multiple quantities. The nation song would certainly be Jimmy Webb's as well Young to Die, at the very least today anyway. Or, maybe it's tenderness on mine Mind. Too plenty of choices.

CherylsArt on might 07, 2014:

Do friend remember Donna Fargo's song, I'm the happiest girl in the whole U S A? That's a an excellent one! : )

Marie top top April 22, 2014:

I prefer Coming house from the movie Country solid - I discover that song very uplifting and also it constantly makes me feel good when i hear it. This is a an excellent idea because that a feel an excellent page, Barbara :)

Barbara Tremblay Cipak (author) indigenous Toronto, Canada on march 01, 2014:

SusanDeppner: lmao! do me laugh the end loud for sure!

Susan Deppner indigenous Arkansas USA on march 01, 2014:

Believe that or not, Carrie Underwood's "Before that Cheats" puts me in a good mood. Not certain what that says around me, but I do love the song!

Susan Zutautas native Ontario, Canada on in march 01, 2014:

There are quite a few Shania Twain songs that give me a real huge boost.

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Barbara Tremblay Cipak
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