Crew members behind the house reno show Love that Or perform It Vancouver have denied all the accusations do by a dissatisfied couple who sue them last year, saying every the renovations in ~ the love of the lawsuit were perfect properly.

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Reno riddled with defects that pose a 'substantial' peril to family health, master allege


The home renovated for an illustration of Love that or list It Vancouver pictured in north Vancouver, B.C., ~ above Sept. 11, 2019. Construction work done inside the home throughout an episode of the show is at the centre of a sue filed through the homeowners against the producers. (Ben Nelms/

The producers and a contractor behind the home reno show Love it Or list It Vancouver have denied all the accusations do by a dissatisfied couple who sue them last year, saying every the renovations at the love of the lawsuit were perfect properly.

Even if the work hadn't to be done right, a response to the polite claim said, it wouldn't matter since the north Vancouver, B.C., homeowners gave up any right to sue when they signed a sweeping contract agreeing to be on the show.

"The plaintiffs suspect any and also all legal responsibility for all of the remodeling work adhering to the reveal," read the court document filed in July on behalf of the production agency and the contractor.

Jeanine Almeida and Norman Waine filed their lawsuit against the firm behind the show on might 9, 2018, claiming producers brought in an actor with no contracting endure to occupational on your Lynn Valley home for their episode. 


Jeanine Almeida and Norman Waine together seen during their illustration of Love the or perform It Vancouver, filmed in 2016. (HGTV)

The couple also asserted the renovation to be riddled with defects that can lead come mould, fires, water damage and high concentrations of carbon dioxide — placing their family's health and safety at risk.

None the the couple's allegations have actually been proven in court.

The company, the producers and also the contractor have asked because that the case to it is in dismissed entirely.

The an answer to the couple's claim, filed in B.C. Can be fried Court, stated the renovation is up to code. It also said the contractor is no an actor and has 30 years of experience in construction.

Almeida, Waine and their 4 children appeared ~ above season four of the show in 2016. 

During every episode, families have to decision whether come keep their present home. Two hosts, one genuine estate agent and one designer, try to sway participants to relocate or stay.

The actual estate agent works to uncover a brand-new house top top the market suited to the family, if the designer renovates the participants' current home. At the end of the episode, homeowners select to move or stay in your spruced-up old house, i beg your pardon is displayed to lock in a walk-through ~ above camera.

Almeida and Waine claimed they payment the show's manufacturing company, have to I stay or should I go West Productions, more than $175,000 for the renovation.

The kitchen, dining room, laundry room, garage and earlier deck were transformed. Throughout the on-air expose of their brand-new house, Almeida and Waine stated they loved the "gorgeous" last product.

They claimed issues cropped increase after the show aired.

In their lawsuit, the pair said they signed a contract agreeing that work would be brought out by Kenny Gemmill, the show's resides contractor, or a "reasonable alternative." Almeida and also Waine claimed the show instead hired Kerry valve der Griend, whom they described as an actor through "little to no experience" together a general contractor. 

The defendants claimed that allegation alone is "reckless" and also false. The court filing claimed the couple's allegations have harmed valve der Griend personally and also professionally.

Almeida and also Waine are asking for damages for breach the contract and negligent misrepresentation, and also general and special damages. Lock did no specify just how much compensation they to be seeking.

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The defendants denied the couple "suffered any kind of loss, damage or expense, together alleged or in ~ all."

The Love the or list It franchise, developed by huge Coat Media in Toronto, has actually versions in Australia, the U.S. And also several nations in Europe. Love it or perform It Vancouver to be the first spinoff.