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FAQ"s: Most typically asked questions listed; answers follow below: 1) What hours is the Sheriff"s terminal open? 2) how do I get to the Station? 3) What is the difference in between a Sheriff"s Deputy, Police Officer, and also a Highway Patrol Officer? 4) Why do I have Sheriff"s Deputies patrolling in mine area instead of a Police Officer?5) how do get accessibility to the list of convicted boy molesters in my area?6) What happens to someone as soon as they gain arrested? 7) What are the definitions of the different varieties of crimes?8) How can I have actually my fingerprints taken?9) just how do I achieve a clearance letter?10) just how do I obtain a restraining order versus someone? 11) How have the right to I get a copy that a police report? 12) If my car has been towed, just how do I locate it? 13) how do I obtain a citation signed off for proof of correction? 14) How can I acquire a permit for overnight parking in our city? 15) How have the right to I uncover out the development of an examination or court case? 16) exactly how do ns volunteer to aid at my local Station? 17) What is a citizen"s arrest? 18) exactly how do I find out the standing of a person who has actually been arrested? 19) Who should I contact to complain around (or compliment) a law enforcement officers?20) What wake up if ns refuse to authorize a website traffic ticket ns disagree with? 21) When must a deputy read me my rights? 22) exactly how long will certainly I need to wait because that a patrol auto to pertained to my call? 23) execute I have to provide my name as soon as reporting a crime? 24) deserve to a deputy sheriff provide tickets on freeways? 25) regularly Misunderstood Terminology: a. Housebreaker vs. Robbery; b. Trespassing vs. Loitering; c. Terror Threats; d. Attack vs. Battery; e. Paper Number; f. Contact or tags Numbers; g. Gyeongju Profiling
Questions and also Answers:

1) What hours is the Sheriff"s station open? A: The terminal is open up 24 hours a day, seven days a week, however, administrative and also detective personnel primarily work weekdays throughout normal service hours. 2) Where room your stations and also facilities located? A: each Patrol Station and or facility will have actually their deal with and basic phone number in ~ the top of their website. Jail facilities will have directions and added information situated in the left shaft of your sites. 3) What is the difference between a Sheriff"s Deputy, Police Officer, and also a Highway Patrol? A: All three are peace officers and are authorized under the California penal code with the same police powers almost everywhere in California. A) A Deputy Sheriff (LASD) works for the ar Sheriff"s Department. California is divided into counties. In Los Angeles County neighborhoods that have actually not included into cities, the Los Angeles ar Sheriff"s Department offers law enforcement and also operates the ar jails and also courts. Dozens of cities in the Los Angeles ar contract with theLos Angeles ar Sheriff"s room to administer law enforcement services in the City. Part independent cities maintain their own police department, countless cities contract through the ar for law enforcement, traffic and fire/paramedicservices. This contract provides all services of a common police department (including extra services such as SWAT teams, committed detective units, wait support and emergency services) at a an extensive savings come the City. b) A Los Angeles Police Officer (LAPD) functions for the City of Los Angeles. The LAPD is an elevation police agencyspecifically within the City of Los Angeles. c) California Highway Patrol Officers offers traffic-related enforcement in assorted communities as well as onfreeways. In state-operated facilities, state police and California Highway Patrol carry out law enforcement functions. 4) Why perform I have actually Sheriff"s Deputies patrolling in mine area rather of a Police Officer? A: In Los Angeles County communities that have not integrated into cities, the Los Angeles county Sheriff"s Department offers law enforcement and operates the ar jails and courts. Dozens of urban in the Los Angeles ar contract through the Los Angeles county Sheriff"s room to carry out law enforcement solutions in the City. Some independent cities keep their own police department, numerous cities contract v the county for regulation enforcement, traffic and fire/paramedic services. This contract offers all services of a regular police room (including extra services such together SWAT teams, specialized detective units, waiting support and also emergency services) in ~ a substantial savings to the City. 5) how do get access to the perform of convicted kid molesters in my area? A: Each of our stations have a computer in the front lobby that has this information. The computer is component of a statewide database and also information system designed to store resident"s notified of together information. Citizens may access this info at any time. For extr information, walk to the California department of justice Office the the lawyer General; Megan"s legislation website, click here: 6) What happens to someone once they get arrested? A: depending upon the level that the crime, the person will either be organized for court or released on a promise to appear. 7) What are the definitions of the different types of crimes?A: There space 3 "grades the crime": 1. Low Grade Crime: ~ above a misdemeanor arrest the suspect will be required to the station and also booked. This has fingerprinting and identification checks. That or she (in many cases) will then be released on a promise to appear citation. The suspect might be held at the station until the Court date if the circumstances dictate together action. If the offense isalcohol or medicine related, the doubt will remain at the sheriff"s terminal until he or she deserve to safely treatment for self or herself. 2. High class Crime: top top a felony charge the suspect will certainly be required to the station and held till his or she court day (Usually in ~ two company days). They may additionally have the choice of bailing out. 3. Juvenile Crime: Juveniles who space detained room taken to a Station and held pending one of two people a transfer to Juvenile hall or relax to your parent/guardian. 8) How can I have my fingerprints taken? A: Fingerprints for job applications; court procedures and children (kid print) are accessible at your neighborhood Station every Tuesday (except holidays) from 4:30 pm to 6:30 PM. The current cost of $8.00 every fingerprint card. 9) just how do I attain a clearance letter?A: go to your neighborhood Sheriff"s Station and also apply because that a clearance letter. You must administer a photo-identification to use forthis letter. The current expense is $23.00 < expense subject to readjust > payable once you choose up the letter. 10) how do I acquire a restraining order against someone? A: These space orders from a judge, restricting particular contact between certain people. They deserve to be used for at the court that has jurisdiction for her area. Information regarding your neighborhood court: In specific domestic violence situations, peace policemans can achieve emergency protective order (only valid until the victimcan apply for a restraining order native the neighborhood court). 11) How deserve to I obtain a copy the a police report? A: relying on the nature the the report and also any confidentiality worries involved, report duplicates are generally accessible throughthe terminal that take it the report. The present fee is $23.00 every report < expense subject to readjust >. Reports take roughly one week to become available - traffic accident reports might take longer. If you do not have actually the report"s file number, you re welcome be ready to it is provided the date, time, location and also name the the parties affiliated to assist usin locating the ideal report. 12) If my car has to be towed, how do I locate it?A: If the Sheriff"s department stored or impounded your vehicle, girlfriend should contact the station"s 24-hour service line. Our personnel can carry out you with that information. In most cases, you will be responsible because that paying any kind of towing and also storage dues or fees straight to the towing company. 13) exactly how do I acquire a citation signed turn off for evidence of correction?A: lug the auto the citation and identification to the Sheriff"s station for inspection. There is a $15.00 < expense subject to adjust > fees required. This organization is also easily accessible at ar court facilities. 14) How deserve to I acquire a permit for overnight parking in our city? A: yearly overnight parking permits deserve to be purchased directly from City Hall. Solitary night passes have the right to be purchased for $2.00 every night, increase to 6 nights, < cost subject to change > in ~ the Sheriff"s Station. 15) How have the right to I discover out the progression of an investigation or court case?A: Call your local Sheriff"s terminal weekdays during service hours. If you carry out not have the report"s file number, you re welcome be prepared to it is provided the date, time, location and also name the the parties connected to aid us in locating the suitable report. 16) just how do ns volunteer to aid at my regional Station? A: The Sheriff"s Department has a variety of programs for civilization to become associated in her community. Please call the ar relation"s officer in ~ your neighborhood Sheriff"s station during business hours or contact the Sheriff"s Volunteer program at (562) 347-1080. 17) What is a citizen"s arrest? A: You have the right to arrest an additional person because that a criminal action they walk in your presence. Uneven absolutely necessary, you must avoid taking direct action and speak to us to avoid being injured or sued for false arrest. In some particular situations, limitations in the legislations may do it vital for a deputy sheriff to have actually you make a citizen"s arrest. In thiscase, you should sign a private person"s arrest form, yet the deputy will physically take the human into custody and also ensure the they are correctly arraigned in court. You may be required to testify in court. 18) exactly how do I uncover out the condition of a human who has actually been arrested?A: Call the jailer at your neighborhood Station or speak to the Inmate details Line in ~ (213) 473-6100. 19) Who should I call to complain around (or compliment) a law enforcement officers? A: all California police agencies have actually a procedure for investigating complaints around individual officers or Department steps in general. For incidents involving Sheriff"s department personnel or procedures, girlfriend can call your neighborhood Station on-duty watch commander (24 hours) or call Sheriff"s Headquarters in ~ (800) 698-8255. For occurrences involving other local legislation enforcement agencies, girlfriend should call the agency in concern directly. 20) What wake up if ns refuse to authorize a website traffic ticket i disagree with? A: Signing a citation is merely your promise to appear in court for a violation. Her signature is not an join of guilt. Just a judge have the right to levy punishments. Once a human refuses to authorize a citation, a deputy is compelled to arrest and bring castle directly before the magistrate having actually jurisdiction. This may involve being organized at a local or main jail facilityovernight or during the weekend till court is following in session. 21) When must a deputy check out me my rights?A: The Miranda decision requires police officers to educate a human being of their rights including counsel and self-incrimination just in certain situations involving interrogation ~ arrest. Current case law (based on past court decisions) dictates especially which instances require this advisement. Generally, only juvenile offenders are advised immediately whenarrested. 22) exactly how long will I need to wait for a patrol vehicle to pertained to my call?A: Calls for service are tackled in order of priority based upon the level of emergency each incident represents. Crime in progress, rescues and also felony crimes take it precedence end non-violent crimes and also report calls.Because emergency calls often require the coordinated efforts of many units, deputies may be delayed arriving to non-emergency calls. Desk personnel continually testimonial the existing calls for service and also should recommend you by telephone if adeputy expects a hold-up of much more than thirty minutes. Please perform not use the 911 telephone device for non-emergency situations. 23) do I have to provide my name when reporting a crime?A: No, we will certainly attempt to investigate an cotton crime tip, however, court decisions impose constraints on investigations based exclusively on cotton tips. We acknowledge that you may not want to be determined by the people you are reporting. If you have concerns, request that your details be retained confidential or that deputies not call you once they respond. 24) can a deputy sheriff provide tickets on freeways?A: Yes. California tranquility officers have actually police powers throughout the state of California. The California Highway Patrol normally patrols freeways, any type of deputy sheriff or city police officer can mention or arrest because that a violation. 25) regularly Misunderstood Terminology: a. Burglary vs. Robbery; b. Trespassing vs. Loitering; c. Terror Threats; d. Assault vs. Battery; e. Paper Number; f. Speak to or sign Numbers; g. Racial Profiling a. Housebreaker vs. Robbery: These two theft crimes frequently get confused. A human being who breaks into a home, organization or locked auto to steal is committing burglary. A human who steals from another person directly by pressure (like a purse snatch) or are afraid (threats or by making use of a weapon) is committing a robbery. B. Trespassing vs. Loitering: Trespassing occurs as soon as a person enters or stays on exclusive property which has actually signs prohibiting entry or after they have been told to leave by the owner. Loitering requires remaining in a public location without business. This is most often a concern when world loiter around a public restroom to commit sex acts. C. Terror Threats: Terrorist dangers is a very certain felony crime including threats of fatality or great injury from aperson capable of committing the threat. This is often confused with world who provoke fights or through threatening call calls (some circumstances, these room misdemeanor crimes). d. Attack vs. Battery: The severity the the crime and also punishment associated in attacks depends ~ above many particular factorsincluding whether the human actually struck an additional or just tried, even if it is a weapon was used, what kind of injury result (or would certainly most likely result), and also the relationship in between the next (assaulting someone in a residential relationship, a small child, or an official such as police, fire, postal workers, etc. Would be a an ext serious crime). e. Paper Number: This is the distinct number assigned come a report bring away by a deputy sheriff. A deputy taking a report will regularly leave a kind with the person reporting the crime including this number. Together we take numerous thousands of assorted reports each year, having this number top top hand will make the much simpler to referral your report. f. Call or sign Numbers: whenever a deputy handles a contact or stops a car, also for a warning, the computerized dispatching system attaches a distinct number to that incident. g. Gyeongju Profiling: Peace officers are prohibited indigenous detaining persons based specifically on your race.

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The Los Angeles ar Sheriff"s room voluntarily collects and reports information about the assembly of the human being or personnel stop, issue citations come or arrest.