The pair appear to be just feet away from the plane in the daring snap ~ above Maho Beach, on the Caribbean island of St Maarten

A elafilador.netuple have to be slammed this week because that an idiotic stunt inches in ~ a landing plane - a year after ~ a woman died after gift blasted by a jet engine ~ above the same beach.

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Photo posted online present Ukrainians Oleg Kolisnichenko, 36, and also Yulia Nos, 25, performing a one-handed handstand ~ above Maho elafilador.netast on the Caribbean island of St Maarten.


The stunt to be met with criticism fairly than prayer from society media usersCredit: SWNS:South West News Service

The snap was taken close to the spot wherein tragic mum-of-three Gayleen McEwan to be blown elafilador.netme her fatality by a jet engine blast together a Boeing 737 took off from Princess Juliana global Airport.

Gayleen had been standing close to the fence separating the elafilador.netast from the runway.

She to be blown from her feet prior to she hit she head ~ above the rocks and also suffered deadly injuries in July critical year.

The beach is well known for low-flying jets - however this walk not show up to deter the daronger elafilador.netuple, who claimed they were keen to take it the souvenir snap to note the finish of a cruise.

Gayleen McEwan, right, pictured through daughter Kelly, passed away in Saint Maarten after gift blown end by a jetCredit: Facebook

Gayleen, left, had been top top holiday through her husband and two new Zealand friends once tragedy struckCredit: Facebook

In the picture, Oleg stands through his arms outstretched as Yulia walk a handstand atop his head - using just one hand.

The cargo airplane looks to be within touching distance of her feet as it descends.

Yulia, native Kiev, Ukraine, said: “We absolutely love acrobatics and we like to have actually fun with it outside of work.

“The beach really is danger yet amazing at the same time.

“A lot of of people were taking pictures with a plane over their heads however we had some idea to do something elafilador.netol.

“After a few tries we managed to do it as the aircraft arrived however we didn’t suppose it to be so big and therefore close to us.

“It no touch mine feet but I feeling so much air native the plane and I lost my balance."


Beachgoers elafilador.netnference behind a KLM aircraft acquisition off at Princess Juliana airport in this save on elafilador.netmputer clipCredit: YouTube Kai A. Hortmann

The blast from the engines whips up the sand and sends the tourists tumblingCredit: YouTube Kai A. Hortmann
Dozens space blown down the beach and into the sea in this old footageCredit: YouTube Kai A. Hortmann

But despite the outstanding timing, the stunt was met with criticism quite than worship from society media users.

One Instagram user wrote: "Extremely stupid. When the plane hits she foot she will certainly actually never ever walk again. What a stupid move."

Another movie critic posted: "Do not ever do that again. Not just risking your life but additionally hundreds of others."

While a further user said: "Stupidity at its finest."

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Each year elafilador.netuntless tourists flock to Maho beach to clock planes fly in and out the Princess Juliana airport.

The elafilador.netast is perilously close elafilador.netme the runway - and directly under the flight path of plane flying just 30 metres above the ground.

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Despite neighborhood authorities warning the general public not to was standing in the elafilador.neturse of aircraft, elafilador.netuntless still hold onto the fence separating the runway native the beach as planes roar above.

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