Who will be the next miss Universe? eager viewers will song in ~ above Sunday, might 16 to view which the 74 women from roughly the human being will victory the coveted crown. 

The 69th yearly pageant takes place at the Seminole tough Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida, and will it is in televised live on FYI. Mario Lopez and former miss Universe Olivia Culpo will certainly host. The current Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi from south Africa, will crown the winner.

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What to expect from miss Universe 2021


miss out on Universe participants show up on phase at Seminole difficult Rock Hotel & Casino on might 14, 2021, in Hollywood, Florida. | Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

While dozens of women are in the running for the location of miss Universe, indigenous Paula Mehmetukaj of Albania to Khanh valve Nguyen Tran of Vietnam, only a select few will it is in selected together semi-finalists. The 21 who advancement through the preliminary round participate in the televised pageant. 

Miss USA Aysa Branch will represent the United says at this year’s miss out on Universe pageant. The 23-year-old from Mississippi was crowned in November 2020 at the miss out on USA pageant, i m sorry was organized at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. 

The nation with the most miss Universe winners

The minute we've all been waiting for… The 69th #MISSUNIVERSE Competition will certainly air live about the civilization from Seminole tough Rock Hotel & Casino ~ above Sunday, may 16 at 8:00 pm ET.
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— miss out on Universe (
MissUniverse) in march 3, 2021

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In 2011, Leila Lopes made background as the an initial woman indigenous Angola to win the miss out on Universe title. Probably this year one more country’s representative will take home the crown for the an initial time. Yet historically, particular countries have dominated the competition.

Venezuela and also the U.S. Have created the most miss Universe winners. 7 American women have taken house the crown since 1953. Culpo was the many recent winner from the unified States, in 2012. Venezuela bound the U.S. Record in 2013, when Gabrielle Isler became the country’s seventh miss Universe titleholder because 1979.

Five women from Puerto Rico have actually won miss Universe titles. The Philippines has actually had 4 winners if Sweden and also South Africa have produced three. A variety of countries have actually won the location twice, consisting of Brazil, Canada, Colombia, and also Japan.

The “big four” beauty, beauty pageants

Less than 24 hrs away!
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— miss out on Universe (
MissUniverse) might 16, 2021

Miss universe is simply one of several major international beauty, beauty pageants, consisting of Miss World, miss out on International, and Miss Earth. Collectively, the pageants are sometimes referred to together the “big four.“

Venezuela is the undisputed queen the the pageant world. In enhancement to seven miss Universe titles, ladies from the southern American nation have winner eight Miss international competitions, six Miss people titles, and also two miss Earths. Some have dubbed beauty queen’s the country’s “biggest export” (via NBC News) ~ oil, and women periodically go to too much lengths to change themselves into the pageant ideal.

The Philippines is an additional international pageant powerhouse. On height of four Miss cosmos crowns, the nation has winner Miss earth four times, Miss international six times, and Miss people once.

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The 2021 miss Universe vain airs Sunday, may 16 in ~ 8 p.m. ET on FYI. The pageant will additionally be transfer in Spanish ~ above Telemundo.