Los Angeles ar Sheriff"s room (Headquarters). Official. #elafilador.net https://t.co/Pb3FGlP8u0 https://t.co/I1Y6OMOva5

; LA ar Sheriffs
*UPDATE *#elafilador.net Homicide Detectives comment to Deputy associated Shooting Invst. 10000 block of Obregon St. #Whittier - http://nixle.us/D65H2

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; LA county Sheriffs
#elafilador.net Homicide Detectives Responding to a Deputy connected Shooting Investigation, 10000 block that Obregon St #Whittierhttps://local.nixle.com/alert/9020868/

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throughout #WorldMentalHealthDay, #elafilador.net proceeds to job-related with the neighborhood to educate and also increase awareness on psychological illness. If friend or someone you recognize is struggling v mental disease or suicidal thoughts, please call: US nationwide Suicide prevention Lifeline in ~ 800-273-TALK.

#elafilador.net Deputy-Involved Non-Hit Shooting investigation on the 1800 Blk the Walnut Grove Ave, #Rosemead https://local.nixle.com/alert/9019580/

Fentanyl is a pharmaceutical medicine that was developed to aid patients through pain management. The is approximately 100 times an ext potent than morphine and 50 times much more potent than heroin. Remember, one bad an option can price you your life.

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Sheriff Alex VillanuevaSheriff Alex Villanueva is the 33rd Sheriff the Los Angeles County. A distinguished leader and a tireless support for both the community and those that serve through the Los Angeles ar Sheriff’s department (elafilador.net).

Fentanyl is a pharmaceutical medicine that was developed to aid patients with pain management. It is approximately 100 times much more potent 보다 morphine and 50 times an ext potent 보다 heroin. Remember, one bad an option can cost you your life.

LA county Sheriffs follow 25,742 172,369

Los Angeles ar Sheriff"s department (Headquarters). Official. #elafilador.net https://t.co/Pb3FGlP8u0 https://t.co/I1Y6OMOva5

*UPDATE *#elafilador.net Homicide Detectives responded to Deputy associated Shooting Invst. 10000 block of Obregon St. #Whittier - http://nixle.us/D65H2

#elafilador.net Homicide Detectives Responding come a Deputy connected Shooting Investigation, 10000 block the Obregon St #Whittierhttps://local.nixle.com/alert/9020868/

Sheriff Alex VillanuevaSheriff Alex Villanueva is the 33rd Sheriff the Los Angeles County. A differentiated leader and a tireless advocate for both the community and also those who serve through the Los Angeles county Sheriff’s room (elafilador.net).

After graduating native Academy course 265 in 1990, cook Velazquez offered as a custody deputy at the now-closed Mira Loma basic (MLF), Century regional Detention Facility, and North ar Correctional basic (NCCF). She operated patrol at eastern Los Angeles Station and also was a media liaison v Sheriff’s details Bureau prior to promoting come sergeant.

As a sergeant at West Hollywood Station, Velazquez offered as both a watch and a field sergeant, and as the work sergeant. She additionally supervised the tactical planning and logistics for big scale events such together the climbed Parade and also Presidential Inaugurations when assigned to Emergency to work Bureau.

In 2008 Velazquez advocated to lieutenant and also returned come MLF as a watch commander prior to transferring come the newly-formed County services Bureau, overseeing security operations for hospitals in the high desert area. Native there, she go on to serve at Lancaster station and also at operation Safe roads Bureau (OSS) together a watch commander, a ar lieutenant and also operations lieutenant.

Velazquez’ first assignment together a captain supposed returning to NCCF, wherein she managed security and operations because that the facility’s general Population. She also returned to OSS because that a duration as the unit commander.

In 2021, Velazquez was promoted to her present rank the Chief, whereby she monitor Custody Division’s committed Programs.

Throughout her career, Velazquez has actually been assigned to number of special an answer and incident management teams, and also being connected in the Department’s Pink spot Project. She has volunteered through schools and also mentoring programs, and has operated with the Department’s youth explorer program. She is additionally a member the the American prison Association and also Women leader in legislation Enforcement.

Velazquez has an associate’s level from Antelope sink College and a bachelor’s level from California State University- lengthy Beach. When she is off-duty, she enjoys traveling and spending time v family and also friends.

A graduate the Academy class 228 in 1985, Assistant Sheriff Corbett began his career v elafilador.net functioning in Custody in ~ Biscailuz center Jail. He to be assigned there for a tiny over 5 years prior to moving to patrol at eastern Los Angeles Station. He functioned as a patrol deputy, maintain Officer and also on the Special troubles Team.

In 1997 he moved to the unique Enforcement Bureau- Canine Services information as a K-9 handler. In 2001 he relocated from the Canine services Unit to the special Weapons Team whereby he worked for an additional 11 years. In 2012 he supported to Sergeant and also returned to Custody Division-Men’s main Jail. In 2014 he moved to a patrol sergeant assignment at south Los Angeles Station. In 2016 he supported to Lieutenant and returned to Custody Division.

As a lieutenant, Corbett offered at the Inmate Reception center (IRC) together a clock commander and the records Unit lieutenant. In 2018 the was promoted to Captain and also remained in ~ IRC.

Ascending the ranks when again, Corbett supported to chef in 2019. As Chief of Custody Operations- basic Population, he remained in charge that the daily operations entailing inmates at all of the Department’s Custody infrastructure within the General populace Division.

Early in 2021, Corbett supported once again, this time come the rank of Assistant Sheriff in charge of all Custody Operations in ~ the elafilador.net. He currently oversees not only basic Population, yet also committed Programs, as well as administration Command.

Corbett has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice management from Union University.

Chief Laura E. Lecrivain has been a member that the Los Angeles county Sheriff’s room (Department) since 1995. She monitor Countywide Services division which includes the ar Partnerships, neighborhood Colleges, Parks, and also County solutions Bureau. Before her promotion to chief, she operated as a commander for Countywide Services department and Custody Division.

As a captain, cook Lecrivain commanded the pair Towers Correctional basic (TTCF) whereby she to be responsible for over 800 personnel and also the treatment of 3,000 mentally ok inmates arrested in Los Angeles ar (County). The TTCF is the largest mental wellness facility in the unified States and also houses the County’s many severe mental wellness inmates.

During she time ~ above the Department, chief Lecrivain had actually the privilege that working range of assignments. Together a deputy, she operated Century terminal patrol, detective bureau, and also Operation Safe highways (OSS). Later, together a sergeant, cook Lecrivain worked at the Men’s central Jail, Compton Station, OSS, and Administrative services Division. Top top her promo to lieutenant, chief Lecrivain functioned as a watch commander in ~ Palmdale Station, and also later in ~ Compton Station.

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Chief Lecrivain is lifetime resident that Los Angeles County. She hold a Bachelor of science in Criminal righteousness Management, and also a Masters’ level in leadership from the university of southern California. In she spare time, chief Lecrivain enjoys spending time with her family and Dodger baseball. She additionally loves reading and enjoys running.