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 A Martinez pair charged v a dislike crime for defacing a black color Lives matter mural last month pleaded not guilty Tuesday to three misdemeanor charges.

Nicole Anderson and David Nelson walked out of the justice Wakefield Taylor Courthouse in Martinez with their defense attorney invoice Essayli, sister terminal KRON4 in mountain Francisco reports.

“We space going to set this issue for trial. Us look front to presenting our situation to the jury,” Essayli said.

The criminal complaint filed by the Contra Costa County district Attorney accuses the couple of defacing the black Lives issue mural painted in prior of the courthouse top top the 4th of July.

“We must deal with the root and also byproduct of systemic racism in ours country. The black Lives issue movement is crucial civil rights cause that deserves every one of our attention,” district Attorney Diana Becton claimed in announcing the charges.

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The mural to be sanctioned by the City of Martinez, and also when the couple started painting over it with black paint, castle were faced by residents. “This is racist, what you’re doing,” one can be heard speak in video.

On Tuesday, Anderson and Nelson deferred all comments to Essayli, who problems the district Attorney’s insurance claim that his clients committed a violation of polite rights.

“Had she just charged vandalism, that would certainly be a whole various issue,” Essayli said. “The truth that she fee it as vandalism and as a hate crime is really what renders this problematic. The a reach, that an overcharge.”

“In our view, that a political message, and the justice device should not be weaponized in the manner,” the lawyer said.

The vandalism sparked protests that attracted hundreds the demonstrators come the website of the mural, which has due to the fact that been repainted.

Anderson and Nelson’s following court day is reserved for Oct. 13.

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