The Los Angeles County department of Children and Family services promotes child safety and also well-being by partnering with neighborhoods to combine families, keeping youngsters at house whenever possible, and connecting them through stable, loving homes in time of need.

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safety and security

The safety and security of over two million kids in Los Angeles county is our highest possible priority. responds to the instant needs of any child at threat of abuse and also neglect in Los Angeles County.

wellness partners with much more than 50 community-based organizations throughout Los Angeles ar to carry out the tools and also support families need come make residence a safe place and also keep households together.


Every child deserves to prosper up in a loving and stable household environment. For youngsters who cannot return home, makes every initiative to affix them with source families, so they can proceed to grow and thrive.


As a parent, receiving a speak to or visit native can be concerning. Even if it is you space feeling overwhelmed, in crisis, or simply need support to parental your children, is over there to aid ensure that your kids are safe.

Looking back, Alma is thankful for the night 15 years earlier when stepped right into her life the night she got in labor at a local Los Angeles hospital.

“ doesn’t get involved because they want to destroy your life. They desire to watch happy, healthy and safe children and families.”

Testing hopeful for meth and alcohol, want to certain the health of Alma’s children and also the well-being of Alma, which led to the remove of all six of she children.

“Their involvement required me to do a U-turn in mine life. I loved my children too much to no make the changes. placed forward the resources, and also I had actually to make sure that I put in the work.”

After a significant commitment and adjust of lifestyle, Alma had the ability to be reunited with all six of her children one by one, starting with her baby. She takes whatever she learned from she parenting classes to encourage reading and also applies that to help in her everyday life.

“I look in ~ how much I’ve come, and I’m proud that myself and also of my kids. I’m a healthy mom and grandma now. Ns don’t respond in anger and also violence. I’m no addicted to drugs anymore. That’s huge, and also I’m so happy the I’ve been able to get this far.”

Alma became a parent in cooperation (PIP), and also has been helping other family members who are currently under care. Together a PIP for the past 5 years, Alma has actually seen every the families that have gone through comparable struggles be reunited with their children.

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“I remember the help of my society worker, and how she driven me to keep going once I wanted to give up. Now, I obtain to it is in transparent v the hardships in being reunited with your youngsters with the parental I gain to mentor. It’s hard work, yet it’s beautiful as soon as you with the finish line.”

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*In order to protect the anonymity and privacy of ours families, names have been changed and photos are randomized.