Los Angeles County ar Attorneys, from william C. Ferrell to George Gascón. Some (Thom, Drown, Howard) served an ext than one non-consecutive term. Los Angeles Almanac graphic.

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District AttorneyPeriod in Office
William C. Ferrel1850-1851
Isaac Ketih Ogier1851-1852
Kimbal H. Dimmick1852-1853
Benjamin Eaton1853-1854
Cameron E. Thom1854-1857
Ezra Drown1857-1859
Edward J.C. Kewen1859-1861
Ezra Drown1861-1863
Volney E. Howard1863-1867
Alfred B. Chapman1867-1869
Cameron E. Thom1869-1873
Volney E. Howard1873-1876
Rodney Hudson1876-1877
Cameron E. Thom1877-1879
Thomas Brown Bruen1879-1882
Stephen M. White1882-1884
George M. Holten1884-1886
George S. Patton1886-1887
J.R. Dupuy1887-1888
Frank P. Kelley1888-1890
James McLachlan1890-1892
Henry C. Dillon1892-1894
John C. Donnel1894-1898
James C. Rives1898-1902
J.D. Fredericks1902-1914
Thomas Lee Woolwins1914-1923
Asa Keyes1923-1928
Buron Fitts1928-1940
John F. Dockweiler1940-1943
Fred N. Hower1943-1946
W.E. Simpson1946-1951
S. Ernest Roll1951-1956
William B. McKesson1956-1964
Evelle J. Younger1964-1971
Joseph P. Busch Jr.1971-1975
John K. Van De Kamp1975-1983
Robert Philibosian1983-1984
Ira Reiner1984-1992
Gil Garcetti1992-2000
Steve Cooley2001-2012
Jackie Lacey*2012-2020
George Gascón2020-present

* Jackie Lacey to be the an initial woman and an initial African American to offer as district Attorney that Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County ar Attorney George S. Patton, who served because of this from 1886 come 1887, to be the dad of General George S. Patton, Jr.

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, who had accomplished fame as an American armed forces commander during civilization War Two.


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