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About the Los Angeles county Sheriff"s room
The Los Angeles county Sheriff"s department (LASD) is a regulation enforcement agency which offer Los Angeles County, California -- an area totaling approximately 4,084 square miles with a population of virtually 10 million people (2010 U.S. Census). It is the largest Sheriff"s department in the world, with roughly 18,000 employees. LASD provides general law enforcement services to 40 contract cities, 90 unincorporated communities, 216 facilities, hospitals, and also clinics situated throughout the County, nine (9) ar colleges, the urban Transit Authority and also 47 exceptional Courts. LASD also provides services such as laboratories and also academy training to smaller law enforcement agencies in ~ the County. Additionally, LASD is responsible in securing roughly 18,000 inmates daily in 7 custody facilities which contains providing food and also medical treatment.We are guided through our principle values:

These are much more than a project well done; this is our character and also our commitment to the humane therapy of those under our authority and also care. That is that we are.
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